Dan Green Is Dead

06.30.2008 | Comments(36)

Dan Green was one bad ass mofo, and now he’s dead. He told the doctors at the VA hospital to go f--- themselves. They wanted to poke him with scalpels and IV’s. So he refused to cooperate, and he died. He was 74, weighed about 160, and stood five foot six, with a short-cropped buzz cut on a clean-shaven bullet-shaped head. READ MORE...

Can You Help Me Out

06.19.2008 | Comments(9)

The Cab Driving Theologian

On Tuesday I drove Cab Number 275 with the hump in the seat. I hit the street at 3:53 p.m. and got a Transcendent Dodge fare out of North Town.

It was an uneventful shift until around 8 o’clock when I got a call to pick someone up at Joe’s Deli, on Sinclair, by the Wal-Mart. When I got there a fat Mexican guy who spoke perfect English got in the cab and started out with the words that always arouse all my defenses: “I’m gonna be up front with you.” READ MORE...

Popes, Polygamists, Politicians

06.11.2008 | Comments(2)

The Cab Driving Theologian

Monday was a beautiful day, as I drove into the yard to start my shift, a good day for Cab Driving Theologians. There were a few of them waiting around for their cars to come in from day shift as I walked past them to enter the office. I looked up at the board and saw that I was scheduled to drive a spare, so I asked the dispatcher what ride I was looking for. READ MORE...

Let Jesus Pay It

05.20.2008 | Comments(8)

How to be a Christian cab driver isn’t something they teach you in Bible College, so I had to learn it the hard way. When I first started driving a taxi, I memorized the parable of the wedding feast, in Matthew 20, and used it as my mantra as I drove up and down the streets for my 12-hour shift.

I didn’t want to get fired, because you weren’t supposed to discuss politics or religion with the customers, but God’s law supersedes man’s law, and I was required to fulfill the Great Commission. READ MORE...

Where Would You Like To Go?

05.19.2008 | Comments(9)

There’s a sign outside the taxi office where I go every day to sign in. NOW HIRING DRIVERS, it reads. It’s a permanent sign. They would probably hire you, for example, if you were to show up and say you wanted to drive a cab. It’s not a finicky profession. There are people they won’t hire, of course. There are laws about those sorts of things. But not many.

In 2004, forty years after I found Christ, I answered the call of that sign. READ MORE...

“Christians Murdered My Family,” and Other Taxicab Topics

04.25.2008 | Comments(52)

"I’m the president of IBD," my fare told me.

"What’s IBD?" I asked.

"The International Brotherhood of Dagon."

I looked at the 300-pound behemoth sitting next to me and thought, Here’s another nut case that I get to drive. He was in his thirties, well over six feet tall, and looked like he needed to join Tattoos Anonymous. I had heard the name Dagon before. Dagon was the half fish/half man god of the Philistines, the Israelites’ main adversary in the pivotal period when the Bronze Age gave way to the Iron. READ MORE...