What Is Your Favorite Back Issue Of The Door?

As our volunteer staff rummages through the old files of the Door Magazine, we’ve come across a few gems that we can’t wait to share with you. Some of you have asked about getting copies of the old zine. We have most of the renditions (216 editions) digitized and are getting ready for download at the new Door Store.

We also have a warehouse with a limited supply of print copies. We plan on making them available to you as well. But keep in mind, there truly is a limited supply of the original printed magazines, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. Subscribe today and we can keep you posted. And while you’re at it, send all of your friends.

For the old fans of the Door…what is your favorite issue, article, interview, or cartoon that still makes you chuckle? You know the one that went over the line just a little bit, the time you shook your head and smiled because you knew most of your friends

Here is one that was recently requested. This cartoon by Den Hart was first published in Issue #41 (1978). This was so popular that it was reprinted in Issue #114 (1990) and then again in Issue #150 (1996).

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