Todd Bentley Fires Blanks in Texas


By Danny Gallagher

DENTON, Tex.--The University of North Texas "Super Pit" indoor stadium is packed to the nosebleed seats with people hoping to see a knee to the stomach, a poke check to the ribs, or the classic swift kick to the cojones–because they all know that mega-evangelist demon stomper Todd Bentley is IN THE HOUSE for one night only.

As the crowd gets lathered up for the event, there are long slow lines snaking out of the ladies rooms that could rival the wait times at Disney World. Overpriced bags of potato chips and canned soda wait behind counters for families who don't stop to think about things like food budgets or their children's blood sugar levels. And almost every seat has a butt planted firmly in it, including the handicapped and disabled sections that are filled with people in wheelchairs.

They want God and they want Todd, not necessarily in that order.

Bentley doesn't wear $2,000 custom made suits or exotic Italian shoes to show how God helped him attain his empire. He wears blue jeans with holes in the knees and Jesus-themed T-shirts that look like they came off the rack of an evangelical chopper shop. His arms are filled with a gaggle of tattoos that are a mesh of mutating gangrene through eyes from 20 rows away, and his face has an assortment of metal piercings and barbells, which are reminiscent of his early days as a hard-partying, drug-snorting, whiskey-soaked juvenile criminal who has a colored criminal rap sheet of assaults, burglaries and even sexual molestations, according to an investigative report conducted by the news magazine Report in Bentley's native Canada.

Todd Bentley - Stage

A native of British Columbia, Bentley became famous overnight after just four months of tent revivals in a Lakeland, Florida, RV park that are picked up and re-broadcast by an internet network called GOD TV. Bentley breaks the mold for itinerant healing acts, using street cred and biker lingo instead of the usual light shows and altar calls, but his supernatural story-spinning is truly inspired: messages from angels, out-of-body trips up to heaven, fantastic healings that are not only instantaneous but backed up by “documented medical evidence” that, according to the Associated Press, doesn’t get widely produced.

His revivals resemble Pantera shows. He doesn't just speak in tongues and scream into microphones. Bentley rids people of their emotional and physical demons by beating, slamming or kicking them out of their bodies because a) God commands him to, and b) "Sometimes when you're dealing with a demon spirit, it's done with great force."

Unfortunately, Todd is making a rare venture out of Lakeland just as his tent meetings are starting to burn out. A recent "Nightline" story painted his church in a very unflattering light both from the perspective of a father who brought his sick child all the way from Seattle to the local townspeople who feel his presence has put a blight on their small Southern city. Eventually Bentley announced he was leaving Lakeland "to reflect and to rest."

Apparently he’s about to find out that skipping town is the best thing he can do for his credibility anyway. The nearest parking space tonight is on the other side of Fouts Field and takes more than a half an hour to find, so I know the crowd is going to be a large one. Families trudge through the cement-steaming heat with their Bibles in one hand and children in the other. The most popular themed T-shirts are a Reese's Pieces wrapper parody and the eye-grabbing "Under the Influence…of Christ!" Bentley also draws more than his share of actual bikers, complete with the jackets, the vests and the colorsas well as a noticeable number of biker jackets and leather vests on the backs of bikers for Christ.

TB Crowd

The pre-show features a soft rock band, the same band that seems to pop up at every revival, singing the same religious phrases 30 or 40 times through cheap-sounding concert equipment to whip the crowd into the kind of spirit-shaking frenzy that only an epileptic seizure could replicate. Just off to the side stands Bentley, psyching himself up, changing positions from lying on his stomach (ground meditation?) to pumping his fist to the blaring beat of the drums.

On this night Bentley shares a double bill with preacher Keith Miller of the Denton-based Stand World Firm Ministries who tells the assembled 8,000 that "Tonight, we're going to have an early Fourth of July" (minus, of course, the fireworks, free hot dogs and constant replaying of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." until your ears bleed). Then finally, Miller asks the crowd to give Bentley "a great big God bless you" as he steps up to the mike and fulfills the crowd's insatiable appetite for some serious UFC-style demon ass-kicking.

Bentley knows how to work the crowd. He doesn't immediately launch into a barrage of BAMs or let the Holy Spirit ragdoll him into the "Curly Shuffle." Instead he starts with the revival equivalent of "Hello, Cleveland, are you ready to rock?"

"There was only two other times that I would go into another city and He was there," Bentley said, "but I didn't feel it the way I feel it now in Texas. This is the place where the fire of God will fall. It's already falling!"

The crowd feeds into his enthusiasm and Bentley launches into a rapid-fire repetition of "Holy Glory!" until the entire stadium can hear his vocal chords crack.

"Do you want the glory?!?" Bentley screams. "The smoking holy glory?!?"

He falls to both knees, shaking his head from side to side, as muffled screams reverberate through his rubbery lips.

"Let the outpouring come here tonight!" he shouts. "Let the coals fall tonight!"

TB -Knees

Then he brings it down. Bentley talks about the early days of his ministry, visions of heavenly bodies and settings and divine prophecies as told through the mouths of angels. He talks about his legion of 10,000 "harvesters" who roam the streets of Lakeland looking to spread the word of his miracles and God's capacity to work through him. He even talks about his pilgrimages to cities and nations who are "hungry" for the word of God in a calm and registered tone–and all that lasts about eight seconds.

"I've come here to help spread the fire," Bentley says. "BAM! BAM!"

Four or five BAMs later Bentley utters an ear-shattering KABOOM in Miller's direction and the Denton preacher falls over backwards, shaking and twitching like a slab of bacon that's been thrown on a hot griddle.

Bentley goes on for another two hours about his divine medical miracles, supernatural surgeries, religious root canals and raising of 30 people from the dead, including one poor soul who asked his family to play his revival at the funeral and started knocking on the inside of the coffin. Unfortunately, there won't be any such miracles performed this night. No one in a wheelchair is pushed to the stage. No cancer survivors walk up the stairs to thank Bentley for kicking the carcinoma right out of them or a recently departed zombie for returning him to the land of the living. Not one crutch-clutching crowd member hobbles to the stage to get the holy head-butt from Bentley himself. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed.

Denton Crowd - Floor

So were a lot of other people who frankly had more of a right to be than I did. William Dembski, a research professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, attended Bentley's Denton revival with his wife and their twin 7-year-old boys, one of whom is autistic, at the behest of his friends who told him Bentley had the healing touch. He couldn't even get his family down to the main floor to pray.

"Ushers twice prevented that from happening," Dembski said in the Baptist Press. "They noted that he was not in a wheelchair. . . . People with needs were shortchanged. It seemed that power, prestige and money (in that order) were dominating motives behind the meeting. Minimal time was given to healing, though plenty was devoted to assaulting our senses with blaring insipid music and even to Bentley promoting and selling his own products (books and CDs)."

Just before the revival reaches its third hour, Bentley asks for an offering. Badge-clad volunteers roam up and down the aisles with white plastic buckets while parents and adults whip out their checkbooks or pull some big bills out of their wallets, all of which would go to Miller's ministry, Bentley claimed. By that time it’s obvious there’s gonna be no carcinoma-kicking, so most of the contributors were probably just showing their gratitude for the absence of Lee Greenwood music.


THomas | 11:09 am on 7/27/2008

PS - Somebody had to interjected money. I commented. You replied. Discussion happened. And you and whoever somebody had to seem to love making fun of what God is validating in many hearts.

Discerner 24/7 | 11:36 am on 7/27/2008

My dear THomas, If I were going to make fun of somebody I could pick better subjects than Todd! Take this as a sober warning! Get away from guys like this as fast as you can. For your own spiritual welfare please shun this guy and his ilk! Besides that it sounds like Todd is leaving Lakeland in August. I hear he's going to Europe to peddle his junk! Again it's more than money it's about jerks teaching false doctrine! I have a feeling you are too stubborn to take an objective look at this stuff,so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. I pray someday the Lord will open your eyes!

THomas | 02:37 pm on 8/15/2008

Uh... Objective? My friends wife is healed. 2 friends from church healed. One girl's life changed forever. All happening at the Lakeland Outpouring. God showed up in their lives and did amazing things, physically, spiritually and emotionally to make them better followers of Him.

One of the first times I saw healing was a friend of my wife's family whose leg was crushed in a construction accident while they were building their house. She had screws, plates and whatever else in her lower leg. She wore a wrap cast all the time. She was in it for 12 years or more having multiple treatments and surgeries. Doctor's eventually severed her nerves just below the knees because the leg was not surviving. They wanted to amputate to prevent the onset of gange green. She refused. Her husband once told me, "I'd make her put her leg on the other side of the bed becuase the cold coming off of it wakes me up at night."

She and the family went to Benny Hinn in Baltimore. They sat up in the stands. When she negotiated stairs, she had to step sideways and hold a bannister because the cast and pins and plates and screws did not allow for normal flexibility. Benny Hinn called for a person with a cast on her leg to come forward. As she got up and proceeded down the stairs, her cast broke off becuase she was doing it normally. The ushers flipped bwecause she came to them holding the cast and they were concerned. She was completely healed. I have seen the before and after pics. Her doctor got born again. Furthermore, for the first time in those many years, she wore high heels and danced at my wife and I's wedding.

So - I don't need more proof. I have seen it over and over. I prayed for my friend in the ICU after a drug overdose with his non-believing wife - he lived. When he O'D'ed his body temp went to 108 and his muscles began to physically deteriorate in rapid fashion.

They though he would die. He did not. His wife got saved. One day I prayed according to what Jesus told me to do. The next day he came outr of the coma and was transferred out of ICU after being there for 10 days in that very coma.

It happens and all of y7ou must believe because this intellectual skepticism is foolishness to God and is born out of complete fear opf thinking you might offend him for trying to live by what is actually in the bible. That sounds like Pharisees and Saducees to me. His wisdom is far greater. He seeks those who worship in Spirit and Truth.

For all the dogma and legalism people rail against - many certainly end up in the same boat of bitterness. Not good.

Sheeka Boom Bah.

Discerner 24/7 | 06:38 pm on 8/15/2008

Of course I can't verify anything you have said. Certainly God answers prayer. I never said that. When it comes to miracles you guys make them everyday normative experiences. As I've said before If you think Bentley converses with an angel named Emma then something is wrong. Anyone can claim things a blog and no one knows if it's true or not. Oh by the way Todd is getting a divorce. If faith worketh by love then where is the love in this case? If you ever care to study redemptive history you'll find that miracles were not common every day occurences! Always remember when miracles become commonplace they cease to be miraculous. Also why is it when people asked for verification on all these miracles and raising of the dead,Todd never cooperated. You ought to go to Lee Grady's comments on this latest Bentley fiasco. Grady is the editor of Charisma Magazine. Even Grady (whom I disagree with) is questioning Todd.

SLC | 10:26 pm on 8/15/2008

I, too, have seen healings done. Thing is, they were not total healings. As one who has Navaho in her blood, I can tell you that the Shamans were able to heal people and it was not from God. The kind of spirituality that Bentley is into, and, sadly, has pervaded the Pentecostal, charismania churches is of the Kundalini sort. If one looks into Kundalini they will be astounded at the similarities. Not all healings are from God. Not everything spiritual is of Truth. Discerner, I have been led into Reformed Theology, but can only go so far with their beliefs. I am a Covenant Dispensationalist. For every dispensation is a covenant and vice versa. Most Reformers believe Israel is done for as of 70ad. I am more along the lines of John MacArthur's teachings on Israel and dispensations/covenants. I am also a Calvinist, having been Arminian. You desire truth and it is granted you, amen! Praise God who answers the prayer of one who desires truth and seeks for it. It amazed me how many lies I had once believed as truth- WOF being one of them. What a wonderful, merciful, gracious God we serve who delivers us from deceit! Amen, again!

Discerner 24/7 | 04:53 am on 8/16/2008

Well SLC the Bible speaks of false miracles,signs,wonders,etc. I'm glad you got out of the WOF. One thing Reformed Theology has taught me is God is God and we aren't. The WOF "god" is nothing more than a cosmic bell boy! The WOF "god" is a limited being who can't do anything in this Earth unless we allow Him to! Kenneth Copeland and Charles Capps are two of the biggest heretics who ever lived! They make merchandise of Christians. Copeland now brags he is now a billionaire! God have mercy on him!

THomas | 12:28 am on 8/18/2008

So.... As a believer that I have stated that I am - you may presume I am a liar because we are on the internet? I have been on here with others trying to convince you of the reality of The Kingdom. Discerner, use discernment.

Benny Hinn. The man who everyone loves to hate. An easy target with his $700 suits. Todd - tattoos and wild experiences that he proclaims. It's all about Emma with you. Meanwhile many have gotten healed and transformed by God using an imperfect man named Todd and his ministry Fresh Fire and a Church named Ignited foolish enough to actually believe What God said in his Word.

I don't know all of Todd's experiences in the spirit. Honestly, I am not as concerned with them as you are. I have seen enough fruit from the Lakeland Outpouring to know personally it is legit. Does that make every sermon and action of a man justifiable? NO. However, God is able to handle every relationship he has entered into with individuals he has called and chosen. GOD is in control and as Jesus said - No one judges except God alone. He holds all the keys.

Healing is and can be a regular thing. It is something we go through everyday whether it be physically, emotionally, spiritually or logically. Christianity is a process and the Outcome is Jesus. Glory to glory. The fact remains - THE GREAT COMMISSION charged us with these things and the only way they happen is by stepping out in faith in Jesus. I applaud the imperfect Todd Bentley and anyone else who has the nerve to believe and attempt as he and those of Lakeland have shown in service to Jesus.

brutalism | 05:52 pm on 7/27/2008

What astounds me every time I read the comments to these things, is people who point fingers at the "charlatans" and the "sinners". I'd like to point out that if your God did not want us to question things, he wouldn't have given us free will. We'd be drone worshippers like some old cult movie. It's people like you (the cross wielding, finger pointers) that make people like me run the hell the other way from every church and bible I can find. Undo that hypocrisy belt a few notches.

budda | 09:17 pm on 7/29/2008

Brutalism, don't go around assuming these people believe in free will. It might get you in trouble. ther are plenty of believers who are not the finger pointers, they have churches you can go to and be accepted whoever, whatever you are. Not many but they are out there, if you seek, you will find.

Catherine, in Seattle | 08:22 pm on 7/30/2008

dunno, kinda reminds me of an Iggy Pop concert I saw in 1979... without the religion and with a lot more peanut butter.

Pigseye | 11:33 pm on 8/02/2008

I love Iggy Pop. Is he still a bleeder?
Re/ there are churches you can go to and be accepted regardless
of whoever/ whatever you are. May I suggest the episcopalians,
Or the united church of christ. They attract whack jobs like trailers attract tornadoes. I mean that in a loving way.

budda | 08:14 pm on 8/12/2008

Pigseye, you don't strike me as a loving kind of person. You disguise your condemnation and critical spirit in false love and concern. I could be wrong but I think you are a sanctimonious, self righteous Pharisee. You love to think you have correct theology and it makes you feel so smart and righteous to have everything and everyone boiled down into your pretentious little categories. So you can take your perfect theology and stick it up your ass.

Gary Schnell | 01:14 am on 8/03/2008

Yes I'm sure Todd is from God,..Wink, Wink,..2 thessalonians 2:10/11 And with all unrighteous deceptions amoung those who perish, because they did not receive the Love of the truth,that they might be saved.11,and for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the LIE. I'm glad I learned how to read, I'm Glad My Lord is not a man that he should lie. I'm Blessed he gave me the word,..HIS WORD! And I'm also Blessed through his word he has given me discernment to know the truth. Please Pray for our brethren that they stop being lazy and start spending time in the word with God every day, that they not follow the JUDAS GOAT INTO THE PIT,...ETERNITY IS AN AWFUL LONG TIME. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY UPON HIS FALLEN and Blinded PEOPLE. In the name of the GReat I AM and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Holy Lamb of God

SRebbe | 03:17 pm on 8/05/2008

this is just a theological differentiation... I've always considered eternity to be outside of time, existing outside of time, not 'a really long time'; hence how G-d can be eternal. otherwise 'eternity' would be truly boring. the concept of eternity being a man-made measure of time was created to scare people into accepting a get-out-of-hell-free card because no one would want to spend an insufferable amount of time in an unseen location where unknown tortures would occur. or we can go into the 'party with all your sinner friends' concept.

the only measurable amount of time that humans have is what we have now in our finite knowledge of time and space of 3 dimensions (unless we go into physics).

that's just me and my philosophical 2 cents.

Anonymous | 03:33 pm on 8/05/2008

But wouldn't it be awful to hear, "Sorry, I never knew you, but I'm glad you liked My book so much." So did the pharisees. We don't need to fear being deceived if we really know Him. He's got a pretty good BS detector. You can grab onto verses like "even the elect will be deceived," like a security blanket and pull it up over your head so tightly that you can miss Him. He'll help you judge between fruit and fruit-cakes and, then, by the way, leave the judging to Him and work on cultivating your own fruit, and, possibly become a fruitcake yourself--and lose all your fear of man and men's opionions. I like the people that hang on for dear life to the "judgment begins in the house of God," verse, too, like they expect an echo to reverberate with their words. Are they really self-proclaiming themselves the "house of God," in some official capacity or using that scripture to cover their judgment over movements they don't like or understand because, if so, "I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition?" Maybe I should've since it seems to recur in church history. That's a big part of why our country was founded after believers got chased out of Europe for daring to believe people might need to believe something before getting dunked.(Heavens to Betsy!--stone them!!!!!!) I also like the underlying assumption that we're all more sane and less pitiful than that Todd guy. Especially in our Father's eyes. What a bunch of knuckleheads we all are. Isn't being in a big dyfunctional family just a big crappy, funny mess. Ya gotta love it. And we have to, have to, have to love each other. Not in a Rodney King way, we may not 'get along,' but WE WILL love each other. If something is not "of God," pray, let Him sort it out. And Woe to the person who pisses on His shoe.

Anonymous | 05:23 pm on 8/05/2008

RJ, Unfortunately your stance is typical of most fence sitting believers. I believe it is time to call things for what they are. I am angry because there are deceivers out there who are leading the sheep astray, while the Church on the whole says in a weak lilly livered manner "Oh we must not judge we should just pray for them, we are all sinners etc.." you get my drift. YES! we should judge, read your bible, we need to warn and protect the sheep in the strongest terms to repent and fully turn to Christ. Wake up for the time of strong delusion is upon us as a judgment for a backslidden lukewarm state. However I do not hate Todd Bentley I feel genuine pity for him, I will pray for him to come to his senses as I honestly believe he is sincere but deceived. I also feel in some way he is being set up fronting a movement by many in the new apostolic reformation movement and the dominionist, manifest sons of God crowd such as Paul Cain, Bob Jones (false prophets et all) etc. All of whom should know better. I am angry with their strategy. I am angry with the Toronto and Pensacola nonsense that led many astray (myself included for a time) I am angry that the propagators of those false revivals are behind Todd's false revival as if to bask in some reflected glory believing that it vindicates and re-fuels the former movement and keeps alive their flagging ministries. It sometimes seems that many of these more established 'stars' are pushing Todd to the front and in doing so will he become the fall guy? How many will still be supporting and honouring Todd Bentley once the dust settles and it is apparent to all that the gold was nothing more than at best dust.
(For a full understanding of 'Judge not' may I refer you to an article by James Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries)

Yours in Christ.

UNCLE KENNY | 03:30 pm on 8/06/2008


From one knucklehead to another, that is one of the best posts I have ever read on The Door. I would tip my hat to you if I knew who you were.

That "woe to the person who pisses on His shoe" will be an indelible phrase for me. Just so you know, I will probably steal it in the near future and use it over at Serve! magazine sometime.

Anonymous | 08:22 am on 8/06/2008

I'm not surprised that it doesn't work anymore for Bentley... Where is his faith? He stated on 17th july the next thing: "When God doesn't show up, thank God I have the gift of faith. So if God doesn't move, I move God"... Very 'big talk', as if God is Todd's miracle-machine and can only do something when Todd throws his faith-coin into it (or the people who gather there in that meetings give enough money...). God is a holy God, He is souvereign!

By the way: Bentley is not coming to the UK. The arena was not free to use... I'm glad he doesn't show up in the UK, because I think many christians from my country (Netherlands) would go there and be more deceived.

SRebbe | 01:53 pm on 8/06/2008

with regard to proclaiming oneself the 'house of G-d'... technically we are all houses of G-d. No one who has become a new creation is not. Xtians demolished the pagan notion of G-d living in manmade buildings and instead takes up residence in living beings, not needing to confine himself to a building or one location. It was the first religion of its kind that did not need symbols, an order, a central place of worship, or a leader to organize. It broke the rules.

We therefore are 'living stones' and the Church is an organic creation, a Being. We are holy temples, presented as living sacrifices to our creator. G-d is not confined by time or space as he flows through each of us, and doesn't need a temple or church building or sanctuary or movie theatre to complete his purpose.

So yes, anyone that considers himself or herself a leader is a 'house of G-d' and subject to judgment by G-d and by those who follow, by those inside the Body who are to hold the rest accountable. If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better to live without a hand than for your entire body to burn in Sheol. If your eye is good, the body will be good. If your eye is bad (or split), then they body will be bad.

Anonymous | 04:15 pm on 8/06/2008


charles | 05:26 pm on 8/06/2008

I have watched Todd Bentley from the computer and he is the biggest mock of the gospel.Todd wouldn't know the bible if it hit him in the face.The is many todds out there it is all about money,but people keep going i cant understand.even when they are exposed and people know they are false people go and shell out the green back and check books.It is sad.Give it to your home church dont't give it to men you see on tv.Like todd benny and many more.They live high lifes of luxury while others go home a dollar shorter.God does heal he healed me of being paralyzed from chest down for a year. but not from men like todd.It was from the many prayers of true christians that went to God.And Anyone that has read Gods word at all would know that todd and men and women like him are false.Todd calls angels down noone in Gods word ever called angels God sent them. And Todds trips to heaven only trips to heaven he has seen is when he see the money rolling in.And to say God heals thru violence is all wrong. Todd and his mentor Pat Kink the were wolf seeing woman are so silly and so false and Bob Jones it dont take much decerning to see and Paul cain is false.And far as todd he lies and the tattoos he has were not when he was 17 he is a liar.I have seen early videos. and the tattoos are very evil.The are in to kundalini.worship of the serpent,and call it christ it is not our Christ but a false one and the new movement new age.So people read the bible and ask god to lead you he will and it will be away from people like todd.
Charles Keith

pigseye | 06:47 pm on 8/06/2008

Lest all ye nay sayers cast out the baby with the bath water, I understand that there was conclusive evidence that a woman suffering with restless leg sydrome for three weeks was miraculously healed. After being cured she danced the bugaloo on the stage while the band sang amazing grace to the tune of the "Bump". Now what say ye?

Anonymous | 12:41 am on 8/07/2008

when is this going to stop, the constant arguing, bikering back and forth, \i have read both sides, the bible also talks about stupid arguements. just discern. ask God how to answer, i am learning not to critize, call a spade a spade but don't through the baby out with the bath water, just speak the truth in love, hmmm yes that is a challenge, the truth is offensive enough without having to argue about stupid things, Todd may just be a pawn in the scheme of things, pray for him, he does have a soul after all, keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher, we are only a mist that can vaporize in a second, a flower that whithers and dies, maybe someone should just have a chat with Todd,,,, hmmm, rather than slam him on the internet. This is how we know we are of God, that we love our brother.... hmm How can we say we love God who we can't see when we don't love our brother that we can see, oh my, lots of things the scripture says, those are the scriptures he is having me read and I ask for his mercy and his compassion and love to flow through me, because I am nothing with out Him, I cannot love as he does, he does that through me, so then others will SEE HIM as turn to Jesus, we are talking about eternity after all, do you know how long you will live here on earth? I think not.

Charlatan Ninja | 03:00 pm on 8/08/2008

"...people hoping to see a knee to the stomach, a poke check to the ribs, or the classic swift kick to the cojones..." Uhmmm, where I come from, we call that assault and battery and we arrest folks for that kind of behavior.

budda | 04:05 pm on 8/08/2008

DOOR!!!! Please take this article down!!!! I am sick of this topic!!!!! Bentley does not deserve 141 comments. Why not try some "best of" from the archives until you get yourselves together, that would be fun. Please do SOMETHING. PLEASE. please. plea.......

pigseye | 06:09 am on 8/09/2008

How about Rod Parsleys latest bit of new revelation....8/8/08
the day of new beginnings. Now is your forever..." If you don't have cancer now you never will". Did you seed in time? It's not much at all Rod recommends $88.08. Pretty good to be cancer free, rich, and best of all on Rods personnal prayer list. How can you top that? Hey Door why not light up parsley for a change?

Discerner 24/7 | 01:09 pm on 8/11/2008

Good point pigseye! Parsley is an over hyped moron! He'll do anything to siphon money from people's wallets! Parsley ought to practice what he preaches. His son tragically suffers from a form of autism. For him to promise people being cancer free if they send him money is outrageous! 8/8/08? Yeah I figured some bozo televangelist would use this!

SRebbe | 06:32 pm on 8/09/2008

this is your Groundhog Day.

Anonymous | 10:30 am on 8/10/2008

I was there
It is real

pigseye | 07:41 am on 8/11/2008

Re/ anonymous "I was there it is real".
It was real alright, I watched it at least 30 minutes a day on God TV. Bently NEVER gave the gospel. Lots of superficial religious stuff going on in the guise of Spirituality. It is these kinds of revivals, sound and fury signifying nothing, that are in the forefront of causes for the sad statistics in Christianity today.
57% believe there are other ways to the father than thru Jesus.
50% don't believe in hell.
a high percentage don't believe in the devil( even when he is on stage )
despite this 95% say they believe the bible is the word of God.
Feel Good Jesus is a phenomenon that has encircled the globe. It requires no repentance, no commitment, and shallow belief system that when shaken its adherents are blown with every wind of of "new
revelatory doctrine", because they have no foundation in the word.

budda | 07:56 pm on 8/12/2008

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

Damn, I need a girlfriend or a dog or something.

budda | 08:16 pm on 8/12/2008

Pigseye, I am re-posting my comment here from page 3 to make sure you got it.

Pigseye, you don't strike me as a loving kind of person. You disguise your condemnation and critical spirit in false love and concern. I could be wrong but I think you are a sanctimonious, self righteous Pharisee. You love to think you have correct theology and it makes you feel so smart and righteous to have everything and everyone boiled down into your pretentious little categories. So you can take your perfect theology and stick it up your ass.

pigseye | 08:22 am on 8/14/2008

Thank you so much for your heart felt thoughts. I will not however be sucked into your little world of smug agnosticism. I will say this however, you are not a prophet.
Lovingly yours

Anonymous | 12:04 pm on 8/13/2008

The only thing more silly then Bently, is the xtains on this site who claim Bently to processed by the devil. One does not need the devils help to me a con man.

rapha | 04:07 pm on 8/13/2008

I was researching an article I read and happened on this web site and read all you're comments. I must say that I found it very funny at times and informative at other times and I thought, " what a great place for healthy debate.... Everything I read, whether I agree or not," has value and it's obvious that our opinions are tempered by our circumstance and experiences... I've spent many years in ministry and even more in the entertainment business and have been around the world and have seen many amazing things... I've been in the presence of some very well known people in the ministry who were complete phony's and others, to my delight, were real servants of God, and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter if there is an obvious dog and pony show going on in that stadium, God will minister to those who come by faith even when you see that the man or woman on the podium is not quite what you expected. God will heal....I've seen it... and it brought me closer to the One who does the healing not the one asking for the donation and selling their products.... It gave me a better understanding of His grace and mercy even in the midst of some blatant blasphemy... Yes, we have to keep our eyes open and test the spirit and bring all things back to the Word but most of all we have to seek a closer relationship with Jesus... Thru the Word and prayer and sharing on pages like this... Everything we need to know He has already told us.. Let us glorify Him no matter what our calling is.... No matter what strange and wacked out people do in His name it's not going to change His plan one bit.... Worse is going to happen as the Word has pointed out, and we need to be full of the Spirit and a desire that no matter what happens we will not fail to glorify Him in all we say and do to the very end...

Discerner 24/7 | 05:34 pm on 8/13/2008

Yeah I agree with some of your comments. Philippians 1:15-18 says that some "preach Christ from envy and rivalry." Although I don't think Todd B. is doing a very good job of exalting Christ. But guys like that can't go on forever. Sooner or later God's mercy turns to judgement. Judgement in the form of falling into some sin that they can't wriggle out of. Like Bakker and Swaggart. Believe it or not I honestly want to see Todd repent and truly believe the Gospel. The dog and pony shows have no real staying power anyway. Yesterday the Toronto "blessing" and Pensacola. Today Todd Bentley. Tomorrow,who knows? But there'll be something to dazzle the masses. Yes test the spirits is a command in Scripture. And yes that calls for discernment and judging. In America that's not a popular stance to take.

Scott Reph | 04:16 pm on 8/13/2008

I went to Lakeland a few weeks ago to "check it out for myself". Bently wasn't there. The guy who spoke [is this a pattern?] bragged about all the powerful healings he was a part of. He mentioned in a fleeting moment "open your Bible to...", got distracted and never actually opened the Word.

Why is it a charastic of these preachers/healers to promote themselves, their personal ministries, and what they are doing for God? Is that what we are calling a "spirit filled" servant?

Why is God's Word not the center of the meeting?

Why is the speaker's ego/pride so important in the meeting?

Why isn't Christ being exaulted more?

Anonymous | 10:28 am on 8/14/2008

from Rory, Wendy and the GOD TV Board of Directors

Dear One,

It is with great regret that we as Founders and our Board call you to urgent prayer.

As you may have already heard, Todd and Shonnah Bentley are experiencing some current marital difficulties and have separated.

GOD TV is anxious that our viewers and partners will first of all respond to these unfortunate circumstances with an attitude of Christ-like maturity and pray fervently for Todd, Shonnah and their children as a family who are precious to the Lord. While we have learned today that immorality was not an issue, no doubt the enemy has exploited vulnerabilities in their marriage.

What the devil has not counted on is the Christ-like maturity and intercession that is currently being raised up all across the earth in response. We hope you will join us as a part of this prayer covering.

It is GOD TV's position that marriage is a foundational cornerstone to those families called to ministry and would believe that those who have spiritual oversight for Todd and Shonnah's ministry will recommend a time of sabbatical for the family in order to seek reconciliation within their marriage should these reports be accurate.

As many of you know, August 8th was our final 'Lakeland' broadcast. We do however, believe that it is important to recognize and defend the authenticity of this outpouring by the testimonies of the countless thousands who viewed on GOD TV or attended at Lakeland and were healed, set free and delivered through Jesus Christ. There are many churches around the UK, USA and the world who are currently holding nightly revival meetings affecting whole communities.

Once again at this time may we encourage all to pray for the family and soberly remember that all of us will be required to give account to the Lord for our lives. It is our earnest prayer that Todd and Shonnah will be fully reconciled.

Rory & Wendy Alec
and the Board of GOD TV

Andrew | 02:18 pm on 8/14/2008

It is unfortunate that Todd's family is going through a tough time and other Christian leaders have often neglected their families for what they thought was the work of God. If this 'outpouring' dies than we'll see it wasn't Holy Spirit drive but personality driven.

I find it interesting that 8/8/08 was the final broadcast. I've heard it said that the number 8 represents new beginnings in the Bible.

SRebbe | 05:46 pm on 8/16/2008

oh c'mon.... if we're going into numerology, the number 8 means "prosperous" and "wealth" in Chinese. (this comes from my own heritage.) why do you think the olympics were chosen for 8/8/08?

pigsey | 06:15 am on 8/17/2008

Is Rod Parsley on the Olympic committee?

Re/ Bentley and wife,
Charisma magazine has an article written denouncing the lakeland phenom. It is tenderly written about the marriage issues of the bentleys. It says that he needs to be held accountable to some of the other false prophets ( in so many words ). Again the discernment is wanting. Budda notwithstanding. I will also pray for their reconciliation with each other and with God. I think I'll go get another tattoo on my neck that says "obey God don't pierce yourself or mark yourself", next to my bolts.

Discerner 24/7 | 07:27 am on 8/17/2008

Not a bad idea to put Parsley on the Olympic committee pigseye. He has no business being in the pulpit! Yes it's tragic that the Bentley's are divorcing. Wagner,Ahn,Joyner,Arnott,and the other false prophets should've seen it coming! LOL!

THomas | 03:18 pm on 8/19/2008

Todd and Shonnah are NOT divorcing. There is a separation and that is all governement legality. And someone stated earlier - that the Lakeland thing ended at the news of this issue of Todd's family life. It did stop on the TV and the tent came down at the airport. That was planned to end in the tent in August anyway. HOWEVER, revival meetings continue at Ignited Church in Lakeland FL and people are still going there. Leaders you may not have heard of are doing those meetings. Meaning, that this revival was and is not about Todd. So... say what you want to in your shortsightedness.

JoshH | 05:41 pm on 8/19/2008

A separation is nothing but government legality...and doesn't mean divorce???
I'd like to have some of WHATEVER you've been drinking/smoking.

Lilly | 08:29 pm on 8/19/2008

The 'schrooms' must be especially good, this week.
Where are you located THomas?

budda | 07:28 pm on 8/19/2008

Hey pigseye, I have the GIFT of discernment. A prophet told me, so it must be true. AND Tattoos are cool. If your going to quote the law, I hope your not wearing anything with mixed or blended cloth. Or eating seafood or pork, or...etc... hypocrite.

pigseye | 07:45 pm on 8/30/2008

budda you must be a real ass ho..
Have you stopped wetting your bed yet? I'll pray for your bladder.

Anonymous | 04:52 pm on 8/17/2008

Read Luke 11:15-20 and think with your head not your emotions as you read and invite the Holy Spirit to guide you as you read. This is directed for those that so loosely use the title Reverend, I hold no worshipful respect for anyone but God Almighty~what do you think He meant when He said the words in Matthew 23:9. We all forget the time he used a jackass to speak because the prophet wouldn't listen. So I always remember that for myself and when I hear others speak that in my opinion aren't where I think they should be spirtually. Perhaps we all are in the prophets situation. Didn't he call the religious order of the day white washed tombs full of dead man's bones? One day we will all stand before Him which words are we going to hear "well done good and faithful servant enter into my rest" or depart from me you workers of iniquity I knew you not". In Luke it's clear that a house divided against itself cannot stand and I sure heard Jesus Christ being exalted and they were giving Him the glory for the miracles. Yes scripture says that demons know God and tremble but it doesn't say they cast out demons cast out demons. Read the scripture in Luke11:15-20

pigseye | 03:14 pm on 8/18/2008

To accuse the false clergy of propagating nonsense in the name
of Jesus, when it is clearly not scriptural, is not blasphemy of the spirit. To not believe in a miracle of God, when it is obvious that it is of God and to say rather that it is from Satan, that is blasphemy against the Spirit. Read the book of Jude. ( Its only a chapter long ). Read 2 Timothy ch.3 vs 13 thru ch.4 vs 4. Read also 2 Peter Ch.2 . There are many more
that warn about false prophets ( you will know them by their fruit )and the right / responsibility of a believer to check everything out, test the spirits to see if they are from God. These folks will tell you not to check it out but to open up to any and everything. They all talk about the gifts of the spirit..
which we are all blessed with in one way or the other. But they disregard the fruit of the spirit. Thats the one that can't be faked.

JoshH | 05:46 pm on 8/19/2008

Well, it ain't nice to be ugly to people, no matter how sinful they are (including "false prophets"). And being ugly to them may be wounding to them spiritually and therefore wrong.

Even so, you're right. Accusing them of being full of sh*t may be a lot of things, but it sure as hell ain't blasphemy of the spirit. Any of the nutjobs that say otherwise need to get their heads examined.

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