Todd Bentley Fires Blanks in Texas


By Danny Gallagher

DENTON, Tex.--The University of North Texas "Super Pit" indoor stadium is packed to the nosebleed seats with people hoping to see a knee to the stomach, a poke check to the ribs, or the classic swift kick to the cojones–because they all know that mega-evangelist demon stomper Todd Bentley is IN THE HOUSE for one night only.

As the crowd gets lathered up for the event, there are long slow lines snaking out of the ladies rooms that could rival the wait times at Disney World. Overpriced bags of potato chips and canned soda wait behind counters for families who don't stop to think about things like food budgets or their children's blood sugar levels. And almost every seat has a butt planted firmly in it, including the handicapped and disabled sections that are filled with people in wheelchairs.

They want God and they want Todd, not necessarily in that order.

Bentley doesn't wear $2,000 custom made suits or exotic Italian shoes to show how God helped him attain his empire. He wears blue jeans with holes in the knees and Jesus-themed T-shirts that look like they came off the rack of an evangelical chopper shop. His arms are filled with a gaggle of tattoos that are a mesh of mutating gangrene through eyes from 20 rows away, and his face has an assortment of metal piercings and barbells, which are reminiscent of his early days as a hard-partying, drug-snorting, whiskey-soaked juvenile criminal who has a colored criminal rap sheet of assaults, burglaries and even sexual molestations, according to an investigative report conducted by the news magazine Report in Bentley's native Canada.

Todd Bentley - Stage

A native of British Columbia, Bentley became famous overnight after just four months of tent revivals in a Lakeland, Florida, RV park that are picked up and re-broadcast by an internet network called GOD TV. Bentley breaks the mold for itinerant healing acts, using street cred and biker lingo instead of the usual light shows and altar calls, but his supernatural story-spinning is truly inspired: messages from angels, out-of-body trips up to heaven, fantastic healings that are not only instantaneous but backed up by “documented medical evidence” that, according to the Associated Press, doesn’t get widely produced.

His revivals resemble Pantera shows. He doesn't just speak in tongues and scream into microphones. Bentley rids people of their emotional and physical demons by beating, slamming or kicking them out of their bodies because a) God commands him to, and b) "Sometimes when you're dealing with a demon spirit, it's done with great force."

Unfortunately, Todd is making a rare venture out of Lakeland just as his tent meetings are starting to burn out. A recent "Nightline" story painted his church in a very unflattering light both from the perspective of a father who brought his sick child all the way from Seattle to the local townspeople who feel his presence has put a blight on their small Southern city. Eventually Bentley announced he was leaving Lakeland "to reflect and to rest."

Apparently he’s about to find out that skipping town is the best thing he can do for his credibility anyway. The nearest parking space tonight is on the other side of Fouts Field and takes more than a half an hour to find, so I know the crowd is going to be a large one. Families trudge through the cement-steaming heat with their Bibles in one hand and children in the other. The most popular themed T-shirts are a Reese's Pieces wrapper parody and the eye-grabbing "Under the Influence…of Christ!" Bentley also draws more than his share of actual bikers, complete with the jackets, the vests and the colorsas well as a noticeable number of biker jackets and leather vests on the backs of bikers for Christ.

TB Crowd

The pre-show features a soft rock band, the same band that seems to pop up at every revival, singing the same religious phrases 30 or 40 times through cheap-sounding concert equipment to whip the crowd into the kind of spirit-shaking frenzy that only an epileptic seizure could replicate. Just off to the side stands Bentley, psyching himself up, changing positions from lying on his stomach (ground meditation?) to pumping his fist to the blaring beat of the drums.

On this night Bentley shares a double bill with preacher Keith Miller of the Denton-based Stand World Firm Ministries who tells the assembled 8,000 that "Tonight, we're going to have an early Fourth of July" (minus, of course, the fireworks, free hot dogs and constant replaying of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." until your ears bleed). Then finally, Miller asks the crowd to give Bentley "a great big God bless you" as he steps up to the mike and fulfills the crowd's insatiable appetite for some serious UFC-style demon ass-kicking.

Bentley knows how to work the crowd. He doesn't immediately launch into a barrage of BAMs or let the Holy Spirit ragdoll him into the "Curly Shuffle." Instead he starts with the revival equivalent of "Hello, Cleveland, are you ready to rock?"

"There was only two other times that I would go into another city and He was there," Bentley said, "but I didn't feel it the way I feel it now in Texas. This is the place where the fire of God will fall. It's already falling!"

The crowd feeds into his enthusiasm and Bentley launches into a rapid-fire repetition of "Holy Glory!" until the entire stadium can hear his vocal chords crack.

"Do you want the glory?!?" Bentley screams. "The smoking holy glory?!?"

He falls to both knees, shaking his head from side to side, as muffled screams reverberate through his rubbery lips.

"Let the outpouring come here tonight!" he shouts. "Let the coals fall tonight!"

TB -Knees

Then he brings it down. Bentley talks about the early days of his ministry, visions of heavenly bodies and settings and divine prophecies as told through the mouths of angels. He talks about his legion of 10,000 "harvesters" who roam the streets of Lakeland looking to spread the word of his miracles and God's capacity to work through him. He even talks about his pilgrimages to cities and nations who are "hungry" for the word of God in a calm and registered tone–and all that lasts about eight seconds.

"I've come here to help spread the fire," Bentley says. "BAM! BAM!"

Four or five BAMs later Bentley utters an ear-shattering KABOOM in Miller's direction and the Denton preacher falls over backwards, shaking and twitching like a slab of bacon that's been thrown on a hot griddle.

Bentley goes on for another two hours about his divine medical miracles, supernatural surgeries, religious root canals and raising of 30 people from the dead, including one poor soul who asked his family to play his revival at the funeral and started knocking on the inside of the coffin. Unfortunately, there won't be any such miracles performed this night. No one in a wheelchair is pushed to the stage. No cancer survivors walk up the stairs to thank Bentley for kicking the carcinoma right out of them or a recently departed zombie for returning him to the land of the living. Not one crutch-clutching crowd member hobbles to the stage to get the holy head-butt from Bentley himself. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed.

Denton Crowd - Floor

So were a lot of other people who frankly had more of a right to be than I did. William Dembski, a research professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, attended Bentley's Denton revival with his wife and their twin 7-year-old boys, one of whom is autistic, at the behest of his friends who told him Bentley had the healing touch. He couldn't even get his family down to the main floor to pray.

"Ushers twice prevented that from happening," Dembski said in the Baptist Press. "They noted that he was not in a wheelchair. . . . People with needs were shortchanged. It seemed that power, prestige and money (in that order) were dominating motives behind the meeting. Minimal time was given to healing, though plenty was devoted to assaulting our senses with blaring insipid music and even to Bentley promoting and selling his own products (books and CDs)."

Just before the revival reaches its third hour, Bentley asks for an offering. Badge-clad volunteers roam up and down the aisles with white plastic buckets while parents and adults whip out their checkbooks or pull some big bills out of their wallets, all of which would go to Miller's ministry, Bentley claimed. By that time it’s obvious there’s gonna be no carcinoma-kicking, so most of the contributors were probably just showing their gratitude for the absence of Lee Greenwood music.


THomas | 02:50 pm on 8/19/2008

Uh... Sheeka Boom Bah. At least one admits it's the gift of tongues. Nothing in my zipper - so... what are you looking at?

JoshH | 05:36 pm on 8/19/2008

As someone who was raised Pentecostal...
simply repeating "Sheekah Boom Bah," has NOTHING to do with "the gift of tongues." I don't know where you get that, but it sure as hell (tee hee) isn't a "gift of the Spirit."

budda | 07:09 pm on 8/19/2008

I didn't say anything about the "gift" of tongues. Let me rephrase my original post; Please stop texting nonsensical gibberish, it is annoying and doesn't have the intended effect.

madmonq | 06:21 am on 7/24/2008

With all the potential for violence maybe he can sublet Joel Osteen's old hockey stadium?

darin | 08:25 am on 7/24/2008

how about a Joel vs Todd Celebrity Deathmatch
Pay-per-view - I would so purchase that one

Lafe | 08:39 am on 7/24/2008

People... You can judge with righteous judgment. No where in the Word of God does God tell us to not judge properly. That is a lie from the pit of hell. As for discernment, any one can see from the lack of doctrine of Todd and what he says that he is not evidencing the nature and character of the Holy Spirit. I do not know why Christian are so "scared" to mark this man and move away from him. Examine his doctrine and examine his fruits...are they of the Lord?
Our template to check out all manifestations of the Holy Spirit is the Word of God. If it does not fit the Word of God, reject it as heresy and reprove it.
Todd has shown enough via his live circus performances that God is not being honored and the way of the Cross is not being lifted up.
Test all things...test all things. the real church of God needs to rise up and exercise its discernment and speak out.
How to get discernment? Read the Word of God and pray. It is sad that so many people are flocking to this babbler thinking that God is honoring this madness. When Todd first mentioned the angel Emma...that should have been sufficient to run from this guy but what did we do...we sat around and listened and were sucked in by seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.
Google Emma and see what you find. It is a demonic spirit. Enough said. Todd is deluded and is deluding others.
Note: demons do not come out by a lot of so stated by Todd. The Spirit of God does not have to wrestle with a demon spirit to cast it out. Where is our Bible knowledge???
Note: Todd placed all of these tattoos and piercings in and on his body after he purportedly was converted to Christ. Some of the images are demonic (Satanic pentagram for example).
Rise up church and stop being so childish and allowing such nonsense to captivate you.
Note: his outlandish stories of spiritual surgeries and visits to
heaven and talking to angels...these are not of the Lord. They are not in the Word of God.
Flee from this

THomas | 02:53 pm on 7/24/2008

One question from your statements:


Secondly - Your note at the bottom - what happened to Paul when he was taken up to the heavens? What about Jacob wrestling the Angel? What about Saul being struck by God in front of Samuel, stripping naked and prophesying for a day and half under the Spirit of God at Samuel's feet?

I got more.

Read that plumb line you refer to as the "Bible."

Let's have a discussion.

SLC | 08:42 pm on 8/15/2008

Well, look who thinks he knows Scripture! Paul was an unbeliever when he was struck to the ground at the sight of the Lord. Has Bentley or anyone who claims to have seen Jesus, fallen as though blinded by the glory as Paul, or as though dead, like John the Apostle? Or even as Abraham in reverence? Bentley didn't, according to his testimony. BTW, how do we know what He looks like? We need to be careful not to make Him of our own imagination. Jacob wrestled with God- a one time special encounter that had more to do with the nation of Israel being birthed than Jacob's agenda. Are there any NT Scriptures to reveal that this should be a practice- seeing angels? NO! Saul's prophesying was a one time special event as given by God. Did Saul ever do it again? NO! Is it shown to be a practice of the NT saints to go to the third heaven as Paul, or to go into a trance as Peter did? NO! False teaching says that one time, God given events in Scripture should be a practice and that the devil stole it from the Church ages ago. False teachers claim that they are taking back what the devil stole. How do you know, if it was stolen or if it was by God's hand (if such practices were the norm in the Early Church-though these things really were not done)? While we are at it, calling fire down from Heaven is calling for God's judgement. Jesus told Peter to chill when he wanted to do that. John the Baptist announced Jesus as One who will baptize with the Spirit (positive, a good thing) and with fire (negative, a bad thing, i.e., judgement) so if you think its about power, you've been duped by the devil because of your zeal without knowledge. And, people, if you must go here or there, or do this or that, to come into God's presence, or to have a deeper feeling of His presence, then check to see if Christ is in you. Do you really have the witness of the Holy Spirit? If you are truly saved then you can't get any closer to God than that.

THomas | 02:52 pm on 8/19/2008

I do know the scripture concerning KING SAUL - the first appointed King of Israel. If you knew your scripture, you would know that Paul was not around when Samuel was around.

THomas | 03:02 pm on 8/19/2008


These events happened and can happen to anyone. They are not seeking anything but an encounter with God. Should it not be the quest of Christians to seek relationship with God? Can God decide how he will reveal himself? Did not God send Michael to Daniel when Daniel prayed? Daniel had an encounter with an angel? Are angels not around anymore? Is the Bible so far out of our western rationalism that maybe we need to lay aside OUR assumptions so we can apporach God ready for what HE wants to do in our lives.

The theological suppositions against what is happening in Lakeland really do shake everything you believe. Your religious box is taped tight. God can do anything he wants to do and can send a garrison of angels with all sorts of names on his behalf with a single command. HE IS GOD. What is around his throne honoring him night and day?

It's far fetched fantasy or bold faced reality that believers will eventually have to come to realize.

krn | 06:43 pm on 7/28/2008

I agree totally Lafe, and furthermore, besides EMMA and WINDS OF CHANGE angels, they also are doing 'third heaven trips, and the portals, soaking prayer, visualization, now coming is the Ekelsis Trance Dancing...and all of this by CHARASMATIC CHRISTIAN (supposedly) LEADERS. God's people need to QUIT ENABLING these false ministers, QUIT FUNDING them and QUIT LISTENING to them, at least UNTIL and IF they REPENT!

Slider | 09:07 am on 7/24/2008

Be heeeeeealda,now give up yor cash...cha ching!!!

SLC | 08:52 pm on 8/15/2008

Slider, you got that backwards. Its "Gimme the cash and you'll be heealda!" According as you give, so shall you receive...

THomas | 09:59 am on 7/24/2008

Uh.... My friend, Troy, got healed of 7 bulging discs in Lakeland by God, My other friend, Roy, his wife got healed in her back from an injury suffered in a horsebackriding accident. They came from London to Lakeland. You can say what you want about Todd. You miss the point completely.

All of a sudden when people are actually free to be abandoned in worship - comes people like Danny and co. slamming it. If Todd instigates faith then so what. Jesus did nothing but help people from unbelief to belief. He did it through miracles, transfigurations and preaching of the Word of God. He said he saw angels decending and ascending and all sorts of stuff. then he told Phillip he would do greater things then even he did. Why? Well, the Holy Spirit (i.e. Jesus) would be with him.

You guys should read your Bible. YOur human rationalism is falling short and binding you up like a cheap paperback romance novel. God didn't come to coddle you in your misery and offer you some harlequin faith. He came to rescue you, set you free and equip you to do the things he did. Todd does that more than all of you because he actually believes Jesus the ultimate author of what is going on in Lakeland, Denton and anywhere else.

mark | 11:11 am on 7/24/2008

Kicking, punching, body slamming people....yes I read that is what Jesus did to heal people. Please!

I have also read that satan and his minions can and do disguise themselves as angels of light and DECIEVE with false miracles. The Egyptian magicans replicating some of what God did through Moses comes to mind.

His theology borders on heresy, yet you say he is from God. If Todd Bentley read his Bible then he would realize that the "angels" that have visited him, have been of the fallen kind.

How can any "rational" Christian actually believe that his ministry is God ordained.

I am sorry that so many hurting people have been taken in by him and other "holy" televangelists preaching another "gospel". It angers me that these people can prevert the love of God into some sideshow of "freak-dom".

THomas | 02:42 pm on 7/24/2008

Jesus spat in a dude's eye. Put mud in another. Whatever it takes dude. Get over yourself. The fact remains people are getting healed, saved and delivered. Not all, but many.

You know, read that Bible again, many walked away not believing especially after what Jesus said to them in John about eating flesh and drinking his blood. They thought he was nuts with that kind of rhetoric.

He was talking belief. The problem with websites like this and American westernize Christianity is that it does not believe that Jesus will STILL do these things. If we don't believe and pray for it, the rocks will cry out.

Well, in the case of Bentley - a foolish looking blockhead kneeing people is where we are in the church and I applaud him for BELIEVING what HE sees God telling him to do. GOD backs him up repeatedly.

You better wake up and see what God is doing. This time is your opportunity. Worship. Healing. Deliverance. FREEDOM!!!

That is what is going on here.

For some reason a mosh pit at a rock show where anger seeths is acceptable. For other RELIGIOUS reasons, a mosh pittin' church where people get saved and worship with abandonment and God does miracles is not.

Sorry if a man's personality is a bit over the top. So what. God made your personality and mine and Todd's too. He didn't want to kill it. He wants to sanctify it. Todd ain't perfect. Neither am I. But your high horse criticism shows many that you have no idea what you are talking about.

If you listen to Todd - he will say - Jesus is doing the work. He has said ALL do not get healed - however, that is the goal. To build faith, to freely do whatever it takes to see people come to know and be healed by Jesus. His rambunctiousness and charismatic flare is no excuse to dismiss anything.

SLC | 09:12 pm on 8/15/2008

Thomas, Jesus used spit and mud to show the Pharisees that their oral traditions were wrong- mud and spit were called unclean by them, not God. The Pharisees went beyond God's Word, the Law of Moses, putting restrictions on folks where God had not. You see, in Jesus' day the oral tradition took precedence over the Law of Moses. This was the teaching given to rabbinical students in the Hillel schools for generations before Christ's birth. Everything Jesus did in front of them was to refute their oral traditions and get them back to the Law. And, on another note, when you study the Hebrew words for the oral law, aka, traditions, and the Law, you will know that when Paul said that we are not under the law, he meant the oral law, for righteousness. We are still to keep the Ten Commandments. The Levitical laws have a different Hebrew word than the Ten. If you want to know Scriptures and what the true intent of them are, find an online Messianic Bible Study. And, as with anyone, use discernment.

Cartoon Mohammed | 10:16 am on 7/24/2008

Bentley comes from a long list of people (including “Doctor” Cyrus Scofield) who while sitting in prison, realize the best way rob people of thru religion. No need to pull out a gun and demand money, just pull out a bible and the money freely comes pouring in.

Somebody had to | 11:10 am on 7/24/2008

I agree with you CM.

Even though Paul the Apostle stated about those who do get on the 'Gospel Train' often do so for profit, he states "at least Christ is still preached" (Phil 1:15-18). Problem is - it becomes a different Christ that's preached after a while with these types. We now get a Christ who's an almighty one-armed-bandit in the heavens ready to dispense miracles when we say so, dance when we say dance - do whatever we bloody-well want when we say, "do it buddy, you promised!"

How dare we turn Christ into such a being. Todd is going to misrep Christ more and more until 'even the elect' will be led astray...God forbid.

Somebody Had To

THomas | 03:43 pm on 7/24/2008

For believing God, the money poured into Job and Abraham too. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Discerner 24/7 | 05:01 am on 7/26/2008

So if/when Todd gets rich that's the barometer to measure his "believing" God? I guess the apostles Paul and Peter didn't believe God. They certainly didn't get rich. They were martyred! Hmmmmmmmmmm?

THomas | 01:17 pm on 7/26/2008

Uh.... Discerner. I just point to examples of people who belived God and were blessed because of it. Peter and Paul were blessed too. They received the Kingdom of God and all its benefits. Even in martyrdom. Just like Abraham Job and Solomon. The financial end is NOT the goal of Todd Bentley. Your interjection of money being his goal is out of bounds and ignorant.

That revival costs HIS ministry and the associate ministries 25K a night in costs. It ain't cheap. They are not hired performers that are promoted by someone else and paid. They are ministers. The average giving per attendant is about 4 bucks. So whatever.

In the last wekk of this revival, Todd has not spoken yet the people are still coming in droves. Nearly 2 million have attended from around the world. You have no clue what you are talking about, judging or even speaking about. Last night (Friday), the people worshipped for two and a half hours singing songs and prayers to God telling Him he is all that matters in thier lives. TODD WAS NOT THERE. This revival is beyond him and anyone else.

It is about passion for Jesus - apparently these two million people have taken up their cross. The cross of scathing commentary of unfounded crap perpetrated by sideliner's on Youtube and various blogs like this one.

Discerner 24/7 | 02:12 pm on 7/26/2008

THomas Todd is another in a long list of phony revivalists. This crap (the "holy" laughter,spiritual drunkeness,etc.) is the same nonsense that Rodney Howard-Browne did in the 90's! If you want to defend a guy who has regular visitations from an angel named Emma,hey whatever floats your boat! You're right it's more than money! It's also about false and misleading doctrine! If you don't like the "scathing commentary of unfounded crap perpetrated by sideliners," why the heck do you respond on this blog in the first place? There is absolutely no Biblical support for the junk that goes on at Bentley's meetings! BTW how do you know what the average giving is? That tells me you must be privy to what goes on in Todd's ministry! Perhaps even work for Todd? And please don't give the don't "touch God's anointed" routine to me! Another verse taken out of context by you guys!

Discerner 24/7 | 03:25 pm on 7/26/2008

Oh by the way THomas you "interjected"money in the first place I didn't.

Anonymous | 11:06 am on 7/27/2008

Uh... Dude - if you read this blog - everyone is mad that people are getting duped and giving their money to Todd. So once again, whatever.

I suppose Paul talking about being taken up into the heavens is nothing. I suppose the Archangel Michael showing up on behalf of a praying Daniel is nothing. I suppose the Transfiguration is just cool allegory. I suppose Jacob wrestling an angel is nothing. I suppose Saul being hit by The Spirit stripping naked and prophesying at Samuel's feet is nothing. I suppose when the anointing left Samson and he felt like an ordinary man is nothing. I suppose the troops of Israel marching around Jericho in worship seven times and the wall falling without a shot fired is nothing. I suppose Stephen's face shining like the sun - glowing while being stoned is nothing. I suppose the parting of the red sea was just a babbling brook that dried up in a mini drought. I suppose all those references of Angles appearing to prophets and servants of the Lord is just cool imagery. I suppose fire consuming the alter on behalf of Elijah is fantastic fantasy. I suppose David being undignified in worship was just a custom of his day that we should not engage in as astute believers.

I suppose obedience over sacrifice accounts for zero.

Read Ephesians 3 preferably the amplified version.

I suppose where it says in Ephesians that we would receive the surpassing greatness of his power which raised Jesus from the dead is just something only obtainable in the afterworld. Two things. Now is the time for salvation and the foolish of God is wiser than man's wisdom.

RHB is still doing ministry today. Good for him.

Discerner 24/7 | 11:43 am on 7/27/2008

What do all these Biblical experiences have to do with Todd? These things didn't happen everyday even in Bible times. I'll say to you I did to THomas,if you think an angel named Emma talks to Todd,hey go for it. As to RHB he's an obnoxious pompous blowhard! He believes all the standard WOF doctrines! That is,we are all "little gods,"that Jesus had to be "born again," Yeah keep following these pied pipers if you want!

THomas | 02:01 pm on 7/27/2008

Anonymous is me. I did not fill out the form.

THomas | 04:15 pm on 7/28/2008

You have to understand what is happening to the church.

SRebbe | 01:33 pm on 7/29/2008

THomas, with your reference to Job, G-d let Satan take all his wealth, all his family, his servants, his health, everything away and yet Job still followed G-d, praised him. His friends even suggested to Job that he had done something wrong to piss G-d off for this trouble to bring on the trouble. Job rebuked them: "Though He slay me, still will I trust Him." His own wife turned her back on G-d: "Curse G-d and die." Do we have faith to trust G-d even when things fall apart, when they don't make sense? When he cares more for the sparrows than his own human creation? Sometimes he does. What about raging fires that claim lives of those in their homes, but new life springs up in those forests? Trees grow but three humans die. Newborn deer die, the mice are trapped and perish, but the eagles can escape. Is this fair? Is G-d unjust?

You missed one large point: Job had earned these riches before they all returned. Todd didn't have these riches before he started following his LRD. He began following then suddenly, BAM, riches and wealth. The teaching behind all these name-it-and-claim-it guys is "Follow and be prosperous". G-d is some Santa Claus[e]. Please Him, THEN he will bless you. This is a pagan concept. If we sacrifice enough on our altars, if we give enough of our human faith, then maybe his blessings will shower down on us. Maybe we will be found worthy. If we dance enough, if we shout loud enough, if we bring our children and sacrifice their dignity...

Elijah made a point: "Maybe your god is away on vacation. Maybe he is sleeping. Sing louder, jump higher. Maybe he can't see you, maybe he can't hear you."

Then fire fell from heaven.

UNCLE KENNY | 10:25 am on 8/04/2008


You are being too polite. Elijah's taunt is literally translated as "your god must be on the toilet, so you better make more noise to stir him."

Not to start a pissing match or anything. . .

SRebbe | 03:05 pm on 8/05/2008

ah, thank you for the literal translation. my hebrew and ancient languages are a bit rusty.

THomas | 02:12 pm on 8/15/2008

Todd did not get rich suddenly from following the Lord. My goodness. What a warped version of history. What was he - a janitor or something different then he is now. A basic laborer making no cash and so what. He belived God and he ultimately belived him enough to begin a life of full-time ministry at a very young age and have all of what Fresh Fire does established by the time he was 22. He got saved at 18 in his drug dealer's trailer. I assure you, the drug dealer wasn't preaching the Gospel to him either. He radically left all of that sin to seek God for his life. It took 4 years to establish a ministry and another 6 to build into what it is today.

Did Todd do that? Or did God? Todd says in his testimony that he was praying and seeking God and he believed God showed him how to set-up Fresh Fire Ministries. I woyuld attribute that success to God having a plan and Todd being obedient.

You haver no idea what you are talking about. Never insinuate - Who knows the mind of The Lord that he may instruct him.

Sheeka boom bah.

Lola Czupka | 10:20 am on 7/24/2008

I am so grateful for the many, many, churches that are finding the message of this man. My pastor went to Lakeland as did several in our church.Both Episcopal Mission priest's. When I questioned them as to why they support him. I was told I was very wrong to judge him and he was of the Bible. I knew better. My Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ and God the Father. Keeps me from going down a wrong road. Please keep up the mission to expose this man. Thank you.

Somebodyhadto | 10:55 am on 7/24/2008

I've been working on a couple of friends who are starting to see the light re this signs and wonders movement.

My question re Bentley: How long before he carts in kegs of funny tasting Kool-Aid and begin a gun-stocked compound in Lakeland?

The S & W movement's air is hot, methane based and has a distinct sulphury stench to it. Bentley's sidekick, Patricia King is featured here revealing the true inspiration for her "GLORY" moments. I'm sure the source of Bentley's ministry springs from the same source.

Discerner 24/7 | 07:54 am on 7/25/2008

Quite right Somebodyhadto. King is even loonier than Todd! I wonder does she belong to the "Church Of Fonzie?" She says "whoa!" every few seconds! What a disgusting idiot!

UNCLE KENNY | 10:38 am on 8/04/2008

Hey there somebodyhadto,

I get that you and others think Todd is a modern Elmer Gantry. I even understand your suspicion of other charlatans doing the big tent healing stuff. What I am curious about is what seems like a lack of faith when it comes to signs and wonders. Are you really suggesting God is incapable or unwilling to do anything wonderful in our age? Your God is bigger than that, right? Maybe not showy and flashy, but He can heal or do miracles in some situations?

Some of the comments on this board paint God as impotent rather than omnipotent. Just because some of you may need a dose of Viagra, please don't project that onto God!

Anonymous | 05:13 pm on 7/24/2008

William Dembski, a research professor at Southwest Baptist Seminary takes his autistic child to this demonic farce thinking this will heal the child? I am inclined to doubt his competance as a professor let alone his judgement as a parent. If Mr. Dembski wants his child healed he needs to go to the elders or deacons of his HOME CHURCH and ask them to anoint this child and pray for it's healing. He certainly doesn't need to go chasing after a charletan. God is more likely, I suspect, to honor such a request from Godly christians than from this carnival act. Shame on him.

Matt | 07:35 pm on 7/24/2008

No, shame on you.
The guy was desperate. Give him a break. Haven't you ever been desperate?
Are you saying that home church is the only way God heals?
Some would say shame on you for believing God could heal at all.
I hope you never find yourself in the professor's shoes.

Anonymous | 07:59 pm on 7/25/2008

When I get desperate I get on my knees--I don't go looking for a scam artist. My point was God can act right where you are and you dont't need this ludicrous type of side show to invoke God to act. You need to learn the biblical way to seek healing. Are you so ignorant? I am asking why he didn't go to those christians around him--to his own pastor, for example, to ask for prayer. I have been in those shoes and I did not go looking for a carnival act. Shame on me? Why? For pointing out the obvious fact that God is not at the beck and call of these con men? Must I point out the Centurion who would not even ask Jesus to come to his house to heal his servant but that He, Jesus, need only speak the word and his servant would be healed? You seem to be woefully ignorant of the gospels. A professor at a seminary should be much more spiritually mature and better educated than to fall for this. I know a pastor who has a grandchild who is autistic and his response is this is the will of God and if God chooses to heal the child He will and if not then God's will be done--he most certainly has not chased after this type of flim-flam show.

Matt | 08:03 am on 7/26/2008

Cool. A nerve has been struck!
I guess you would have been harsh about Jairus too. He wasn't too unlike the professor.
Incidently, if it is dependant on your pastor friend, his grandchild will never be healed by God. It's just like saying "if God wants to stop the millions from starving in Africa He will".
Also, your language suggests that your predisposition is that God will not heal ("and if not then His will be done").
Furthermore, I may be somewhat ignorant of the Gospels, but I am very familiar with the story of the centurions servant. The reason he did not go to Jesus himself was that he thought himself unworthy, therefore he sent his Jewish mates on his behalf. He would have gone himself if not for this. (Am I still the woefully ignorant one)?
I guess the professor is learning that seminary education is inadequate for dealing with the realities of this present life. Perhaps he read Mark 16 and Romans 12 and Ephesians 4 and 1 Cor 12 and somehow came up with the crazy idea that his Pastor isn't going to have the answer for all of his needs, and that there really are different ministries in the church, including healing ministries. Perhaps you could browse these passages yourself.
Either way, seeing as we are posting in a blog about judging others and you have been so wonderfully vigilant in judging Todd, the Professor and I - I wonder if you could possibly turn the spotlight on yourself for a bit and let us know where this need to condemn others stems from?

Anonymous | 09:27 am on 7/26/2008

Where did it say that he did not go to his own pastor first?

THomas | 01:21 pm on 7/26/2008

It is always God's will to heal. Salvation contains healing. Just believe for the child of the professor instead of questioning his choice of pursuit. His child is autisitc and if mine was, I would do the same. Go where God is and seek his healing.

budda | 09:10 pm on 7/29/2008

Please go back up a few comments and read SRebe's post, sir. There is more truth in those 4 short paragraphs than you will hear in a years worth of lakeland revival meetings.

Charlatan Ninja | 02:50 pm on 8/08/2008

"It is always God's will to heal" Really? So I suppose that all of the sick and injured in the world will remain that way because they lack faith? What an incredibly naive and short-sighted statement. It is not always God's will to heal. The better statement is that healing will eventually come, either in this life or the next. And if Bentley is so up front, then why are there NO medically verifiable reports of true healing, including the ones he was supposed to have given to Nightline. Seems to me that was the perfect opportunity to prove he is legit. I'm not saying God can't heal, I just want the proof. And if he's worried about HIPPA, just black out the name.

THomas | 02:17 pm on 8/15/2008

"I am the Lord Your God. I am the One who heals you." Sounds pretty willing to me. Did Jesus say to anyone - "I don't feel like healing you today. Go ahead and remain cursed and or sick." I cannot sse that recorded anywhere.


Secondly, Nightline has editors. What they put into a report and what they don't is up to them and Todd's mistake was egging them on to come and report on this revival. That was a total hit piece IMHO.

Sheeka Boom Bah.

budda | 04:59 pm on 8/16/2008

THomas - "Did Jesus say to anyone - "I don't feel like healing you today. Go ahead and remain cursed and or sick." I cannot sse that recorded anywhere."

OF COURSE he did, silly! Every single day he went out and didn't heal people! In fact, every single day Jesus went out and didn't heal hundreds of sick people. He went out and didn't heal THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people each and every day of His life. Jesus DIDN"T heal far, far more than he did heal.

Thomas Kenny | 12:12 am on 8/18/2008

Uh.... Where did he say it? Secondly, Jesus told Phillip that him and/or anyone who decided to be Jesus' disciple would do greater things than He did. John 14. So, use your logic however you desire. It was NEVER recorded in the Bible that Jesus was unwilling to heal. And since you think he did not do that much - know now that He said to Phillip what others would do in His name and TOdd and the people of Fresh Fire and all those who work so diligently serving the Lord down in Lakeland praying for sick people and seeing them healed have done more than was recorded in the Bible that Jesus had done.
Even though, in Lakeland they do it by the Power of the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

So don't even go there in your logic.

budda | 04:43 pm on 8/18/2008

Stupid logic, always in the way.

I am just going by the holy bible, sir. If you believe that every community Jesus entered was completely, 100% free of the sick, lame, deformed, mentally unstable, et, al, when he left, then I can see your point.
The bible certainly never makes that claim. We are left with a record of some of those he did heal. Considering the population density and the proportional average number of sick in that era, there were lots and lots of people that were not healed by Jesus.

I am surprised anew every time I hear someone say that God always heals, or it's always His will.

I could quote some chapter and verse on this topic but it seems pretty obvious without the research, don't you think?

THomas | 03:08 pm on 8/19/2008

DUDE - LUKE 9:11 But when the crowds learned of it, [they] followed Him; and He welcomed them and talked to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed restoration to health.

So there all who needed restoration in that crowd (community) were healed. I never said, "community." I said "did he every say to anyone...?" But apparently, he did much more then I asked you as well and he defied your logic too.

budda | 07:14 pm on 8/19/2008

One instance. One verse to cover years. Many crowds and communities. If I havn't made myself clear by now I'm not gonna. I'm done thinking about this topic for now anyway. I just here to make fun of people at this point.

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