How To Follow The Door in 2021

Lovers of the Door,

As you reflect on all that has transpired over the passing year or so just remember that the Word of Jesus was the original super spreader.

But in the many years since the Door closed its doors all sorts of new religious sects have set up shop, and with them came many new gods in new guises and flashy raiment, slouching toward Bethlehem to be born. With so many new gods popping up all the time we needed a new array of communication tools to help report on it.

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  • The Door is also on Facebook and Instagram these days, if that’s your thing. And we have a YouTube channel.
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As FDR said, there is nothing to fear but missing out.


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Do you have archives of old issues? I was particularly trying to find the portrayal/drawing of a woman using the description of Song of Solomon 4:1-5, literally?

Do you recall this. It was hilarious!

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