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Free 50th Anniversary Edition- 1970s

Enjoy your free copy of the 50th Anniversary Edition.
This copy was curated by our new Managing Editor, and expert cat-herder ( titles don’t mean much at The Door ), Murray Stiller.

As we started to discuss our 50th Anniversary edition we realized we had too much content worth sharing so we decided to piece it out into four decades. The first one being the 1970s.


4.   The Little Boy Who Wanted to Fight Fires
5.   What the Hell You Doin’ Now ?
8.   Door Magazine, This Is Your Life! Part 1
12. Good News / Bad News
13. Great All American Contributions to the Church
14. Interview: The Keepers of the Door
23. What Christian Students are Wearing Spring Semester
25. How to Spend $15,000,000
26. Christian Cliches Illustrated
28. Door Interview; Billy Graham
42. Youth Workers Aptitude Test
43. The Total Woman Quiz
44. The Song of Solomon Illustrated
46. The Wittenburg Door TILL NOW
49. Comparison of 1970s Christian magazines
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