Burning Bush



Process Deist | 12:59 pm on 5/27/2008

I am not sure about 'burning bushes', but I do know that the Middle-East is full of 'talking jackasses'.

Andy | 03:24 pm on 5/27/2008

What, and the US isn't?

Mike 55fr | 04:38 pm on 10/11/2010

This caricature is really strange and both funny. Personally I really respect president Bush despite the fact that some his decisions are really bad (I am speaking about Iraq)and I think that people shouldn't create such caricatures like this one. Anyway I have been searching for some info about Audrey Bitoni and when accidentally I have found this publication I just wanted to express my own opinion. Thanks a lot for this ability.

JoshH | 02:53 pm on 5/27/2008

Well, even here in the US there are people who frequently encounter burning bushes. I knew a few guys from back in my college days who did after messing around with this one girl.

SRebbe | 12:44 pm on 5/28/2008

another reason to be clean.
talk amongst yourselves.

JoshH | 02:49 pm on 5/28/2008

You didn't give us a topic.
And why should we talk amongst ourselves?
Have you gotten "all verklempt?"

SRebbe | 04:22 pm on 5/28/2008

BJ isn't here. I didn't want to go there. it's been one of those days. too many shots at the doctor's. my mind is wandering.

ok, lemmings stewed in macadamia sauce. talk amongst yourselves.

budda | 04:32 pm on 5/28/2008

Getting your shots for Nicaragua?

SRebbe | 04:54 pm on 5/29/2008

as of yesterday. HepA & B, Tdap, and need to pick up drugs for malaria and typhoid. no rabies shot yet, tho that one is recommended. my arms hurt.

travelling abroad is fun! it was that or staying home for a Rush concert. there was no contest over how I was going to spend my summer vacation.

budda | 08:29 pm on 5/29/2008

Make sure you take those malaria pills. I have travelled on 4 different trips to 3rd wld where at least one person (always a man) says that he has faith in God to keep him from harm and he doesn't need to take any stink'in pills to protect him. "I'm doing the Lord's work, so I will trust in the Lord to reward me" said one unfortunate soul. God must not have been pleased cause every one of those idiots got malaria. Every single one. One even got HepB.

I don't know about missing the Rush concert. Depends on how good the seats were.

budda | 07:13 pm on 6/01/2008

Oh sorry, not to worry you unnecessarily, I have been on many trips with literally hundreds of participants to developing (or not so much) countries and have not known of anyone getting sick (malaria) if they got the shots and took the pills. Even with some of us living with local families most of the time, eating the food and drinking the water.

SRebbe | 12:11 pm on 6/03/2008

oh, no worries on that. more worried about getting there without the proper treatments and then getting slammed with phony drugs which will make the situation worse. I saw that TV special. good trade to get into, the black market -- especially if you want to peddle drugs.

ah, fake viagra.... I remember those spammy days.

mountainguy | 11:28 pm on 5/27/2008

We're not supposed to kill anyone, but I'd really like to burn such "bush".

Anonymous | 07:59 am on 5/29/2008

Imagine how burning this bush would pollute the atmosphere and exacerbate global warning!

Anonymous | 08:48 am on 5/29/2008

Yes the evil coming out of the smoke from such a fire could end humanity as we know it!!

live_life | 12:11 pm on 5/29/2008

It is definately something that many people (not only in Middle East)dream about...


JoshH | 08:22 pm on 5/29/2008

Learn how to spell before you try to use this site to peddle whatever you're peddling.

budda | 08:32 pm on 5/29/2008

At least she/he is making relevant comments now. Otherwise I agree, they should f#ck off.

Charles Dickens | 08:35 am on 5/30/2008

TIMMY (faint and timid voice): Please Sir, I work all day in Mr. Scrooges boiler room, finding websites, where I can enter an unpaid for and unsolictied advertizement. For each entry on a blog or discussion board I earn a dime. On many days I make seven dollars. That is enough to buy medicine for my baby brother.
ENTER BOB CRATCHET: What a kind a sober boy Tiny Tim is. He thinks nothing of himself, yet he labors 18 hours a day to provide a meager ration for his broken family.
(Yes Budda, a scene from the other side of the tracks.)

budda | 10:51 am on 5/30/2008

REALLY! This is one of those "work at home on your computer and make 4k a week" deals? I had no idea that this is one of those "opportunities". I am chagrined that I didn't know that.

Ok, lets see. Does she/he make money for every placement or every click? Doesn't matter I suppose, they still will get more clicks if they write a on-topic comment with the link on their name. Although, I can see that would take forever and the point is to get on as many sites as possible.

If it is just placement, they could go to the old interviews and spam those up, annoying still, but less so.

If this is a disabled, out of work, fixed income, or single mother/father I have some empathy, but I still hate spam.

Tough call, Maybe SReebe could shine some light, I think she is in marketing.

SRebbe | 05:23 pm on 6/01/2008

I did do a little research on Google on our FaithDebate site in question -- after all, if it isn't on Google, it doesn't exist (hah). it was listed as a questionable site... meaning not sure if you will get spammed if you visit, etc. the only thing listed under it's little snippet is: "Popular Tags: Oprah Denies Christ, videos, invisible, qualities, Romans, divine nature faith debate interfaith video videos buddhism [yes, they spelled it this way], Crisis of Faith..." sounds like a conglomerate site of text, webcrawl info, and videos.

and now for my marketing schpeel: now I'm not one to ban inviting people to visit your own site or blog or whatever, but please, list it under your homepage instead of making it an advertisement. it just looks tacky, imho. we should be patronizing the 'Door and their sponsors -- and those that can't afford a little something, maybe we should consider a gift.

Dennis Thompson | 02:47 pm on 8/25/2008

The one thing is.....you have drawn a cartoon. One no one will remember in 2 years. President Bush will go down as a great President according to historians. President Reagan only had a 24% approval rating. If Gas was $2 a gallon, Bushes would be 65%.

Funntm 8 million people poled would rather have Pres Bush over McCain or Nobamma

updater | 11:02 am on 12/22/2008

just stumbled across this. nationwide,gas is now $1.66 per gallon and Bush approval rating ranges from 24-32 this week depending upon which recognized national poll you wish to disbelieve. Also, I don't believe anyone deserves to be poled.

Anonymous | 06:04 am on 8/27/2008

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Awright, guys... enough is ENOUGH. Does the 'Door not have a moderator/webmaster who can DELETE posts such as this obvious spam and those posts by Sir "thetheologydebate" Spamsalot ?

The 'Door comment column is for comments directly related to the article on the same page, NOT for frikkin' SPAM! Don't force us to read that spam, and don't leave that SEO spam out where Googlebots can see it.

kookimebux | 02:48 pm on 2/01/2009

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Arrammatold | 09:25 am on 3/20/2009

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Jason | 03:54 pm on 6/02/2010

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- Jason

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