We’re Back, But We’ve Lost Our Rolodex

So, you’ve found us. We’ve come out of hiding. Well to be fair, we weren’t actually hiding as much as just sitting around waiting for you to call. We’ve been here all along but haven’t updated the site since we went digital in 2008. And since that turned out to be such an amazing year, it only seemed fitting to come back before the next recession. They say comedy is all about the timing. 

It’s already 2020 and yikes what a year, see what happens when we leave? Well the good news is that we’re back! Well, almost.

We have assembled a slightly younger and even more clueless crew to carry on the mantle.

Feel free to poke around this site and get reacquainted with some of the articles. And before you try to send us a message through one of our broken links to tell us… we know, these articles are old and out of date, you can’t leave comments, and most of the links don’t work. But that’s what happens when you are about to turn 50.

That’s right! Next year marks the 50th Anniversary of The Wittenburg Door and we can’t wait to share what we have in store. But unfortunately, you will have to. Just a little bit longer. I promise.

If you are a previous fan, contributor, or would like to be, send us an email. We have lost touch with everybody. Assume we have no way of contacting you if you were a previous subscriber or contributor. The previous gang lost the Rolodex.

We’d love to get in touch with all of you, old fans and new. Some say satire is a bit tricky these days, but I think we are up for the challenge. Let’s see what happens.

The new Doorkeepers are at your service.

-Gus Mujica, Publisher

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4 Responses to We’re Back, But We’ve Lost Our Rolodex

  1. Frank Michael McCrossan says:

    Welcome back !
    I just read an oddly relevant article.
    God bless and get to work plese

    • Gus Mujica says:

      Hi Frank, Welcome Back !

      You are officially our very first comment on our new site. Congrats! ( Sorry there aren’t any prizes for that ). Larry Norman was one of those special guys for sure.

      BTW “Get to work please !” was something my old boss used to say a lot. You aren’t my old boss are you ?

  2. Wow, I can honestly say you were one of my first Christian influences…which is weird because you existed as a parody of Christian culture. How “meta” is that? Anywho, glad you’re still alive and kicking around.

    • Gus Mujica says:

      Hi Doc ! Welcome Back ! Your mom always warned you about the company you keep. Glad we rubbed off on you a little. Now, go tell both of your friends. 🙂

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