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02.07.2008 | Comments(0)

The Year of the Rat Fink

Is it not fitting that the presidential race has really started rolling just as the Year of the Pig ends and the Year of the Rat begins?

According to Feng shui master Raymond Lo, quoted in an Agence France-Presse story, the rodent is seen as a "flower of romance," which means the year will stimulate romance, but also sex scandals.

(How would this be different from any other year?)

Lo says this year "will see the earth element sitting atop water, suggesting an outward solidity built on sliding foundations."

Uh-Huh. I can sort of sense that. Yeah.

Lee Sing-tong, a third-generation feng shui master, said there would be a big change in Hillary Clinton's health and career but that doesn't necessarily mean she will hold political power.

In contrast, Barack Obama, "has an in-born talent for leadership and is expected to be in an extraordinary political position in the next 10 years."

Crystal clear.

OK. We might all be hoping for a Ratatouille or even a Mrs. Fisby and the Rats of NIMH kind of Year of the Rat. I'd even settle or a Big Daddy Roth Rat Fink Year. But it could be a Willard version, or even -- horrors-- a year of the MAUS.

Brace yourselves. There's no cheese up this tunnel.

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