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03.15.2008 | Comments(14)

Trust the Force this Easter

Sorry for the delay in posting. I just got out of the hospital after a kidney stone attack. (!) It got me to thinking about the impermanence of life, the sensitivity of the human waste removal system and the sad state of our nation's health care establishment.

So, to get my mind off THAT, I searched for the perfect antidote and found it: The Skywalker Last Supper mosaic. Just in time for Easter.

According to the Gizmodo blog, computer nerd Avinash Arora used an Asus M2N SLI motherboard with AMD 5400+ X2, eVGA nVidia Geforce 8800GTS 640MB and 2GB DDR2 Corsair XMS memory and took Eric Deschamps' Star Wars Last Supper painting done for Giant Magazine and created a mosaic using 69,550 images from all the Star Wars movies.

With a magnifying glass, you can just make out Jar-Jar Binks over in the corner there, taking the sop from Luke.

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that calvinist doug | 11:05 am on 3/17/2008

I can think of no other religion beside Christianity which engenders so many attempts at blasphemous humor. Most would write it off as simply the natural bent toward mocking the powerful or elite, and proceed to go on at some length about all the evil done in the name of Christianity, blah, blah, blah.

My take is a little different. The reason we don't see more of this type of ridicule of Buddhism, Islam, and other other world religions is because evil loves to attack truth. It's not much fun to attack something you know is false. Of course, they don't acknowledge Christianity as true, but given the waning influence of Christian worldview in most societies, I can think of no other logical reason.

Besides, even Jesus warned us that computer geeks were servants of the dark lord in his Sermon on the Mount (Revised Obama Version, copyright 2007, Democratic National Committee).

buda | 01:23 am on 3/18/2008

I have another take, perhaps truth can laugh at itself with grace, though I'm not one to call other religions "evil". (and you don't really mean to suggest that a person with a different faith "knows it's false" and persists anyway do you? Isn't that kinda why we are at the door? Aren't we trying to discern the true from the false, sometimes more successfully than others? I know for us within christianity but still, not everyone. just asking.)

I have known the occasional Buddhist to poke fun at his faith. I have never met a fundy who can take a joke at their own expense.

Some would say Islam takes itself a little too seriously to take a joke, but I would chalk it up to any type of fundamentalist. I bet the average joe muslim ridicules his local imam or mullah sometimes.

Radicalism no matter what the issue or "ist"; environmentalist, feminist, white/black/brown/green supremacist, word of faith-ist, baptist, arminianist, calvinist (kidding), whateverist, if they take it to the extreme they think they have the truth so wrapped up and the whole freak'in world depends on their defending the purity of the true faith that they can't crack a smile for fear of "sin" or hell or something. Thats why you don't see fundys/radicals in the arts in general, not just comedy. Can't listen to the Beatles 'cause they are sinners and you might go to hell... Notwithstanding many of their hymns are old bar tunes. Can't watch that dance, I might lust and go to hell, can't sacrifice that virgin to satan or I might go to hell.... well, maybe the last one...

that calvinist doug | 07:22 am on 3/18/2008

Of course I don't mean that adherents of other religions consider them false. I mean that creators of "art" or "spoofs" that ridicule Christianity are in all liklihood not religious in any sort. Therefore, why do they only pick on Christianity?

To your other point regarding humor and "fundies" (the favorite term on this site) if you've read any of my posts, you may be able to tell that I often attempt humor, sometimes more successfully than others, so I don't consider myself humorless in any way. As far as "art" goes, I'm not an artist, but my common sense tells me that playing around with some pictures of Star Wars stills on my computer doesn't make me an artist. Sometimes I think that people who consider themselves artists ought to reevaluate their opinion.

buda | 02:12 pm on 3/18/2008

I have read many of your posts and have enjoyed them, doug, a fundy you aint. I surly didn't mean to insinuate that you were or that you didn't have a sense of humor. I enjoy your humor. My fundy comments were pointed elsewhere and I tend to go a little overboard on that topic.

On the "truth" topic, I was a little confused by your comment, thus the questions, but having reread it a few times, I think I see your point. That when evil attacks truth, it isn't necessarily the individual who is evil but in the bigger spiritual sense the Enemy (satan) using the world (and individuals) to attack that which he knows is truth. Is that more correct understanding?

My contention is that while in general principle that may be, when you break it down on an individual level, it is difficult to assign evil motives. The "star wars last supper" guy might be a christian and a star wars fan boy, thus combining (oddly perhaps) his two great loves. On the other hand the "crucifix in piss" guy from a few years ago probably isn't a christian. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if he were a victim of the catholic sex abuse thing. Motives are deep and complex things.

As far as art goes, I think legitimate art is anything created that moves someone, even if it only moves the artist. Even if it moves him to trash it and try again. Bad art is still art. Britney and Mr Manilow make art - badly, but art it is. But I agree that the title "Artist" is misappropriated many times by people (like myself) who want the title for more egocentric reasons. A real artist doesn't call himself one until others do first.

SRebbe | 04:06 pm on 3/20/2008

'a real artist doesn't call himself one until others do first.'

that calvinist doug | 02:31 pm on 3/18/2008

Yes, your interpretation is about right. I could've been more clear in the original comment. And yes, I was thinking more along the lines of the crucifix in piss type of "art" and so probably was making a too broad point over a too narrow topic. The Star Wars last supper thing may not have had the intent I assigned to it.

I've had an uncle and an aunt die within the last few days and I guess I'm a bit moribund. I'll stop sucking...later!

buda | 02:40 pm on 3/18/2008

I am sorry for your loss, doug, God bless you with grace and love as you work your way through.

that calvinist doug | 10:02 am on 3/19/2008

Thank you.

A1 | 01:27 am on 3/20/2008

Kidney stone attack? Keep your head down and try to duck ...

SRebbe | 04:08 pm on 3/20/2008

Kidney stones are ouchy.
Doug, my condolences.

20 points for the first person to make a DaVinci Code reference.

nomus | 11:06 pm on 3/20/2008

So Dark the con of Vader...

Questioner | 01:06 am on 3/23/2008

finally! an honest converse. Thank you; no matter how many of your jokes are being considered by Reader's Digest.

60613 | 12:03 pm on 3/23/2008

Oh my - such a serious discussion over such a trivial matter.
Whatever the purpose, whatever the intent, it's just a piece of art. The only thing that makes it "holy" is 2000 years of mythology.

My favorite last supper take off was on "Robot Chicken" where the whole thing degenerated into a food fight.

That was delightful!

nonus | 06:50 am on 3/25/2008

60613 Star Wars and Warcraft have mythologies does that make them holy? The medusa head at the bottom of basilica cistern in Istanbul has mythology does that make it holy? No, its a piece of rock for a support column that people take pictures of. But it might have been sacred at one point, think about that.

Oh and the food fight on robot chicken was ok. I liked Kill bunny much better.

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