Todd Bentley Fires Blanks in Texas


By Danny Gallagher

DENTON, Tex.--The University of North Texas "Super Pit" indoor stadium is packed to the nosebleed seats with people hoping to see a knee to the stomach, a poke check to the ribs, or the classic swift kick to the cojones–because they all know that mega-evangelist demon stomper Todd Bentley is IN THE HOUSE for one night only.

As the crowd gets lathered up for the event, there are long slow lines snaking out of the ladies rooms that could rival the wait times at Disney World. Overpriced bags of potato chips and canned soda wait behind counters for families who don't stop to think about things like food budgets or their children's blood sugar levels. And almost every seat has a butt planted firmly in it, including the handicapped and disabled sections that are filled with people in wheelchairs.

They want God and they want Todd, not necessarily in that order.

Bentley doesn't wear $2,000 custom made suits or exotic Italian shoes to show how God helped him attain his empire. He wears blue jeans with holes in the knees and Jesus-themed T-shirts that look like they came off the rack of an evangelical chopper shop. His arms are filled with a gaggle of tattoos that are a mesh of mutating gangrene through eyes from 20 rows away, and his face has an assortment of metal piercings and barbells, which are reminiscent of his early days as a hard-partying, drug-snorting, whiskey-soaked juvenile criminal who has a colored criminal rap sheet of assaults, burglaries and even sexual molestations, according to an investigative report conducted by the news magazine Report in Bentley's native Canada.

Todd Bentley - Stage

A native of British Columbia, Bentley became famous overnight after just four months of tent revivals in a Lakeland, Florida, RV park that are picked up and re-broadcast by an internet network called GOD TV. Bentley breaks the mold for itinerant healing acts, using street cred and biker lingo instead of the usual light shows and altar calls, but his supernatural story-spinning is truly inspired: messages from angels, out-of-body trips up to heaven, fantastic healings that are not only instantaneous but backed up by “documented medical evidence” that, according to the Associated Press, doesn’t get widely produced.

His revivals resemble Pantera shows. He doesn't just speak in tongues and scream into microphones. Bentley rids people of their emotional and physical demons by beating, slamming or kicking them out of their bodies because a) God commands him to, and b) "Sometimes when you're dealing with a demon spirit, it's done with great force."

Unfortunately, Todd is making a rare venture out of Lakeland just as his tent meetings are starting to burn out. A recent "Nightline" story painted his church in a very unflattering light both from the perspective of a father who brought his sick child all the way from Seattle to the local townspeople who feel his presence has put a blight on their small Southern city. Eventually Bentley announced he was leaving Lakeland "to reflect and to rest."

Apparently he’s about to find out that skipping town is the best thing he can do for his credibility anyway. The nearest parking space tonight is on the other side of Fouts Field and takes more than a half an hour to find, so I know the crowd is going to be a large one. Families trudge through the cement-steaming heat with their Bibles in one hand and children in the other. The most popular themed T-shirts are a Reese's Pieces wrapper parody and the eye-grabbing "Under the Influence…of Christ!" Bentley also draws more than his share of actual bikers, complete with the jackets, the vests and the colorsas well as a noticeable number of biker jackets and leather vests on the backs of bikers for Christ.

TB Crowd

The pre-show features a soft rock band, the same band that seems to pop up at every revival, singing the same religious phrases 30 or 40 times through cheap-sounding concert equipment to whip the crowd into the kind of spirit-shaking frenzy that only an epileptic seizure could replicate. Just off to the side stands Bentley, psyching himself up, changing positions from lying on his stomach (ground meditation?) to pumping his fist to the blaring beat of the drums.

On this night Bentley shares a double bill with preacher Keith Miller of the Denton-based Stand World Firm Ministries who tells the assembled 8,000 that "Tonight, we're going to have an early Fourth of July" (minus, of course, the fireworks, free hot dogs and constant replaying of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the U.S.A." until your ears bleed). Then finally, Miller asks the crowd to give Bentley "a great big God bless you" as he steps up to the mike and fulfills the crowd's insatiable appetite for some serious UFC-style demon ass-kicking.

Bentley knows how to work the crowd. He doesn't immediately launch into a barrage of BAMs or let the Holy Spirit ragdoll him into the "Curly Shuffle." Instead he starts with the revival equivalent of "Hello, Cleveland, are you ready to rock?"

"There was only two other times that I would go into another city and He was there," Bentley said, "but I didn't feel it the way I feel it now in Texas. This is the place where the fire of God will fall. It's already falling!"

The crowd feeds into his enthusiasm and Bentley launches into a rapid-fire repetition of "Holy Glory!" until the entire stadium can hear his vocal chords crack.

"Do you want the glory?!?" Bentley screams. "The smoking holy glory?!?"

He falls to both knees, shaking his head from side to side, as muffled screams reverberate through his rubbery lips.

"Let the outpouring come here tonight!" he shouts. "Let the coals fall tonight!"

TB -Knees

Then he brings it down. Bentley talks about the early days of his ministry, visions of heavenly bodies and settings and divine prophecies as told through the mouths of angels. He talks about his legion of 10,000 "harvesters" who roam the streets of Lakeland looking to spread the word of his miracles and God's capacity to work through him. He even talks about his pilgrimages to cities and nations who are "hungry" for the word of God in a calm and registered tone–and all that lasts about eight seconds.

"I've come here to help spread the fire," Bentley says. "BAM! BAM!"

Four or five BAMs later Bentley utters an ear-shattering KABOOM in Miller's direction and the Denton preacher falls over backwards, shaking and twitching like a slab of bacon that's been thrown on a hot griddle.

Bentley goes on for another two hours about his divine medical miracles, supernatural surgeries, religious root canals and raising of 30 people from the dead, including one poor soul who asked his family to play his revival at the funeral and started knocking on the inside of the coffin. Unfortunately, there won't be any such miracles performed this night. No one in a wheelchair is pushed to the stage. No cancer survivors walk up the stairs to thank Bentley for kicking the carcinoma right out of them or a recently departed zombie for returning him to the land of the living. Not one crutch-clutching crowd member hobbles to the stage to get the holy head-butt from Bentley himself. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed.

Denton Crowd - Floor

So were a lot of other people who frankly had more of a right to be than I did. William Dembski, a research professor of philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, attended Bentley's Denton revival with his wife and their twin 7-year-old boys, one of whom is autistic, at the behest of his friends who told him Bentley had the healing touch. He couldn't even get his family down to the main floor to pray.

"Ushers twice prevented that from happening," Dembski said in the Baptist Press. "They noted that he was not in a wheelchair. . . . People with needs were shortchanged. It seemed that power, prestige and money (in that order) were dominating motives behind the meeting. Minimal time was given to healing, though plenty was devoted to assaulting our senses with blaring insipid music and even to Bentley promoting and selling his own products (books and CDs)."

Just before the revival reaches its third hour, Bentley asks for an offering. Badge-clad volunteers roam up and down the aisles with white plastic buckets while parents and adults whip out their checkbooks or pull some big bills out of their wallets, all of which would go to Miller's ministry, Bentley claimed. By that time it’s obvious there’s gonna be no carcinoma-kicking, so most of the contributors were probably just showing their gratitude for the absence of Lee Greenwood music.


ronzur | 11:42 am on 7/22/2008






tc | 01:59 am on 7/24/2008

I was at one of his meetings, and he gave
me a swift kick right to the gut. I could
have sworn he knocked a demon right the hell
out of me, but then I realized that I just
shit my pants.

Anonymous | 09:46 am on 7/24/2008

a swift kick will do that! LOL

tc | 11:20 pm on 7/24/2008

Yes. Yes it will.

But it also didn't help that
I had eaten a gargantuan
bowl of "Raisin Bran" the
morning of that fateful night either.

I had to go buy a bottle of brown dye
to correct some issues that I had with the
clothes that I wore to said meeting.

I've learned a valuable lesson indeed.

..shit begets shit!

Anonymous | 05:52 pm on 10/13/2008


jackson | 05:39 am on 5/03/2011

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Jo | 10:42 pm on 2/15/2011

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Anonymous | 06:04 am on 3/31/2011

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Clark | 09:53 pm on 7/28/2008

TC---whatta comment. So you were there? I was too and there was some strange things I saw. Were you the same guy who has cancer, and he kicked you in the area where your cancer is? If so I saw that on YouTube. Your comment means a lot.

When I was there I heard this strange hissing sound at the revival, not much. But a lot more at the camp sites. It was strange, while this one woman was "ministering?" to someone and praying in the S/spirit (hopefully the Holy One)someone else was hissing. I think it means sending the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Yeah, right, send me some money if anyone is that stupid. But then I will have to repent and that causes action...gotta send the money back?! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, something to think about.

Truly wizards, witches and satanists infiltrate the church. I can't say that's what this is, but there are some strange characters like Patricia King (or Coking) and her blue flame. Blue flame being a symbol in witchcraft. Gotta wonder if she really repented, and Todd.

tc | 11:58 pm on 8/09/2008


Sorry to mislead you, sir.

I was just trying to put a smile
on a few faces. Yes - I realise that
I probably pissed some people off, and
all I have to say about that is..
.. screw 'em if they can't take a joke ;)

( not literally - put your pants back on)

Peter Gordon | 02:23 pm on 4/29/2011

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Jay Man | 09:51 am on 12/04/2008

You know I think you and todd have something in common. It appears that that which comes from your pants also emminates from todds mouth!! Thanks for the laugh!!

shawnlee | 12:52 am on 12/04/2010

I was at one of his meetings, and he gave
me a swift kick asvab study guide right to the gut. I could
have sworn he knocked a demon right the hell
out of me, but then I realized that I just
shit my pants

Aussie | 01:56 am on 7/25/2008

Sure this guy sounds suspect. So do a lot of his detractors here. This kind of thing gives me grief. Not just because of the evidence of stupidity in all of us, but because in the middle of all of this I am personally trying to work out what is going on with a reluctant signs and wonders ministry of my own.
I just got home from three weeks in Brazil where we saw hundreds of healing miracles. I am the biggest sceptic of all yet around 90% of the people we prayed for claimed to be healed. Some of the healings were plainly miracles, with blind people seeing, lumps vanishing, etc. You guys have no idea what it's like to KNOW your own limitations and see this kind of stuff. I torture myself regularly with questions about whether these are just psychosomatic disorders, or some kind of hypnotic "power of suggestion" thing. It's not very "Word of Faith" but no-one is more surprised than me when people are healed. I preach Jesus, people repent and receive forgiveness, I pray for them and they get healed. That's what preaching the Good News does.
Any how my point is, all of this speculation is clearly unhelpful and I would say it is in fact a strategy of the enemy of our faith to undermine what God is genuinely trying to do. Thanks RJ for your post.
Realise Ole, that you are not only striking Bentley down as a charlatan, but you are also assisting in the devils intent of raising up charlatans in the first place. He does it in order to decieve people, create confusion and turn them away from the genuine article. I hope that any other up and coming genuine articles out there don't shipwreck their calling because of the roar of criticism guys like Todd Bently generate.

THomas | 01:08 pm on 7/26/2008


You keep doing what youare doing. Preach the Gospel and pray for healing. You are making believers through the power of CHrist. That is awesome. This work is the building that will last from generation to generation.

H Robinson | 05:39 pm on 8/11/2008

Not trying to offend you nor doubt what you say, yet consider this: isn't it odd that "blind, deaf, mute, and such" people are healed, yet people with no arms nor legs are not healed? People with obvious infirmities are denied access to the creeps that say that God "works through them", while it is a proven fact that in the past, some such charlatans would use confederates to "heal" in services, confusing and tricking the well-meaning attenders of these 'revivals'. How odd ... why is this so hard to figure out? Read the Bible; it's the only source of truth. HR

Lee | 09:38 pm on 9/25/2008

"Any how my point is, all of this speculation is clearly unhelpful and I would say it is in fact a strategy of the enemy of our faith to undermine what God is genuinely trying to do. Thanks RJ for your post."

WRONG! God did not create idiots who bob their heads up and down anytime some charlatan comes and claims the power of the Holy Spirit... and in spite of our "speculation," God's work will continue.

Anonymous | 04:33 pm on 9/02/2009

The thing that stands out here is that you are " as surprised as anyone" at some or all of these healings. The simple fact is that if you truly BELIEVED that God can AND wants to heal, then it should NOT surprise you.

Anonymous | 04:03 am on 5/05/2010

lumps vanishing

I'll bet the only lumps vanishing were 'lumps' of money from peoples pockets.

You say you're skeptical of these types of shenanigans; I recommend you trust your instincts.

Anonymous | 09:02 pm on 7/07/2010

Either you are self deceived or just a liar.

Anonymous | 05:59 pm on 2/04/2011

Jesus told the woman with the bleeding issue that her faith had made her well. He told the centurion that his faith healed his servant. Peter said, "I don't have any money, but what I do have is faith, in Jesus name get up and walk" (my version). My aunt preached the gospel of Jesus Christ, she saw lives changed. She saw people healed (and yes to the skeptic of "lame walk, deaf hear" etc. she saw limbs grow where they weren't before, not short legs grow but an arm grow where a few fingers were in the place of the shoulder). She never advertised that she had the gift of healing, she never allowed any church she spoke at to advertise that. Her purpose was to preach Jesus, the rest was marvelous, but her greatest joy came with those who accepted Jesus as their Saviour!

Dear Aussie, keep preaching Jesus. No matter how He chooses to use you, you just keep preaching Jesus.

There will always be charlatans, and they should be called out. Those who take pride in the gifts of God, need to remember He used sinners to right Israel, He used an ass (i.e. donkey) when the prophet became reluctant. Don't take pride that He has chosen to use you in these ways, but humble yourself before Him just as Moses did, just as Isaiah did. The gifts of God are freely given, not earned. No one is special because these miracles happen in their presence, they should be humbled that God chose that time and that place.

My aunt never asked for money, she only asked the churches to pay for her transportation and room and board. She never told them where she would stay or what she would eat. At the end of every meeting, God blessed her financially but she never passed around the bucket. She had records (back in the day) and she had some small pamphlets she'd written, all she sold to cover the costs of producing them, but she NEVER advertised them or talked about them from the pulpit. Her only purpose was to preach the gospel.

BTW, she never struck, kicked or slammed anyone. Many times she didn't even touch a person. She prayed softly but with confidence. She preached Jesus. People found forgiveness, new lives, healing, and deliverance.

So again I say, Aussie, keep preaching Jesus.

jamescurtis | 09:57 am on 4/09/2011

All I can say is that when our country is at war, wouldn't it make sense to vote for someone who has some experience in war?? The only one I know of that fits that bill is McCain.
happy birthday wishes

Rev.Carl Ray Marshall Sr. | 05:50 pm on 8/19/2008

As a servant of the most high, I feel like Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour that the gospel should not be used for "gain". I've talked to Pete on the phone ,and have sent him documents from time to time. Truth is truth! Fact is Fact! Yes the true men of God who are not in it for money, gain, power, or prestige will manifest. They may not be popular or famous like the ones you publish about... Yet they will be used of God according the the scriptures and they will not teach anything contrary to what the Apostles wrote or charged us to do in fulfillment of the Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty (Rev.1:8). I fine your work on the Trinity foundation, and the 'WittenburgDoor' quite amusing and fun....LOL! If anyone teaches anyting contrary to the word, they are either mistaken or a false prophet,(Deut.4:2;Deut.13:;Gal.1:8,9;Rev.22:19).

Yvette in Carlsbad | 05:56 pm on 8/03/2010

Sigh. I find it deeply depressing that those who identify themselves as Christians seem to so easily fall for the spiritual hystrionics of wolves in sheep's clothing. A friend once said to me that people are largely emotional, not rational, and he was certainly right. (However, emotionalism doesn't begin and end at Christianity's door, that's for sure.) It is the universal weakness and failing of humanity that we so easily respond to spiritual counterfeits when it seems fairly easy to discern the shysters from the Spirit-filled, sincere, humble and loving servants of God. I can't ULTIMATELY judge these people, but I certainly can read Scripture, use my common sense and spiritual discernment and make a studied comparison of them to Jesus, Paul and the disciples. Can you in any way imagine one of them doing things like this? I hope you answered, "No." It's not hard to come to the conclusion that this is fakery and showmanship and discredits Christ and his Body. Truly, it is a crying shame.

Anonymous | 07:28 am on 3/01/2011

I agree. This was talked about on an entertainment site and then I came here.

Anonymous | 11:45 am on 7/22/2008

It was pretty bad.

Frank | 11:09 am on 5/06/2011

I'd be there if I had the chance. God is good all the time! specialty gift baskets

that calvinist doug | 01:22 pm on 7/22/2008

...and God is glorified through this "ministry" how, exactly? And, not to pick a nit, but I was pretty sure that Christ said HE needed workers for the harvest; I didn't realize HE'd outsourced that to Todd. Nice.

Anonymous | 01:31 pm on 7/22/2008

This is really sad. This isn't satire.

I drove 1000 miles down to Lakeland in June to find out that this rings very true. This sounds like my companion's review of our trip.

Anonymous | 07:17 pm on 11/09/2008

i al will live for so went to lakeland and found it to bethe trip of a lifetime the sprit was so thick i could hardly walk he may be a bit different but who r we to say he was not of God. you know i may be simple but. to me it seems when someone is working for God satan isn't too happy so i'm sure he brings in lots of doubt..the third nite i was there we were praising god in worship and i heard a lamb several times .the atmosphere that nite was different very sprit filled praise God. the only regret i have is it's over there . but as for me jesus and revival will live in me forever. i watched my sister out in the sprit with no catcher in the rain oh how wonderful our lord is. if i would have been there she would have fell on one of God's pillows. So all in all what todd brought was faith and hope in my lord Jesus that he is still in the healing bussiness. instead of putting todd down we should pray for him. him and his family. remember he who is without sin cast the first stone.

BJ | 01:59 pm on 7/22/2008

Sounds like the same old "Colonel Harvey's Indian Elixer" in a new package. From some of the youtube stuff I've watched it has the same effect on the audience as the Indian Elixer had on Aunt Bea's women's meeting.
I vote for a "citizen's arrest, citizen's arrest."

Anonymous | 04:46 pm on 9/02/2009

Obviousley you're an Andy Griffith fan, here are some facts I recently discovered. The town of Mayberry, N.C. does not actually exist but Mt. Airy N.C. does and that is the town from which Mayberry was fashioned. In fact, Andy Griffith grew up there. Go online and type in Mt. Airy N.C. You'll be richly rewarded with all the info you can find.

Anonymous | 02:21 pm on 7/22/2008

Snake oil anyone? .....

Discerner 24/7 | 03:21 pm on 7/22/2008

What?! The angel Emma didn't show up? Todd's been watching too much Emeril Lagasse. BAM!

Anonymous | 10:36 am on 10/31/2008

I am sorry that you missed the message. What was it that you did not understand? If we were perfect and looked perfect why did God have to send his son Jesus to die on the cross for us. Man judges like that.Do you really think Jesus would suffer on the cross for nothing. Jesus is not looking on the outside of us he is looking on the inside. It sounds like you are rejecting God's love for you and the people he has anointed to send his word.
I hope not. Have you ever just talked to God and ask him if Bentley was sent by him to preach salvation?

karn nz | 04:23 pm on 11/04/2008

i would just say to eveyone,he who is without sin cast the first stone and that in the volume that you judge,with that same volume God will pour his judgement on you.for God is not mocked and what a man sows that shall he also reap.for he who sows to the flesh shall reap corruption but he who sows to the Spirit shall reap everlasting life. when we walk in the spirit we will not mock others or put judgment on them,for it says that only God is our judge and that He will definately judge us according to his word and the works we did in His name.todd will be judged for the works he has done but so will we,apart form the grace of God we are all the same and have the same battle with the flesh.
thanks and God bless you all

Anonymous | 04:51 pm on 9/02/2009

karn nz

Yes God will surely judge all men and their works, but Jesus still kicked the money-changers out of the Temple while He was here.

pigseye | 03:32 pm on 7/22/2008

I believe some of these self deluded guys like bentley cause people to believe in a bate and switch. Its like feeling something hit your head look up and see a pigeon, and find out later it was ice cream from the apartment above. As in this case its not pigeon crap its Bull S..t. Maybe if he had a few twirling dirvishes on stage with him he could draw a few muslims too. No fear of converting them cause he never preaches the gospel. More fodder for another heretic song at

Justme | 05:01 pm on 7/22/2008

This is just really sad. All these deluded people who are being intentionally and deliberately misdirected by a charlatan. I pray for these lost souls.

Margaret | 06:29 pm on 8/02/2008

I could'nt agree more. How sad that so many are led astray by empty promises when a quiet seeking of the LORD for themselves could more than satisfy...... they'd find they did,nt need TODD bentley and his ilk ... the way is open straight to the Throne of Grace\\

ReneeJoan | 07:10 pm on 7/22/2008

Anyone remember how to spell "Elmer Gantry?" [There's a reason why people win the Nobel Prize for literature -- somehow, they manage to hit the target right through the cross-hairs in dissecting the human soul from its spirit.]

Also, anybody remember Andy Griffiths' portrayal of "Lonesome Rhodes," in "A Face in the Crowd?" Some of these roadshow evangelical types seem like they are getting their scripts from Hollywood, instead of from the Gospels.

As Solomon said, it's all been done before (and usually better than it's being done now).

RJ -- still hearing voices

Prophet Lopi | 11:04 pm on 7/22/2008

One other spiritual force is in evidence at his meetings.
Something no Prophet of God(what god)should be without when doing the Lords(which lord) work.
ATM Machines so you can get you Bucks directly to Bentley so he can go BAM BAM

keith | 11:34 am on 9/06/2008

Yo, Lopi

What God??.......The one who is allowing you to draw breath in hopes of your free-will choosing to aknowlege, understand, submit to, and serve him. Check out "23 minutes in Hell" and get a clue before it's too late. If you get there you will NEVER be able to leave. And NONE of us who know him want that.

fizywelko | 10:13 am on 4/02/2011

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Anonymous | 12:27 am on 7/23/2008

What a CLOWN!!!

Anonymous | 01:10 am on 7/23/2008

Just waiting for the inevitable downloadable Tilton-esque farting videos of Bentley on The Door.

Yeah, baby!

Discerner 24/7 | 11:59 am on 7/23/2008

Yes the Bentley fart show. Kenny Copeland is on You Tube also farting away! This guy (Bentley) is indeed a clown or something even more sinister. You Tube has a revealing video of Bentley's "commissioning as an apostle." All the flakes are there! Joyner,Arnott,Wagner,Ahn. Check out the "prophetess" Stacey? Campbell,what utter nonsense!

Justin Hughes (British Preacher) | 05:32 am on 7/23/2008

I have never been to Florida, but when told about this 'revival' I checked it out on the internet. I have seen videos of the meetings that you speak about, and I have made videos about/against this nonsense.

What is wrong with people?! The few who are genuinely born again are TOLD to check out if people like this false prophet is a man of God or not, 1.Jn.4. I knew immediately it was false, but yet thousands would rather throw out all discernment and believe in wickedness that is plainly unlike Christ. How on earth don't people see it?!

This man Bentley is not just another ranting godless churchman, but he is without doubt demonically inspired. He is moving in spiritual powers that are nothing to do with the Lord God of Israel, just like Copeland, Hagin, Hinn, and Cerullo. Tragic.

Discerner 24/7 | 12:36 pm on 7/23/2008

Well said Rev. Hughes! I think what's wrong with people is that the church at least in the U.S.A. doesn't teach sound doctrine. No sound doctrine you get the Bentley's,Copeland's,Hagin's,Hinns,etc. You're correct in that discernment is almost gone. After all we mustn't "judge" anyone or anything! I don't know how things are in Britain I'm sure you have your share of flakes as well, things are getting worse this side of the "pond!"

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