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04.21.2008 | Comments(9)

Shatner does Moses

We knew someone would step in to fill the shoes of Charleton Heston. But .... Captain Kirk?

It's too late for Passover, but you can hear William Shatner's unique vocal stylings as he reads passages from the book of Exodus and the Passover Haggadah, accompanied by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra playing music from Exodus: An Oratorio In Three Parts.

Didn't know Shatner was Jewish? All four of the Star Trek and Boston Legal star's grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. So he's got street cred for this role.

You can listen to clips from the opus here.


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SRebbe | 09:23 am on 4/22/2008

No one will ever top his majesty James Earl Jones.
Or John Cleese as Screwtape.

that calvinist doug | 11:08 am on 4/22/2008

Will Roseanne Barr voice the role of whiny sister Miriam?

SRebbe | 03:34 pm on 4/22/2008

Only if Harvey Fierstein gets to play Aaron. And his mother.

JoshH | 02:51 am on 4/24/2008

In that case, then...the story of David and Jonathan will *have* to be filmed by Ang Lee, with Jake Gyllenhaal playing Jonathan.

buda | 11:06 am on 4/23/2008

Ya, Shatner reading for passover is odd, but-The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra?? I didn't know they had one, and it can play "An Oratorio In Three Parts"? I mean sure I suppose it could play The Emperors March, Back in Black or the Razorback Fight Song. Even though Arkansas is famous for several things, Jewish passover orchestral music isn't one I'm familiar with.

Pelagius | 07:03 pm on 4/27/2008

Yes, a**hole, Arkansas has a symphony orchestra and a damn good one.

that calvinist doug | 11:21 am on 4/29/2008

Hey buda, Pelagius here just called you an "arkhole." I'm not sure what that means, but I'm just filling in the letters left blank. Anyhoo, just further proof that Calvinism (as opposed to Pelagianism) is the way to go...

Dave | 12:06 am on 4/24/2008

Everybody needs a payday and I hear Mr. Shatner has obligations.
There are symphony orchestras everywhere. All you need to do is put out a sign. This one is by no means the most obscure; I nominate the Mid-Hudosn Symphony for that honor.

Louise the Happy Canuck | 03:21 pm on 4/24/2008

Not only is Mr. Shatner Jewish but I'm pleased to report he is from my home town Montreal and thus a Canadian!!!

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