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06.27.2008 | Comments(7)

Prepare to be tweeted like dirt

I’ve never tweeted. I confess, I’m a tweet virgin. Never even gotten a tweet, let alone sent one. Yes, I’ve thus far avoided joining the Twitter community.

Twitter is a free social networking service that allows users to send "updates" (or "tweets"-- text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to each other through the Twitter site. This way people can keep up with what you’re doing between blog posts and website updates and e-mails and phone calls.

Amazingly, Twitter touts itself as a “solution to information overload.”

On the other hand, if you join someone’s Twitter group you become a “follower,” which has a nice discipleship-like sound to it.

Here’s the kind of stuff I’ve probably been missing:

George: Seething in anger at my coworkers and boss who are slowly draining me of creativity and the spark of human kindness. 2 minutes ago from web

Bob: This scabies medicine feels really weird. I almost don't want to put my shirt back on. Yech. one hour ago from txt

Gloria: Instead of praying today, I’m tightening up my prayer list. Just eliminated David, cuz we haven’t talked in, like, forever. 9:45 a.m. June 24, 2008 from web

Alicia: Almost finished reading Thomas Friedman's NYT column. Malaise set in after realizing world is flat. Passed out. Woke up in pool of own vomit. 7 a.m. June 24, 2008 from web

Louis: Should I worry about my Dish TV spying on me after Bush signed that telecom surveillance bill? 1:35 p.m. June 23, 2008 from web

Albert: Jst gt carjacked. Mistakenly grabbed phone instd of handgun (a twitter reflex). Damn! 9:47 p.m. June 23, 2008 from txt

Steve: Hey, lightening alert! Run for cov 8:43 p.m. June 23, 2008 from txt

I’m willing to give Twitter a shot, though. Should The Door start a Twitter group? Do we really want to know what Joe Bob is up to at 1:30 in the morning? Do we?


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Dylan | 09:30 pm on 6/30/2008

I say yes, but then I'm not a hardcore Twitter user nor do I read TWD that regularly. (Yes, yes, I know, for shame.)

The difficulty in running a Twitter account in conjunction with a magazine/blog like TWD is that to generate and keep interest, you have to post regularly and post stuff that's not on the website. It's not quite like running a separate website, but it does take some work unless you have someone on staff who's really into Twitter.

LarryHeart | 06:29 am on 4/29/2011

I agree, this is nonsense.
There is no use of Twitter at all, I can not see any benefits of reading those stupid sentences one by one.
All the useful, educational information takes much more volume, all the secret information won't be posted to all.
All you will read there is about someone's daily routine, tv show episodes online and stupid jokes.
Thanks, Larry Heart.

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budda | 12:00 am on 7/01/2008

I think something more along the lines of The Vagrant Cafe. It seems like they have a great community, lots of topics, intuitive organization and good moderators.

As I understand how twitter works, it doesn't interest me at all. I couldn't care less what anyone is doing in the excruciating minutia of the daily grind. "-ate a bowl of cereal, read the paper back-to-front for a change" .... "brushed my teeth" ..."feel hungry but nothing looks tasty" good god, shut up. I don't think there is any conversation. Maybe I don't understand Twitter well enough, I'll have to check it out more.

However, I would love to know what SReeb and B.J. think about M. Night Shamalans new movie and Tim Fite's new album, and if Deist or Discerner could recommend a really good book on Luther and if Deist thinks Luther and the Emergents have anything in common, and many other ideas from all the many interesting people here. I would like to get to know Doug and Lilly better etc... (where is doug these days anyway? last time he posted he finished with "I'm going to play golf" and that was a long time ago.) The posts are great, they are short and sweet, but they don't give any room to be broad and deep.

The Facebook thing is great, but so few people have it and will use it. It would be easy to get registered at the door, get an avatar, put some of yer favorite quotes around it and start posting. Finally, no more Anonymous. People responsible (relative to the internet) for their comments.

I understand some people prefer short and sweet (i.e. Anonymous) to broad and deep, but check out how the Vagrant Cafe does it. Maybe the Door can have the comments as they are now and a forum. It's not like they expend any effort moderating the comments now.

The only down side to it is that sometimes its hard for nubes to get in and feel at home once a tight community develops. But that is a good problem to have... I'll shut up now, it's not like I've given this any thought or anything.

Heidi | 12:59 am on 6/27/2009

My husband and I read the Wittenburg Door when we were in college in the 80's. I am very active on Twitter and was showing my husband some of the highlights from The Onion, when he asked if the Wittenburg Door was on Twitter. Of course, we couldn't find you there. I highly recommend you begin twittering. It is a great tool for people to follow you and link to your site. Check out The Onion on Twitter. I think their highlights are a good example of how the Wittenburg Door could/should be using Twitter.

Bytesland | 10:01 am on 3/22/2011

Like the fact that they added better functionality and search in the friends section. Other than that, nothing else really stands out. Didn't really think that twitter is the best way of communication! Let's comunicate alive!

biogetica | 06:09 am on 5/05/2011

hey treat people like sh-t because they can. notice the job section in the paper. not much out there. walmart sucks. you can get as good a prices at the smaller stores like dollar general etc. walmart shelves are empty- you can;t find anyone to wait on you- 16 checkouts- but only 2 are usually open. their service stinks. give your business to the little stores. at least they know enough to say thanks at the end of a transaction.

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