Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious


"Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious" is the finest ongoing effort in the world in the field of Investigative Cartooning. Of course, it’s the only example in the world of Investigative Cartooning. Each month we comb through our vast archives of rich Christians, searching for the perfect . . . well, searching for the one who deserves . . . uh . . . searching for the one who’s easy to find, and then we subject him or her to the triple whammy of private eye Pete Evans, who puts together the facts and gathers the incriminating photos; drive-in journalist Joe Bob Briggs, who hangs around the outskirts of aforesaid Christian’s vast estate and writes about it; and cartoonist Jim Siergey, who brings this journalistic gospel to life with his fine brush strokes, as he complains loudly about how Pete and Joe Bob expect miracles of penmanship by forcing him to cram in thousands of words of copy. Herewith, everything you probably didn’t want to know about Kenneth Copeland, multi-millionaire preaching czar of Newark, Texas.

Four-page series (140-175 Kb each)


PDF format (1 Mb)

Text by Joe Bob Briggs

Art by Jim Siergey

Research by Pete Evans


Enrique Rowe | 02:51 am on 1/09/2009

good luck

Kelvin Klein | 06:04 am on 1/09/2009

good luck

Delia Phelps | 11:11 am on 1/09/2009

good luck

Gary Ramirez | 04:09 pm on 1/10/2009

good luck

Anonymous | 01:01 pm on 1/11/2009

I first heard Kenneth Copeland preach in 1973 in Detroit. He was at a Full Gospel Businessmen's Convention in Detroit, at the Troy Hilton hotel. What he preached about that day changed my life--for the better! He didn't tell me I would be rich; he didn't say I should give him money; he didn't ask me for anything. His main point was that God loves us and wants to bless us, and that He has a wonderful plan for our lives. He spoke that it was God's will for us to be well physically, living in health. He also taught that God is always willing to heal our bodies. He said that satan is the thief mentioned in the Bible, who comes to kill, steal and destroy, but that Jesus came to give us life abundantly. Now I had been raised in fundamental Christianity and had personally committed my life to Jesus Christ. But no one had every told me before that I didn't have to be sick, I didn't have to walk around being ashamed of my appearance and our living circumstances because we were poor and didn't have a "pot to pee in" etc. He said if we were living below God's best, we were being robbed by satan. I actually stood up in that meeting and said aloud, "I will never be robbed again. Thank you!" This was not a small meeting. There were at least 3,000 people in attendance. Reverend Copeland looked over and said, "Now there's a woman who got it! I agree with you for that, Sister." Please know that I was not led as a sheep to a "slaughter". I went home and opened my Bible and began to check out all the scriptures he used and studied them diligently. I actually had memorized many chapters of the Bible, verse by verse, as a child, having encouraged to commit scripture to "heart" as a child, and frankly, I memorized easily and loved what I learned. But for the first time it made an actual difference in my life. My husband and I began to use the principles of "confession" (what some now call positive affirmation)using specific healing verses as our basis. About six months later I was found to have a large lump in my left breast and an appointment was made with a surgeon for two weeks later. This would have been about 1974. For two weeks I was forced to "wait it out". During that time my mind was tormented with visions of mastectomy, "deformity" my husband no longer desiring me, and, of course, death. I continued to thank God for my healing, to confess the healing scriptures I knew aloud over and over daily, and kept my appointment with that surgeon two weeks later. He found no lump and tests confirmed that I was well. No cancer. We have used those principles to live by for over 30 years now. We aren't rich, we aren't famous, and we have had many challenges over the years, but God has always honored His Word to us. My husband was diagnosed 2 years ago with prostate cancer at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The cancer was graded, marked, etc, and we attended a cancer patient clinic to discuss options of treatment, etc. We asked the surgeon if we had time. He said we did, but that my husband should continue to have 3-motnh PSA test checkups, which he did. During that time we used the same principles we were taught that day in Detroit over 30 years ago. We believed that God wanted him well and refused to allow satan to rob us. During the next months we confessed healing scriptures and prayed for healing in the Name of Jesus. About the 3rd PSA test, the levels were significantly higher, so the surgeon wanted a second biopsy. My husband complied. We continued to confess God's words of healing. About 10 days after the biopsy we received a letter from my husband's surgeon at Henry Ford. We still have the ltter and share it willingly with anyone who asks to see it. It says that on the biopsy "non evidence of cancer is seen. GOOD NEWS!" The surgeon then says that if my husband wanted to follow up on the cancer that was previously seen on the first biopsy to make an appointment. All lab results had been scanned in at the bottom of the letter. It has been over 2 years now and he is still cancer free. We continue to see God's goodness in ourlives. We have also been blessed financially many times, often without explanation from unusual sources. We still believe in the ministry of Kenneth Copeland and his family, not because of who they are, but because they are still teaching the same principles of the Bible that they taught 30 years ago, and those principles still work to bless us and restore us and to help us to live a life of blessing and prosperity of the whole person. If you read your Bible, you will see that Job was the richest man known and people believed it was because he was blessed by the God he served. When he lost everything he had, including children, and was physically ill to the point of death, everyone aruond him thought he had been afflicted by God. Abraham was a very rich man. Even though he was already rich, people were always trying to give him more. They called him a man of God. Israel as a nation was watched closely by other nations. When they prospered, nations pretty much left them alone because they were afraid of the protection of their God. When Israel was defeated, nations really took advantage of Israel, because they believed the God of Israel had taken His hand of protection from them. When things turned around again for Israel, nations acknowledged that it was God who delivered them and prospered them again. So why is it so hard to believe that God wants to bless us today? We follow the lives of immoral, rich and famous every day, just to see what they are wearing, who they are having sex with, and what they are spending their money on to keep up their lavish lifestyles, and we think that's great. We don't mind that they are rich. We don't care how they live. But let someone who claims to have a relationship with God have money, and we go after him or her "tooth and nail". All I can teel you is that this man's ministry made a permanent difference in my life. We aren't an embarrassment to Christianity. We are blessed. We can more than pay our bills, we have excellent jobs (in Michigan, by the way), our children are prosperous career women, we live in health most of the time, and when we become ill, we get healed, and we live a life of joy and peace in our home, preparing to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary later this year. Read a couple of Kenneth Copeland's books before you continue to judge him. Then compare what he says to what the Bible says. Try it. You might like it! I can guarantee that your life will change--for the best! You can be happy, blessed, healed, and free. What could be better?

Mason - Amsterdam Reservation | 03:21 pm on 2/13/2009

I see that the presentation of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious" caused a big discussion. I can make a conclusion that there it is the most attractive point for people.

Roger | 05:44 pm on 6/18/2009

Any person gullible enough to buy into the superstition and bull roar of organized religion deserves to be scammed by these charlatans.

Anonymous | 07:21 pm on 7/11/2009

Stand back, because when the lightening strikes, I don't want to be anywhere near you guys.

Anonymous | 01:23 pm on 11/11/2010

Please remove this article from your newspaper and off the internet. Thank you.

Helen | 11:37 pm on 10/09/2009

I love your work. I am going to make sure that more people find out about your site. Thanks and keep doing what you do - you have a gift and courage as well.



Anonymous | 05:38 am on 11/28/2009

lol I live in Newark. That's great. I went to that church shown in the end for an early part of my life at school. Great stuff. I can't believe Copeland of all people put my little town on the map haha. Fun Fun.

Anonymous | 11:19 am on 12/20/2009

Have a sip of the Kool Aide have been brain washed. Show me please, scripture and verse, where it says that Jesus was rich, or that you should be rich with material gain. You are supposed to be rich in spirit, truth, faith, wisdom, etc. not necessarily money.
Robert Frank
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Vicki | 05:25 am on 4/14/2010

The Old time faith preachers of years ago, many of them gave all they had, away, to whoever, and from then on, they just wanted to trust the Lord for their food and lodging.
Do we see it to-day in any of the so called big time faith preachers.
Time is getting late, we will soon have to trust the Lord for all our food and health needs.
Then we will see God's true faith preachers.
It seems to be just the common christian the Mr Nobody who seems to understand the desire to just trust the Lord, and walk in it.

kenken | 03:07 pm on 9/15/2010

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Anonymous | 12:40 am on 9/30/2010

I have been young and am now older. I have listened to remarks about the poverty of Christians who serve a God who owns it all and now I read about Christians who have a great chunk of it all.
The church of Jesus Christ is a progressive entity, even as the body grows develops matures so does the church. The pendulum swings and will continue until the return of Christ. There will always be shortcomings abuse error until He who is perfect is come. True believers and those that study to show themselves approved rightly dividing the Word know this also. Let's grow up and stop allowing the enemy to make jackasses of us arguing about gnats when the world is missing the greatest story ever told. True that all of that perhaps but it does not change the fact that there are many who do not abuse or miss God on these issues, who are temperate and only promise what he promises, does not get caught up in the hype...and the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church of Christ. For this cause you were born to create dissension report error, it only serves to allow the redeemed to repent and get it right or never go where you are aiming. Shalom

الجياش | 12:08 pm on 12/23/2010

Thanks for the useful article with information useful

Patricia | 12:12 pm on 3/10/2011

Seminary-trained preachers KNOW tithing on paychecks is nowhere commanded in either testament. They KNOW I Peter 2:verses 5 and 9 which teach that ALL Christians are priests unto God and there is NO clergy-laity divide in the Body of Christ which obligates Christians to pay tribute to pulpit ministers. Preachers count on your ignorance. Preachers NEVER preach on Proverbs 22:16 which only promises poverty, not wealth, to those who give to the rich. When was the last time Kenny-boy preached on Deuteronomy 14:26, which allows you to spend tithe money on booze? Preachers insist that proviso of the tithing law is not for today. But funny how they pick and choose the parts that prop up their shabby theology, ripping isolated verses out of context and misapplying them to con the gullible out of their hard-earned money. When was the last sermon you heard about the feces paddle all believers were required to carry to dispose of their own excrement(Prov.22:13)? If one Old Testament Law is binding on Modern believers, they ALL are!

Neon21 | 01:58 am on 3/11/2011

While I too abominate the accomplishments and attitudes of the religious right, pass4sure ST0-079 I do not rejoice in their failures. I see no acumen for ceremony in the accessible banking misdeeds of these organizations. pass4sure 70-444 While they may not represent an estimation of Christianity that I embrace nor that I accept to be true, like it or not, they represent Christianity as a accomplished and appropriately they abnormally reflect on all of us Christians, pass4sure 70-400 even those of us who do not adjust ourselves with the cast of Christianity they sell. And we should not artlessly be searching at the accessible ramifications for us as we ability accept to explain ourselves, but should appearance compassion, concern, and absolution to those who accept wronged us. pass4sure 70-647 This commodity does not attack to accurate such animosity to these individuals.

Mark | 08:06 pm on 4/04/2011

Thou shalt not shout "get in the hole!" at a tournament, or surely the Lord your God shall curse thee and thy children to the third and fourth generation. I,ve advertising this post on my site...

Hadjee | 10:45 am on 4/07/2011

I cannot understand why dis Copeland man is doing dees tings. In my country vee vill beat him like donkey.

Terry | 02:45 pm on 5/02/2011

Thank God! Someone with brains sapeks!

King | 04:04 am on 5/03/2011

Thanks for shiarng. Always good to find a real expert.

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