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"Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious" is the finest ongoing effort in the world in the field of Investigative Cartooning. Of course, it’s the only example in the world of Investigative Cartooning. Each month we comb through our vast archives of rich Christians, searching for the perfect . . . well, searching for the one who deserves . . . uh . . . searching for the one who’s easy to find, and then we subject him or her to the triple whammy of private eye Pete Evans, who puts together the facts and gathers the incriminating photos; drive-in journalist Joe Bob Briggs, who hangs around the outskirts of aforesaid Christian’s vast estate and writes about it; and cartoonist Jim Siergey, who brings this journalistic gospel to life with his fine brush strokes, as he complains loudly about how Pete and Joe Bob expect miracles of penmanship by forcing him to cram in thousands of words of copy. Herewith, everything you probably didn’t want to know about Kenneth Copeland, multi-millionaire preaching czar of Newark, Texas.

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Text by Joe Bob Briggs

Art by Jim Siergey

Research by Pete Evans


Anonymous | 02:03 pm on 10/24/2007

Hey pimpalert, nice list you have there. Just think of all the combined money this list of pimps have scammed from people! You mentioned DuPlantis. Try reading his farcical book,"Heaven Close Encounters Of The God Kind." The man is either a liar (probably) or totally deceived (possibly). I've read the book so you other folks out there don't tell I don't know what I'm talking about! Oh! You left out the "oneness" heretics T.D. Jakes and Tommy (God Chaser) Tenney.

PimpAlert | 01:02 pm on 11/12/2007

Thanks Anonymous......let me correct myself, VIRTUALLY ANYONE ON TBN IS A PIMP....THE HERETICS PAUL AND JAN CROUCH ARE PIMPS TOO. Jan just got a $6,000 seaside mansion because her dogs need more room. If that's not a pimp I don't know what is....PROBABLY NEEDED MORE ROOM FOR HER WIGS TOO.... you'd think she'd get a better color besides pink.

PimpAlert | 01:53 pm on 12/09/2007

Just realized I made a typeo and meant to put $6,000,000 and NOT $6,000 for the seaside mansion for her dogs.

Raquel | 02:04 pm on 10/24/2007

I keep catching Joel Osteen on Larry King. Don't know much about him, but he sure smells like a fake.

holeinpocket | 12:18 pm on 11/11/2007

Osteen? How weird-looking is that dude? If he hadn't made it on TV, dontcha just imagine ol' Joel selling Amway or maybe a used car or two?

And what is with that smile and those teeth? He looks like a snake. Hey, wait a minute...

BoycottTBN | 10:34 am on 1/11/2008


No, not a snake silly ..... A WOLF!!! GRRRRRRRRR......LOL!! I think he looks like a fairy....somebody call Ted Haggard quick!

Anonymous | 04:03 pm on 10/24/2007

What the body of Christ needs is more descernment so people will know that these TV evalgilists are wolves.

Now days they don't even need to wear a sheeps skin.

They want one thing, God's glory for themselves.

People should wake up and quit gathering around a Man and their man centered gospel.

God is not here to make our lives cushy and pleasent.

Quit letting someone else with alterior motives interpret God's word for you, instead look at what it is really saying in balance and context.

These corrupt men will answer to God for the blight and reproach they have brought on Christ.

The Church will be as God intends one day, rest assured , it will be nothing like today, or even 10 years ago.

Thank God, to Him alone be the Glory.


ShanghaiJohnnyP | 11:51 pm on 10/24/2007

Yes,if Jesus was returned on his Earthly Kingdom,he would preach on TV.
No,Chances Are He'd Preach Like He Did When He Gave The Sermon On The Mount and Tell Us That Whenever Someone's Hungry,Feed Them.
Whenever Someone's Sick or In Jail,Visit Them.
Yes,he would fly,but he wouldn't have a Luxury Jet!!
He'd drive,but he wouldn't have a Tricked Out Stretch Limo Hummer!!

DBoone | 09:50 pm on 10/25/2007

I don't care if pastors are rich - it's how they might GET rich that I'm concerned about. I hope that the Copelands are letting some of the crumbs fall from the masters table for the little dogs, but considering what their hometown looks like outside of their "heavenly oasis" I kinda doubt it. I see giving in the New Testament, but I don't see tithing - and in my opinion organizations like KCM are just another con game like the Multi-Level Marketing schemes. And even more important, I find the teachings of the Copelands to be diametrically opposed to Scripture. So why are good christians all over the world filling their pockets? Could it be that we have stopped reading the Word and put our faith in corruptible flesh to read it for us and tell us what it means? I'll end my rant with an appropriate quote from one of my un-favorite movie characters Daddy Rich from Car Wash:

"There's a good place in this world for money and I know where it is... it's right here in my pocket. 'Cause it's better to have money and not to need it, than to need and not to have it. So why don'cha climb on board - and believe in me - and for a small fee - I'll set you free - near the god to be!"

Anonymous | 07:26 pm on 10/26/2007

Quite right DBoone! Scripture warns that men would make merchandise of people. At least the Hollywood and other entertainment people made their money with their talent. Kenny C. made his on the widows mite. My advice is do some research on these ministries. Don't give to the word of faith heretics. Yes, I said heretics. If thats too strong a word well thats tough. Quit giving to these charlatans!

kozanne | 03:37 pm on 10/29/2007

DBoone, quite right! The key point (IMO): "Could it be that we have stopped reading the Word and put our faith in corruptible flesh to read it for us and tell us what it means?"

And to the rest of you, think about this a second:

You got a minister/tv announcer/minister's family member telling you that if you just 'sow a seed of faith so this ministry can stay on the air' that God will bless you. Right? So then if what they are saying is true, tell me why people like the Copelands are doing so well, while their giving congregations are still poor/sick/otherwise troubled. How come they're always saying " You're gonna get that breakthrough", but it NEVER COMES? These devourers of God's people have some 'splainin to do.

And God's people have some 'splainin' to do, too. Why is it, as DBoone said, that we hold mens personages in respect and do not study the Word of God for ourselves, as we are clearly directed to do in the Church Epistles? There's only 2 reasons: 1) we don't know how or were not told to study the Word or 2) we know we should but won't turn off American Idol long enough to pay attention.

There's two sides to every issue, including this one.

kozanne | 03:46 pm on 10/29/2007

"What the body of Christ needs is more descernment so people will know that these TV evalgilists are wolves."

Ok, let's go back to the beginning -- book of Acts, anyone? Church in the home anyone? People going to speak God's Word in the open places, ie Temple grounds, market places??????

Every single person who has confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and believed in their heart that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9-10)has a mission, to reconcile men to God in the stead of Christ. No 'special anointing' required outside of the holy spirit which lives in each believer.....oh, and in equal measure too, so forget about that "He/she/it has a special anointing from the Lord" crapola. That's just a power play. Old as the devil who invented it.

The wolves will always be hunting for people to USE, our job is to hunt for people to lead to Christ. We know they're there, so what...If we are doing our job, the televangelists will be in foreclosure, right?

Aloha Girl | 12:26 am on 10/30/2007


You don't "make a living" off of being a believer, do you? Is that what being a believer is? To be in a congregation on a tricked out sprawl of an estate the size of a small 3rd world country, happy as a clam & bawling your joyful gutts as you hear Kenny McTricked-you-again Copeland saying "See these here 2 million-dollar planes? God said to me if you obeyed his words that are coming out of MY mouth & continue to pay my bankroll via 'tithes and offerings' in the name of the Lord, we wil ALL be blessed-Gods honest truth. It's in the book of Ajax, Chapter 3 verse 13!!! HALLELUJAH!! We are saved!!!!"

...and by "ALL be blessed" he really means him & his trophy wife. Because who is flying on that plane? And as far as that whole judgment thing goes...take a gander at Romans 7. Tell me what you think.

I hope these kinds of guys aren't taking YOUR money. Being a believer is not a career choice. It's not a choice at all. But we all have to come to that understanding individually.

And, just to throw another coal in the fire, let's not forget what the war in Iraq is all about.....give you one guess, my fellow believer.....

Dave | 07:25 am on 10/30/2007

These false teachers not only preach a false prosperity gospel, but they teach that it will work for YOU if you give money to THEM. They do teach that godliness is the path to financial gain. But more than that, the gospel they preach otherwise is heresy -- so there is more to this than simply the fact that they get rich. They are preaching error on many fronts. I, for one, am sick and tired of dumb sheep saying we ought not judge the teachings of others. Are we not to discern? If we are not to discern, then for a person to say that it is wrong to judge -- well, THEY are judging as wrong those who discern -- are they not? For if I say that one who is discerning is wrong to discern, I am not only judging them as wrong, but condemning myself -- because I have already said we dare not discern ANYTHING.

Trics | 06:51 pm on 11/01/2007

Money in itself is not bad or wrong; the way you spend it can be, just as the way you spend it can be for the glory of God!

BJ | 05:31 pm on 11/14/2007

I just bought a HD TV. To God be the glory.

Anonymous | 06:40 pm on 11/04/2007

If they are making money simply by selling their products (books, tapes, etc.) then it is completely theirs and the issue of how much of that they keep for themselves and how much they give away to the poor or for the gospel is something that they will have to answer to God not to any other human.

BUT most of what they get is via asking for donations IN ORDER TO PREACH THE GOSPEL!!! And yet, instead of taking from that sum only what is needed for their living, they take millions of dollars that even their grand-children won't be able to spend. If one's ministry brings, let's say, 100 millions a year, and he takes 100,000$ for his personal expenses and living, that's O.K. But if someone takes 1 million, that's stealing God's money, right, since all that money was collected IN THE NAME OF THE GOSPEL (for the sake of being able to preach it via media). Jesse Duplantis brags of being the richest man in New Orleans, yet 99% of his fortune certainly did not come by selling books and tapes but by asking people to send the money to him "FOR ONE REASON ONLY: TO PREACH THE GOSPEL". He claims that they are debt-free so "everything you send goes to world evangelism" that is, after he takes some millions for himself, his wife, daughter, son-in-law, etc. Cons.

Pete | 11:12 pm on 11/21/2007

How can I grow up to be just like Ken?

nanc | 12:50 am on 11/05/2007

not to mention rick warren and how about this new guy, shannon o'dell of:

look who's pimping him...

JP | 01:48 am on 11/06/2007

Pro 22:16 He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.

I would say this by itself is enough, one should not be giving to the rich.

Matt | 12:25 pm on 11/06/2007

I have a sick feeling in my gut after taking 20 minutes to read through many of the comments posted here.

I have known the joy of His salvation for 25 years and have led congregations as a worship leader...without payment or thought of such. I have been blessed with sufficient personal prosperity in my own secular repair business to support the work of God in the churches at which I minister.

The God I worship is SOVEREIGN....which means, in part, that He is firmly in control of all creation. The devil himself is merely a tool in my God's all powerful hand. Nothing escapes Him...including the the lives of the televangelists (whom I personally have nothing to do with) discussed on this board.

The sick feeling I have is not for the potential which has existed from "day one" for foolish people who fall into all manner of snares....for the "snares" exist by DESIGN of a SOVEREIGN and OMNIPOTENT GOD to allow for the pain and loss that will help each of us turn back towards His Truth.
No, the sick feeling I have is for the venom, vitriol and pure bile...which has the flavor of hatred and utter contempt throughout so many...perhaps most.... of the comments offered here. Most unlike Him.

Take a lesson from Daniel, Isaiah, or a number of others and take some personal responsibility for what you see as offensive. If your little grandmother is being taken by a money hungry type preaching false doctrine (as posted by one)...what does that say about you?...or your relationship with her? Even if you have done all you know to do in a situation and simply remain standing in faith the final responsibility for all our error lies within. If your "grandmother" fails to hear...and respond... to truth and becomes another casualty of deception she will have no one to blame but herself when she stand before Him on that day.

Think about it.

buhk | 02:34 pm on 11/06/2007

Matt - God's blessings to you and I am glad that you agree with me that God is Sovereign and all powerful...but that doesn't mean that everything he allows is good. God has a mission (his-story) that is in play here. If we take the 'all is fine - God is Sovereign' viewpoint, then Moses and the chosen people might still be working for Pharaoh; and every rape and murder we see on the news could be pawned off as His Sovereign will. God forbid! Scripture commands that we 'question authority', especially those who call themselves teachers, and that's what is being done here. I see, as well as many others on this board, a disconnect between what Jesus says and what these men and women live.

I have a sick feeling as well. It's the feeling that the end is near and many people are accepting a false gospel that serves their ego and desires more than it serves God. How many of today's top selling Christian books have "You" in the title...and as the main subject. :(

m0a0t7rix | 03:52 am on 11/13/2007

Agreed. Revelations says in the end days people will come and deceive even the very elect. It also says not to follow signs and wonders but to follow Jesus. Not everyone who says he or she is xyz is. There are going to be worse things ahead, and more deception. Hide the word in your heart (i.e. read, memorize) and you won't be deceived.

Anonymous | 09:41 pm on 11/22/2007

Matt this has nothing to do with hate. We as Christians are commanded to be discerning. Prosperity is only one problem with the Copelands. They preach a false gospel! When I hear Kenny Copeland teach that believers are "little gods" and as much the "incarnation as Jesus," then I have to step in and warn people. Kenny also teachs the "born again" Jesus, that Jesus "died spiritually." On and on it goes! Let me make it simple for you, what would you think if Copeland started denying the virgin birth? How about the resurrection? You know darn well you would make a point of discernment. This other junk that Copeland teachs is just as heretical and you know it. Wake up! Word Of Faith theology is a mile wide and an inch deep! Think about it!

Chadrory | 03:44 am on 12/23/2007

Tozer described God's sovereignty as this: A very large cruise ship is leaving Town A and heading to Town B. Everyone on board has room to move about, do as they please. Some do good things, but most do bad things (ever been on a cruise? Stay out of the hot tubs). The ship is on a steady course. No one but the captain can move that ship from its course. It is definite. Moreover, the captain can call out on the loudspeakers and suggest to everyone on the ship how they might behave, good or bad.

Alright, I'll spell it out for you: The ship is God's creation and the people therein; the captain is Jesus, His word, etc. and the people are just that.

Yes, God is sovereign, but the people on board this ship have FREEWILL. The pimps have exploited this freewill, and the people who have seen this do not like it at all because they see just how damaging it is.

KC and others like him need to repent. Plain and simple.

Matt | 12:31 pm on 11/06/2007

JP....thanks for making my long drawn out point so simply........Prov 22:16 is simply another reason to understand that His justice is perfect. Thanks

buhk | 02:16 pm on 11/06/2007

"A little leaven (a slight inclination to error, or a few false teachers) leavens the whole lump [it perverts the whole conception of faith or misleads the whole church]. Gal 5:9" -

It's such a shame that these men and women keep many of my friends from even considering a relationship with Christ. We are told not to drink because it could cause a weaker brother to stumble...but these men can display such excesses to the world that they turn off an entire generation to the grace of God (and in most cases turn 'Christians' on to materialism and self-sufficiency). Their folly is going to be made evident (from the rooftops)...and I will end up defending true Christianity to my friends again and again. I don't say this in disgust (as much as) I know that God can and will use the converstaions to get them thinking differently!

You can't be content with what God has given you unless you battle and win over the desire for more. Godliness with contentment is not easy, but it is one of the greatest of the 'riches' that are offered to us in Christ.

Steve | 05:03 pm on 11/06/2007

After consulting with both for-profit organizations and with churches (of all sizes) for the last 25 years, after teaching as an adjunct prof in leadership at one of the nation's top seminaries, I am tired of this. We keep taking pot-shots at christians who have, by the grace of God, done very well financially-and its usually by those who have such 'head trash' about finances that their own lives reflect poverty, both financially and spiritually. The truth is that there is an "ROI" in the kingdom of God-He expects a HUGE return on His investment in our design and how we in turn invest ourselves in our calling. God blesses and rewards heavily those who are faithful in what He has called them to do and who have mindsets that are 'rich toward God.' Sure, there are charlitans in every facet of life-even the church. But don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. God doesn't call every Christian to be poor and struggling, just like He doesn't call every christian to be wealthy-it depends upon His desire for the individual. If you have the God-given ability to make money that can be invested into the kindgom, then you'd better do it, because it might just be that you are one of those He has tapped to support those who who don't have the ability. I would HATE to see Jesus, face to face, and have Him question what I 'was thinking' when He gave me the ability to be wealthy and seriously support other ministries...and tell Him that I suscribed to a theology that had a poverty mindset, because I thought that it was somehow....more spiritual. Get over it and get to work.

Anonymous | 05:23 pm on 11/08/2007

Do you really think Jesus WANTS Copeland to have a $20 million jet? Do you really think Jesus WANTS Dollar to have a Rolls-Royce?
Do you really think Jesus WANTS Joyce Meyers to have a $23,000 TOILET?

Seriously? You think Jesus, who kicked the money lenders out of the temple for their actions, would suddenly condone this type of greed? If so, then maybe we have a different view of Him.

Personally, I find the whole thing sad and disgraceful. I find people who defend this type of behavior even more so.

Anonymous | 03:18 pm on 11/12/2007

Hasn't anyone heard Jesus threw out the money changers so he could open up the temple to all, no temple currency evenone is welcome to worship. The Message is for everyone after all everyone was saved by Christ Jesus, but not everyone knows it. . . they will one day.

holeinpocket | 12:22 pm on 11/11/2007

"The truth is that there is an "ROI" in the kingdom of God-He expects a HUGE return on His investment in our design and how we in turn invest ourselves in our calling."

Uh-oh, people, here come the crazies!

"God doesn't call every Christian to be poor and struggling"

You poor, misguided fool. Did God call you to be an idiot or a pinhead? Dare to think for yourself. get help. You have been brainwashed by smiling used-car salesmen, and Satan is laughing all the way to the bank.

BJ | 10:18 am on 11/16/2007

How many pictures of surfer Jesus do you have?

Anonymous | 09:41 pm on 11/06/2007

It sound's like you want to sell more books. You can't sell the ones you have without taking shots at people who give millions. Let's see you report on that. What goes in goes out but I that doesn't sell your books. Let's see your specialty is "politics" as I recall.

You sound like a politician. Bad mouth what you can't control and if all else fails attack them in the press and investigate them until you slander there reputation so that they can't help anyone. Benny Hinn spends millions to bring the gospel around the world to people who don't have a pot let alone food to put in it. Look at what money can do. You can't do that with a poor mans mentality. A poor Christian is a ineffective Christian. If we all keep on like you want the Gospel will get to the whole world sometime in the next twenty centuries not the 21st century.

Your trying to divide and conquer. You'll be the one, brother, to address the mercy seat. Thank God you'll find yourself in Heaven but I wouldn't want your reward!

Read the parable of the talents and meditate on it day and night and you'll see that Benny, Kenneth, Richard, and the other so called televanglists are relay very good stewards of what is given to them.

They are preaching the Gospel to the W H O L E world. That takes money and lot's of it and methods that use the technology that God has blessed us with.

Jealousy is a sin brother. So is coveting. Take a good look at what you're doing and you'll change your understanding and re-new your mind.

Anonymous | 07:29 am on 11/25/2007

Yes jealousy is a sin,so is teaching a false gospel. Benny,Kenneth, and Richard teach a man centered theology! A lot of it is down right blasphemous! If you believe that man is a "little god," and as much the "incarnation of Christ," then you share in their heresy. I for one am glad that more people are speaking out against these heretics! I challenge you to look at the "word of faith" doctrine more closely. Why can't you be a good Berean? Instead of swallowing everything that spews out of these guys mouths! Maybe you can "take a good look at what you're doing and change your understanding and renew your mind!"

d | 04:00 am on 11/30/2007

Benny Hinn is a Heretic, pure and simple. There are nine elements of the trinity? Throwing 'the spirit' around like a football? Come on. The Church in history takes a very dim view of heretics. Where have the things that Hinn teaches been taught by historic christianity. Where are they confirmed by the apostles? Hinn, and others like him (some are even convinced and well meaning) are a product of modern consumerism. They throw a thin cloak of christianese nonsense around what is really just plain old capitalism. They've got a product that is selling well. It's Tony Robbins 'Personal Power' by way of Jesus. These Heretics are currently sucking on the corpse of American Evangelical Christianity(tm), a corpse that they have helped create and continue in its decomposition.

Sure, jealousy is a sin. Sure, coveting is a sin. However, so is sitting idlely by while this crap goes on. There is a reason why Paul exhorted the Church to anathametize those who are not of the faith.

gpg | 10:37 am on 1/08/2008

Let's face it. Benny Hinn and Kenneth "The Jet" Copeland have been prov-en to be liars by such reputable institutions as ABC, (20/20) NBC (Dateline NBC) and the CBC. Just like Peter Poppoff. . . . Fraudulent liars out to benefit themselves. LOL. I pity the poor fool who buys the crap spewed by these fakes.

JP | 11:47 pm on 11/06/2007

Not at all, it is good to say something consisely, but you said things more completely.
I very much respect your position and action in the church. I am no one special at my church, but my pastor is one of the most consitant and solid teachers I have ever studied under. He works for the school board as a bus driver and distributes newspapers for the local Times. Our church has not been short of funds since its founding 25 years ago, and there really isnt any reason that he should have to work, but because he does we always have a firm savings, extra for missions, and helpfull gift baskets or further support that is quitely given to any family in the church who is in need. At times our pastor has been given bonuses or vacations or other things, but this is always arranged in secret by the congregation, and I belive he deserves it, especailly as he takes much less than most even with the things the church gives him.

It is my oppinion that his skill with the cannon and his people are not unrealated to how he deals with the tresury, and I can say without a doubt that both his bus route and his paper route have given him exceptional opportuinities to minister to non christians around him.

Now, Ive already written long and apologise, but I would like to make three comments on the topic at hand for consideration

First, I do not belive it is unreasonable to have rightous indignation or anger at false docrtine, nor is it a sin to be angry at someone who does evil. I have argued strongly in person against people pushing their own brand of truth, recently I was furious at a man callining hiself an evangelist who claimed that when we become christians our genes change and we have the genes of God. A sickening number of people at the meeting just took it in, I lashed out with vehelment anger and denounced what he was saying and argued the raw foolishness of his standpoint. I do not belive I did wrong either in anger or in argument. I would like to hear what you think of this Matt, if at least to more fully understand the position of someone who has earnestly given to the church.

Second, while I personally have never attended anything like the meetings of said big money evangelists, I have heard testimony of those much further and more advanced in the faith that they have value. The Saints who said the meetings where great and uplifting did not say it was becasue of the speaker or waht he was doing, but because of the raw number of belivers coming in union, such a meeting of faithfull will never be denyed the holy. I say this only becasue it has not been yet said on this page, commentary would be interesting.

Third, I belive there is a large difference between good stewardship and exploiting belivers. I am a writer myself, I write Fantasy, and I dont use a christian tag to market it. If I sold for much and made a large amount on that I do not belive anyone here would begrudge me. If I developed techonolgies and corporations and though them made millions I do not think the same charge would fall on me that falls on those we are talking about. I would like to hear from those who are against the rich and religous about this, would you be against me if I made much though enterprize?
I may be wrong, but my guess is that mostly they would not. There are more charges here than simply being rich, its geting rich by selling a false or weak version of the Gospel, its geting gains by exploiting the poor.
Its ignorince to the point of being despicable to credit Hinn as the last anon did. Do you not know how many missionaries went before, how many go now, how many go in poverty and with little build much? Are you only aware of what you see on the television? The charge laid against him is preaching a greedy gospel and exploiting poor for his personal gain, and a greedy gospel is bad news for truth, only made worse by being widespread.

But that the rich and religous are doing wrong is not open for question by any who adhere to the cannon, it is recorded three times that Christ himself said,

"Beware of the scribes, which desire to walk in long robes, and love greetings in the markets, and the highest seats in the synagogues, and the chief rooms at feasts; Which devour widows' houses, and for a shew make long prayers: the same shall receive greater damnation."
There is no question that they devower the houses of the poor, and little that they do any of the other things described.
No one here yet has purpoted a prefrence of poverty, but it should be said, better to be a poor servant than a rich devil.

JP | 12:13 am on 11/07/2007

Only the first secion was posed specifically to Matt, I apologize for the lack of clairity.

Chaotic_void | 12:22 am on 11/07/2007

What intrigues me is how they "Need" private jets; how they "Need" Fifty Different modes of Transportation; how WE "Need" to give money to them in order for you to be saved, blessed, etc etc etc. One doesn't need big bucks to serve God, nor is it a sign that we ARE serving God. If that be the case, then why isn't my mother filty rich?!

When one thinks about where they are getting that money to spread their 'gospel', it's excrutiatingly disturbing.

In my opinion, Televangelists are also an all-you-can-eat buffet for an Atheist hungry for something to use against Christian Apologists.

And to Steve the Anonymous guy....
-What are we to think of those who are not financially well off? Do they somehow have less belief or purpose than those who have riches and wealth?
-Why are they squandering it on earthly things like Mansions and Fancy Motorcycles, rather than using it to help the poor?
-are you familiar with any concept of "It is easier for a Camel to Enter the Eye of a Needle then it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven" or "the Love of Money is the Root of All Evil"?

On a side note... I find it rather humourous that people actually throw out common sense when they listen to Televangelists ["Don't believe everything you see on TV"]

Anonymous | 03:11 am on 11/07/2007

I thought this was supposed to be a satirical and humorous feature. Boy, there don't seem to be many people with a sense of humor reading it.

Anonymous | 02:03 pm on 11/07/2007

Yes this site is a humorous one. The problem is the Copelands teach a false Gospel and they are enriching themselves from it. Yes this is a funny piece on the Copelands. But behind this humor is heretical teaching. Do you honestly think Wittenburg Door endorses Kenny and "Glory-ria?" These two need to be criticized big time!

Joh | 06:03 am on 11/07/2007

6 high ranking televangelists including Copelands are being probed by a senate inquiry into their financial affairs....God will have his say and the truth will be exposed.... maybe the doors next satirical episode may be on the Copelands in jail???? we shall wait with baited breath(just wonder how good Gloria will look in Orange???

Anonymous | 11:39 am on 11/07/2007

I am heartbroken for my deceased mother who died recently. She is (was)89 yrs old. My sister,who is executrix of her will had it changed when my mother was incoherent.She made her sign all of her estate(unknowingly) to this charleton pastor wv Grant. None of us (my 3 other sisters) know where the original will went to, which stated that her estate be sold and divided between her 4 daughters. This is blasphomy. My sister and this anti-christ are a disgrace to the beautiful human race in which God created.If there is anyone out there who has had similar experiences please comment.

Anonymous | 01:53 pm on 11/07/2007

It doesn't take long in surfing the religious channels to see and hear who is fake or not.(most of the channels are religious and not Christian). All the channels that have Pastors that are preaching wealth, health and prosperity have lost their direction and way. Does GOD want his children be in good health and to have things? Absolutley. The key is HIS CHILDREN. Is one to believe that all the mega Churches are 100% born again Christian, I would hardly think so, no more than small churches. How can a pastor tell a lost person GOD is going to bless them. A Pastor's goal is to editfy and uplift the Saints. But the MAIN GOAL of any Christian church is preaching the gospel to the lost. I don't hear many tell of them telling the congregation that they are lost and undone and they are sinners and only Calvery can save the. I would imagine mega churches would become small churches,if some of these Pastor would preach Hell and you're going there is you don't recieve Jesus free gift of salvation and preach it on a regular bases.I often wonder how these wealth and health would fly in some of these 3rd. world countries with children dying of hunger. I am telling wouldn't fly there. WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING!!!

Chaotic_void | 03:39 pm on 11/07/2007

I forgot to Mention... I found this hilarious. Keep up the good work, guys!

Linda | 08:25 pm on 11/09/2007

After reading all these posts, I believe that biggest gripe about all these tv preachers is not that they are rich, but they so exploit it. Think of how many hungry people in this country could feed on a daily basis if creflo would sell just one of those jets, or copeland would sell 20 of those cars. I believe that God wants to bless us and meet all of our needs through his riches and glory through Jesus Christ. I also believe Jesus when he said he came to give me life and give it to me more abundantly. I don't believe however, that means having fifty cars buying an outfit to wear once and then taking off on taxes. My preacher preaches the we do give to get just so we can turn around and give it again. Why would any non-christian want to become a christian when they see all the rich and powerful evangelists parading around while the people that supposedly are shepherds of are going hungry, losing their homes....I understand the anger in this room. My hope is for those that are so grossly exploiting their wealth to stop and really study what the bible says about prosperity.

Brian | 03:30 am on 11/10/2007

After reading many of these responses, I am somewhat surprised of the total ingnorance of God's word most of you have. They remind me of the left-wing liberal loons that try to debate something they know little about (terrorism). I'll pray for Wisdom to be shed upon you.

God Bless!

wes | 01:54 am on 11/12/2007

Well, Brian, I'm not sure why anyone who is a morally-upright, george bush-loving, right-wing fundamentalist could even bear to read anything from the Wittenburg Door. It must be galling, especially when you folks already know the truth about everything, and the "correct" interpretation of God's word. I wish I possessed the certainty that dogmatism encourages . . . no, wait, I don't! I'm proud to be a liberal loon, and will shout it from the rooftops! (Oh, and return my Bachelor of Theology from a well-known conservative Bible College!)

Karen | 04:19 pm on 11/10/2007

Actually, Kenny doesn't preside over Eat All - I mean Eagle Mountain Church. His son-in-law is the boss over there. I attended there for a couple years myself. Kenneth and Gloria hardly even show their faces among their underpaid employees who have to take out their own Social Security taxes at the end of the year at 14% but if they do show up, don't ever expect them to look your way, much less smile or talk to you. They are "untouchable," physically and spiritually, both to faithful followers, partners (unless you give them a lot of money and create your own ministry to keep giving them more money), or employees.

Anonymous | 06:20 pm on 11/10/2007

After reading most of the articles and comments, it is easy to conclude that these so-called preachers are in some kind of contest. Perhaps, to outclass the other through bigger planes, bigger houses, bigger donations for their luxeries, etc. Does anyone really believe that if you or I needed to keep our home from foreclosure, or putting needed food on the table that one of these preachers would be there to help us? I would have a better chance at hitting the lottery with only 1.00 to spend!!!!

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