Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious


"Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious" is the finest ongoing effort in the world in the field of Investigative Cartooning. Of course, it’s the only example in the world of Investigative Cartooning. Each month we comb through our vast archives of rich Christians, searching for the perfect . . . well, searching for the one who deserves . . . uh . . . searching for the one who’s easy to find, and then we subject him or her to the triple whammy of private eye Pete Evans, who puts together the facts and gathers the incriminating photos; drive-in journalist Joe Bob Briggs, who hangs around the outskirts of aforesaid Christian’s vast estate and writes about it; and cartoonist Jim Siergey, who brings this journalistic gospel to life with his fine brush strokes, as he complains loudly about how Pete and Joe Bob expect miracles of penmanship by forcing him to cram in thousands of words of copy. Herewith, everything you probably didn’t want to know about Kenneth Copeland, multi-millionaire preaching czar of Newark, Texas.

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Text by Joe Bob Briggs

Art by Jim Siergey

Research by Pete Evans


AlabamaYankee | 06:27 pm on 12/05/2007

I generally use the term "Christianist" for that particular class of right wing politicized fundamentalist (in the Pat Robertson/Tim LaHay/Rapture Ready Sense)wolf-in-shepherd's-clothing that is trashing Christ's Church and Holy Name.

Anonymous | 03:52 pm on 2/13/2008

SATIN IS THE "ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN". Satan doesn't need your help.

Anonymous | 01:47 am on 8/20/2009

Nor yours, so stop protecting criminals.

Hepsibah Starbuck | 08:27 pm on 7/08/2008

AlabamaYankee | 06:27 pm on 12/05/2007
I generally use the term "Christianist" for that particular class of right wing politicized fundamentalist (in the Pat Robertson/Tim LaHay/Rapture Ready Sense)wolf-in-shepherd's-clothing that is trashing Christ's Church and Holy Name.

I like the term "Christo-Fascist"

Kelly | 06:24 pm on 1/31/2008

No, it's just you and a few others that are not rooted and grounded in love. If you people would take time to actually study out what the Bible says you'd probably be shocked. But then again you wouldn't have anything to be jealous about.

Not sure if you ever read the passage in the New Testament where Peter and his guys had been out fishing all night and caught nothing. Jesus met up with them when they had come back to shore. He told them to put their nets back in and there was such a load of fish that it almost sank the ship.

Are you confused, or have you actually read that?

Well, what do you think they did with all that fish? They probably ate, sold, traded................come on now. Let the word become rich in your life. The Bible is no story book, it's the LIVING (as opposed to dead) word of GOD.

Now go back to your soap operas and gossiping and slandering. Be glad the Father loves you just as much as he loves Jesus. You'll be surprised when you get to heaven, at all the revelations you'll receive.

Anonymous | 03:53 pm on 2/13/2008

Amen !!

Anonymous | 05:08 am on 2/21/2008

Kelley, I have listened to the Copelands for 30 years. I have been to Eagle Mountain motorcycle rallies and to their conventions in various places. I remember when they did not have what they have now. They have takent their income from the ministry and invested it and they are authors. Don't others get the proceeds when they write books? Joel Osteen is not taking a salary from his church and living off the proceeds of his books I heard him say. This criticalnes is a scribe and pharisee spirit. It is the spirit that killed Jesus. These people are miserable within themselves and did in the bible for something they can get on someone else when on the inside they are corrupt. Only Jesus is the judge and apparently he has greatly blessed the Copelands and their children for devoting their whole lives to the gospel. Have you ever thought they built their home large enough to have guests stay, and have comfort who come and minister there. I have a 3,200 sq. ft. home and people have been jealous of us. Because of hearing the teachings of the word and first knowing what it says myself, we paid for our house through hard work in 13 years. Looked impossible in the natural. Please people, prosperity is just a little iceing on the cake after seeking first the kingdom. you stay poor and I will enjoy the things that I have never sought after, but God has rewarded us with. By the way he also blessed us with a Jaguar. I could care less about the car. Things won't get you to heaven. Had a forerunner before that and worked 70 Hrs. a week. God blesses hard work and those who love and seek him through his word. Glad for the Copelands. They have worked so very hard and spread the gospel all over the world. I pray for you who sit high on your throne and know nothing about walking in the spirit. I do think ministers who have accomplished so much need to be a little more friendly to people and not act like celebrities. Its ok to walk among the people. I know their lives have been threatened, etc. God will protect! Jesus acted no better than those he taught. He ate with publicans and sinners. At ministers conventions, walk out and speak and help ministers who are struggling. Give some money there to get the gospel out where others don't have alot of support. You may already do this. Thanks. I do think a little arrogance and boasting is getting in the body of Christ about what God has blessed Christians with. Could we still be happy with less? You bet. The neat thing is Gods supply never runs out!!!!!! Helping others is more important than things. Things are the by product of it.

BoycottTBN | 12:58 pm on 2/27/2008

If you twist scripture, and preach a false doctrine of a santa claus jesus who is so needy for your is it that "spreading that gospel around the world" is getting people saved? The Copelands have twisted scripture for filthy lucre.....if you were saved in one of these apostate churches, please rethink if you are really saved....IT IS NOT THE SAME JESUS OF THE BIBLE......SATAN CAN HEAL AND BLESS YOU TOO.

READ THE BOOK "THE BEAUTIFUL SIDE OF EVIL" BY Johanna Michaelson. It is an old paperback book.....I couldn't put it down.

Jarrett Hale | 01:04 am on 4/04/2008

In response to your statement: " is it that "spreading that gospel around the world" is getting people saved?""

I will answer that question. I was in the Bahamas and asked a cab driver if they knew Jesus. He said yes b/c he watched Kenneth Copeland and other televangelists on television. He said there was a church on the other side of the island but he mainly listened to tv and radio b/c that was easier than getting across the island.

Also, have you ever paid a tv or radio bill? Do you know how far around the world the Copelands preach the Gospel? It's not like paying your utility bill.

God bless them. They preach the word of God around the world. I'm thankful for them and many others are too.

BoycottTBN | 02:23 pm on 5/02/2008

They preach a false jesus under the prosperity gospel. I will pray that the cab driver, and you, find the TRUE Jesus who died on the Cross so you could be forgiven and live in Heaven with him.

I am sickened by what the Copelands do in the name of their god. It is a terrible shame. If they used God's money to just buy air time and not live like rock stars, I wouldn't have a problem.

Read the story here on this blog from Kristy Beach, or better yet, if you can't find it, google "Kristy Beach." See what the Copeland's did for her, and there are many other stories like that!

But they use God's money to guilt people into giving like some kind of spiritual lottery! All the while feathering their own nest, with good ol' Kenny bragging about being a billionaire. How many people could have really gotten saved by that money.

And what about the missionaries? What do you tell them? They live like paupers and barely get by. They risk life and family and will die for the cause (just like the apostles). They don't live like rock stars!!

You should be ashamed of yourself saying that godliness is gain. The bible says just the opposite.

They have fleets of jets, motorcycles, bling, body guards, security, plastic surgery, ranch houses with exotic game flown in, mansions, expensive luxury cars, 5 star hotels, etc. TELL ME ONE THING ABOUT THAT REMINDS YOU OF JESUS!!

Why did Kenny boy divorce his first wife?

Anonymous | 01:49 am on 8/20/2009

This is not about jealousy, but rather about the principle of robbing the poor.
No Robin Hoods in this bunch let me tell you.

Anonymous | 01:56 am on 8/20/2009

If these people are so rich that they stink of money and have lear jets coming out of their ears and many multi-million dollar homes
and millions and millions of dollars,
why are they not giving of their abundance to share with those who have nothing?
Jesus said, if you have 2 coats share with those who have none etc.
Could it be that they just may be worshipping mammon?

Anonymous | 03:33 pm on 2/13/2008

Sir, please explain "THIS STYLE OF BEHAVIOR"? Do you mean being blessed, if so, "NO" Jesus isn't mad at people that represent the abundant life he SUFFERED ON THE CROSS TO GIVE US. That's having respect unto the covenant. Hope that answers your question.

BoycottTBN | 01:00 pm on 2/27/2008

Jesus did NOT suffer and die on the cross so you could be rich......he wants you to be rich in faith, love, wisdom, his word, etc. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH are deceived!! You belive the lies and twisted scripture of the prosperity gospel or word of faith, name it and claim it.


Jarrett Hale | 01:08 am on 4/04/2008

Okay, just a logical...question: If one is rich in faith, love, wisdom and His Word - what about one's finances?? If you're rich in all those areas, wouldn't you naturally be financially prosperous? Whether you're a billionaire of live a humble lifestyle as a lower class or middle class American free from debt - wouldn't you naturally be financially prosperous?

Just a thought.

Anonymous | 12:56 pm on 4/11/2008

Jesus taught:

"Do not lay up for youselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven..." (Matt 6:19, 20)

"No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammom [riches]." (Matt 6:24)

The true Gospel is "that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures..." (1 Cor 15:3,4) This is the truth that saves us.

The prosperity message is a false gospel that tickles the ears.

PeteAtomic | 08:16 pm on 6/06/2008

Enough with your marxist Jesus ;) This is America. If even our own god can't get us rich, then why should we've started our own country to begin with?

Hepsibah Starbuck | 08:32 pm on 7/08/2008

Didn't that Marxists Jesus also say something about rich men having about as much chance of getting into heaven as a camel does of getting through the eye of a needle? (Matthew 19:24)

[End of discussion for the Prosperity Doctrine crowd.]

Hepsibah Starbuck | 08:33 pm on 7/08/2008

BTW, I like your humor, Pete


Anonymous | 10:54 pm on 8/09/2008

It is true that we should be careful when judging others. If we believe that the prosperity preachers are greedy crooks however, I think we must try to sway as many as possible away from them. Those who believe in them will vigorously defend them because they really believe in them. The measure of their belief is displayed by their willingness to give their money to them. These "believers" are very fond of money and material things,which is the basis for these prosperity hypnotists messages. It is a bit ironic that the money hungry are most easily fooled by the promise of more money, even though they are told they have to give money first and then their hundred fold blessing will fall from the sky into their backyard(while they are at home of course so that one of their neighbors don't get it ). Some of these followers are intelligent people , even though the intelligent are not the target audience. The target is obviously the poor, desperate and often uneducated who are easier to deceive and are more in need. The intelligent amongst them may have gained some wealth because within the population their are wealthy people. Some have great jobs or may have inherited money, or a few may have won the lottery. Those that gain financially are few compared to those who give until they have nothing left,and they are never "blessed" with a return.Of course these preachers are prepared to explain why this happens. They tell the members that their faith was not strong enough or that no one knows the exact time that the blessing will come. That is up to a higher power to determine , so the preachers are off the hook for any timetable. When you begin giving and you really need help, it is difficult to quit giving because what if my blessing was coming soon but I stop giving just before it would have arrived. The same feeling you have when you gamble and are losing heavily; I can't quit until I get my money back and my luck has to change soon. There are clear messages in the Bible that are not difficult to understand. Often if you quote the Bible the prosperity believers will immediately give you a quote that seems to agree with their belief. The problem is that the most learned biblical scholars who ever lived could not agree with each other on many scriptures and quotes as to the exact meaning. Doesn't that show that a quote can be misinterpreted by any of us ? The quotes that I referred to earlier that are not confusing or disagreed upon by most are hard to discount,such as 'it is more difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle'. Please don't say, well, what about this qouote or what about that quote. I have no desire to be rich , not even a tiny desire, because I understand that a rich man loses his focus on GOD and becomes too involved with counting and investing and worrying and hiding it from those greedy relatives and on and on.There is no time left until one day there you are, on your death bed overcome with fear and grief and remorse because it will occur to you at that time what a fool you have been. Why do rich and famous people sometimes commit suicide or self-destuct with drug abuse? If money was so wonderful then surely we would want to live forever and be sober to enjoy the riches. Well, I have heard many people say that after they gained the wealth that they craved so much that it is not what they thought it would be. Really? Money is dangerous and can cause you great despair and loneliness. It can steal your health, your friends and family and even your soul. Why is that? That is the way God made the world. Everything in balance. We should feed the hungry and clothe the naked. These are clearly written as is the meek shall inherit the earth. Those that are wealthy and selfish and greedy and lustful and proud,your enjoying your reward now but those that are suffering and forgotten and lonely will have their reward with GOD in his Kingdom for all eternity. To all of you I say with great sincerity, Lord God please help me to be humble and protect me from the temptations of this material world, but allow me to enter your kingdom and give to me any suffering that another is unable to bare and I will accept it willingly. Each of us has been given an opportunity to help a brother or sister who is suffering somewhere in this world and that is the greatest gift we could be given. You will find true happiness if you accept this opportunity and a much greater reward is awaiting for you in the next world. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS, I LOVE YOU ALL AS GOD ASKS...Mark

BoycottTBN | 02:24 pm on 5/02/2008

Not by taking money meant for the poor and unsaved and lining your own greedy pockets with it!

T'cher | 08:24 am on 6/04/2008

Jarrett H - You must be joking. You don't honestly believe that Cope teaches from the Bible, do you? Did you follow Cope’s little gimme, gimme formula and you magically got out of debt? Do you bite the dust when Hinn waves his coat at you too?

Just curious, do you think we are to be restored to a pre-Adamic state of health? Do you know how many times I have heard “prosperity” teachers market there wares of perfect health while peering through there glasses (or even worse, contacts)?

The only reason Cope is prosperous is because of poor “ignorant” (as you so eloquently put it) suckers like you give him their money! Then he happens to strike oil and the land he bought with your money. Tell me, how much did Cope stick you for? BTW, I’ve got some ocean side property in Arizona if your interested. At least I’ll do some good with it and I promise not to buy a fleet of Mercedes, a mansion or a private jet.

Do you really think that people expose Cope, et al. because they are envious? People actually care about you and others like you who have been taken in. That’s why we get so mad and are so hard on him (and you). The real issue is that you need to break free from KCM and get back to God’s heart, focusing on the unseen things and not the seen things (2 Cor. 4:10), setting your mind on the things above, not on the things of this earth (Col. 3:2). It does not logically follow (well, maybe in short-sighted human logic it does) that being rich in faith, love, wisdom and His Word makes you financially prosperous, by any definition. Don’t let Cope do this to you! God thinks so little of gold that He makes streets out of it!

T'cher | 08:48 am on 6/04/2008


"2 Cor. 4:10" should be "2 Cor. 4:18"

contending for the true faith | 07:44 pm on 7/29/2008

didn't we all read something about a camel getting through the eye of a needle or something like that. by their fruit you shall know them. the fruit is pretty rotten.

Anonymous | 10:13 pm on 8/24/2008

if these people that donate to these greedy, selfish so called Christians, dont stop, they are just going to get richer. If you are stupid enough to give them your money, they will prosper. Praise the Lord for stupid Americans. My own husband wanted to donate 10 percent of his inheritage..... he has a PHD degree and is brainwashed....... I worked all my life, he went to school until he was in this thirties... he is a teacher... doctor..... only makes a fraction of what these assholes make..... Their wives dont work, their kids are in private schools, they have no clue.... I am from Europe,,, never saw anything like this in my life... It is not just stupid people giving their 10%, my husband has a doctorate degree for crying out loud... and still was brainwashed by these money hungry evangelists... he is still a Christian and buys books and cds,, etc... but now he does not donate anymore because it comes out of his pocket... inheretance is gone basically home mortgage we have, son starting college, grandbaby born... still needing college.. I am 53 and working like a dog..... What is wrong with these people that think they have to feed these rich people who live in lavish luxury? I dont get it.... I should start a church myself instead of working myself to death in my restaurant and pay and pay and pay and worry about tomorrow.;...

DesertDweller6 | 11:50 pm on 10/21/2008

People like the Copeland's will continue to get away with it unless something is done to stop them. I am a Christian and sorry to say I was drawn in for a couple of months until I saw the truth of what they are doing. There are many scriptures in the New Testament about false teachers~ Matthew 7:15,21-23,24:4-5, Mark 13:21-23; 2Peter2:1-3. There are many more.
Just remember, 'venegence is mine,says the Lord'~ He will atone for their deeds

DesertDweller6 | 11:53 pm on 10/21/2008

People like the Copeland's will continue to get away with it unless something is done to stop them. I am a Christian and sorry to say I was drawn in for a couple of months until I saw the truth of what they are doing. There are many scriptures in the New Testament about false teachers~ Matthew 7:15,21-23,24:4-5, Mark 13:21-23; 2Peter2:1-3. There are many more.
Just remember, 'venegence is mine,says the Lord'~ He will atone for their deeds

Anonymous | 12:04 am on 11/02/2008

It's just u,expresing ur ignorance about A LOT of facts about the man and his source of wealth AND WHAT HE DOES WITH IT.
If i was u, i would repent before God for judging him w/o knowing all the facts.

Anonymous | 12:38 am on 1/12/2009

It's just you.

Anonymous | 01:30 am on 6/21/2009

nice choice of words.

actually God wants to bless all of His children

rev;kenny ray | 10:17 am on 10/07/2009

this guy and all the gang at tbn
are a cancer on & in the body of christ,very sad.

Philipe | 05:31 am on 11/28/2009

Never be ashamed to be classified as Christian. Be ashamed that they are associated with Christ.

Sharon | 01:35 pm on 10/21/2007

You know, I am really tired of people downing pastors or teachers who make a lot of money simply because they are in the ministry. It is as if they are second class citizens and they don't deserve to earn any sort of a living. A good example is what happened to Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker in regard to the three million dollars that was in question the last year they were in ministry. One thing that was not reported was that Tammy Faye gave all of the income from her music to the ministry. That year her albums brought in eight million dollars to the ministry. Soooo would it not be fair to say that she kept three million of the money she earned and gave the other five to the ministry?
Who are we to sit in judgement of anyone? Dosen't Jesus also say "take the log out of your own eye, before you try to remove the splinter out of your brothers"?. Also we are to "judge not lest we be judged" When we judge others it lies within our own heart to do what we are judging..If we spent as much time lifting up as we do tearing down our brothers we might see some real change in our world. We are the only army that tramples its wounded. How sad...Who cares how much money Kenneth Copeland makes? Maybe most of it comes from his books and tapes. Now if someone else that didn't have christian attached to their name accomplished fame and fortune we would be applauding them..Where is the justice in this? I think we need to grow up.
For the record, so that someone does not think that I am some rich lady who is defending the Copelands, I in fact am a widowed grandmother living on a widows pension raising three severely emotionally disturbed grandchildren. I know what it is like to struggle to make ends meet, but I do not begrudge the ones who are making a lot of money. If I used my talents better, I might be making this kind of money also. Maybe one day I will, and I would hope that somehow people would be okay with that, because God allowed me to use what He placed in my hands and He blessed me abundantly.
Let us judge not and remember that the ultimate judge will one day judge us all, and touching someone's annointing is not a smart thing to do. David could have touched Saul, but chose not to cross that line, though it would have been warranted for sure.
I hope my brothers and sisters in Christ would open their eyes and see how the enemy is using things like this to conquer and divide us all.

Rob | 02:28 pm on 11/06/2007

"One thing that was not reported was that Tammy Faye gave all of the income from her music to the ministry. That year her albums brought in eight million dollars to the ministry. Soooo would it not be fair to say that she kept three million of the money she earned and gave the other five to the ministry?"

If I gave every (taxable) dollar I made to a ministry that I wrote checks on, it would be called tax evasion.

Anonymous | 03:34 pm on 2/13/2008

How much of your money do you keep ?

Jay | 10:04 pm on 11/06/2007

Take a little responsiblity for your "faith", moron. Do you really belive that your god gave you resources to throw away on toys for these leeches? Or are you, in reality, paying someone to say what you want to hear?

Anonymous | 03:54 pm on 2/13/2008

SATIN IS THE "ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN". Satan doesn't need your help.

Jarrett Hale | 01:13 am on 4/04/2008

Jay, that's a rude comment. Why can't the Copelands have some nice toys? So what if they have a few extra zeros behind the value. Come on man, don't call someone a moron. It's just stuff, it's just money. Get over it. That's just mean.

I think the people that are bashing the Copelands for being wealthy on this site are primarily doing it b/c money is so important in their own lives. They get mad when they see someone else having something nice.

If you don't like it, just don't give to KCM. Those that want to, who cares? Let them do as they want to with their money.

Wolf Hunter | 11:01 am on 4/16/2008

It's not "just that it's money." That money was meant for the poor in this world. How many people, who are doing without or even poor themselves, give to these ministries?

My best friend died in 2002 from cancer, believing that she did not give enough money or have enough faith. That is a lie from hell. She thought God didn't love her enough to heal her. She gave and gave and served in many ministries at our church.

You are also taught that "poverty is a curse." that is another lie from the pitts of hell.

These preachers are living like the world....the divorce rate is exactly the same as the world. Kenneth Copeland has been married how many times? Gloria? Then they tell you that you are a sinner b/c you get divorced!

Are most of their sermons about money? I'll bet they are! What happened to sin, redemption, Grace, Mercy, the Cross? People have itching ears and they are coming to church to hear how they can get rich, not how they can serve God. It is madness! Spiritual rape!

God is pulling out His own.....I pray he pulls you out too!

Anonymous | 04:54 am on 4/24/2008

Please can you tell me how you got out of debt, I could use some advise too! I love the Copeland's they've been a real blessing to me! I do agree however the Prosperity gospel (PG) has been distorted by many. Take for example: "For your love gift of $20 you can recieve your healing", sad to say there are too many cowboy misnisters out there in it for the money (n.b. I've never heard these from the Copeland's though). It's sad to see the way they pimp out Jesus another example is the letters you get "God woke me up 3am for you personally.....give $10" this letter is then sent to 10 millions. SO yes the Prosperity Gospel msg has been distorted and abused! But lets not through the baby out with the bath water! Prosperity Gospel is not merely about financial sphere but this what it has become for so many in our materialistic age. As Ken says it's time to order our lives to fit God's Word; instead of ordering God's Word to fit our Life [style]! All I can say is it's worked for me when I've obeyed Holy Spirit but not when I've let myself be manipulated into giving!

God bless you all!

BoycottTBN | 02:29 pm on 5/02/2008

Cut up all your credit cards but one. Pay it off month by month and don't use it. Quit tithing...that is Old testament. Find a OPEN BOOK AND ACCOUNTABLE non profit to give to, volunteer at, etc. Good sound discipline works every time.

chris | 10:25 pm on 11/06/2007


Anonymous | 09:37 am on 11/07/2007

Jesus loves you.

BJ | 04:25 pm on 11/14/2007

I know you are but what am I.

pd | 11:57 am on 11/29/2007

nanny nanny poo poo

Doc | 05:47 am on 11/07/2007

Listen, sister - I don't begrudge anyone making a living at what they believe and what they're good at. I DO object to the hypocrisy of their wall-to-wall excess, however. That man has enough for a freaking convention of preachers to run around the globe doing "God's work", while people are starving right here at home. Look at all the cars, the motorcycles, the airplanes, the estate, the horse ranch - this guy is building a f***ing hillbilly Vatican! And as for judging, I get judged left right and center all the dadratted time, usually by such sanctimonious hypocrites as Kenneth Copeland. Would we be applauding anyone else who was pulling down that kind of money? Probably - but we'd be doing it to people who are square and up front about it: They want to make money, plain and simple, honest and true. This mug wants people to believe he's doing God's work - and God's work evidently includes living pretty damned high on the hog!

Anonymous | 03:37 pm on 2/13/2008

What's makes you think God is broke ? Remember he made the whole world !! Quit being a hater, if you cant beat em than either shutup or join them. Does that help ?

Anonymous | 01:01 pm on 2/27/2008

No one is saying "God is broke." We are simply following scripture which says we are supposed to expose false teachers. Read the New Testament and quit following false doctrine of the prosperity gospel. It is filthy lies.....

Anonymoushmm | 06:32 pm on 12/15/2008

Stuff that makes you hmm.
One thing to consider from these folks who claim "Cope must be doing God's work and will, just look at the #'s and how much he's prospering"...well....just remember the wealthiest religion in US, is the Mormons, who use that argument also. And of course, the Pharisees and Scribes, THEY were quite wealthy, weren't they?
So NOW we resort to materialistic numbers games to justify "godly" gain? That's what that sounds like otherwise who cares about the size of somone's ministry?
So whenever some here try to say that the Copelands and others MUST be doing the Lord's work mainly BECAUSE they're wealthy, just look at the numbers....just remember....cults also use the numbers & size of their stuff as proof that God's automatically blessing them.
Numbers don't mean a thing, the Word does. And if they're using numbers mainly to justify their greedy gain, does make you think...hmm...hmm....somethin' not quite right. Christ didn't resort to numbers. And He did seem to preach more on the dangers of having riches than going to get them. And how come most of the scriptures used are in OLD Testament? I thought new covenant was about Grace, not mammon...or numbers. Hmm.
How come with all that $ these prosperity preachers mostly stay here and don't preach their "gospel" in 3rd world nations? Hmm. How come they don't spend most of their money on the poor and disadvantaged, stead of their oil wells, estates, and other stuff? Hmm. We wouldn't even know they have most of this stuff 'cept it's always THEY WHO TELL US THAT THEY HAVE THIS STUFF, AND IS CERTAINLY ON THEIR MINDS WHEN THEY ASK FOLKS TO AGREE WITH THEM IN PRAYER. "Oh just pray for me to receive that new citation jet" Why? You have 'nuff in the bank, buy it yourself. Or just give 100% away and watch the Lord give it back. But they dont do that. Hmm. Also, when you're a "prayer partner" that suggestes equal support. If I'm a partner and I need help or financial assistance,.....will KCMinistries and others come help me financially? After all, when we gave to their ministry as a partner,...supposed to be a 2lane stree not one way alley. Oh, they can't help us out? They've got other stuff to do, like begging on TV for more and more $? Hmm.

Does make you think....don't it?

BoycottTBN | 10:27 am on 11/12/2007

Sharon, Sharon, sharon.....I can hear you snoring from here! It's not just because they "are in the ministry" it is because they are selling a fake Jesus for filthy lucre. Wake Up! When you put your hard earned money in the plate, are you really saying, gee, I hope I can help buy my pastor another jet, or mansion, or designer duds, or another Rolls Royce???? Most of us put money in the plate b/c we are told that it will be going to help someone, or spread the Gospel. (I have repented since, and will never give money to organized religion again)......

You said:
"Who are we to sit in judgement of anyone? Dosen't Jesus also say "take the log out of your own eye, before you try to remove the splinter out of your brothers"?. Also we are to "judge not lest we be judged"

That's the one I'm sick of hearing....Jesus rebuked and exposed false doctrine. Is that not good enough for you?

"Rom 16:18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple."

"1 Timothy 5:20 Them that sin REBUKE BEFORE ALL, THAT OTHERS ALSO MAY FEAR."

"2Co 11:13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

There are a bunch more scriptures that you could read if you chose to do you homework instead of listening to a bunch of pimps who distort and twist the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shame on you. And as for the scriptures YOU quoted...if you put them back in context, they are referring to judging hypocritically. In other words, don't judge your brother or sister for gossiping if you are doing the same thing.

Now, go read you Bible and quit letting the pimps bamboozle you.


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