Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious


"Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious" is the finest ongoing effort in the world in the field of Investigative Cartooning. Of course, it’s the only example in the world of Investigative Cartooning. Each month we comb through our vast archives of rich Christians, searching for the perfect . . . well, searching for the one who deserves . . . uh . . . searching for the one who’s easy to find, and then we subject him or her to the triple whammy of private eye Pete Evans, who puts together the facts and gathers the incriminating photos; drive-in journalist Joe Bob Briggs, who hangs around the outskirts of aforesaid Christian’s vast estate and writes about it; and cartoonist Jim Siergey, who brings this journalistic gospel to life with his fine brush strokes, as he complains loudly about how Pete and Joe Bob expect miracles of penmanship by forcing him to cram in thousands of words of copy. Herewith, everything you probably didn’t want to know about Kenneth Copeland, multi-millionaire preaching czar of Newark, Texas.

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Text by Joe Bob Briggs

Art by Jim Siergey

Research by Pete Evans


Toes | 12:04 pm on 10/21/2007

It's abominations like the Copelands that make me ashamed to be classified as "Christian." Doesn't the New Testament document Jesus getting royally pissed about this style of behavior and acting up in the temple to show his displeasure?

Or is it just me?

Cheep Criticism | 12:35 am on 11/06/2007

Why can't we let Ken enjoy his oil money? He didn't take it from the poor widow, did he?

Perhaps we should have a cartoon series on the hundreds of thousands of grossly underpaid and overworked ministers (and their families) who walk this planet! Or the hundreds of thousands of pastors who have left the ministry as a result of overdemanding, undersupplying, and yes, always criticising Christians who know what is best for someone else, but fail to be rolmodels themselves in dealing with Christian ministers.

Time all Christians realised they should be little followers of Jesus.

the other Jay | 10:13 pm on 11/06/2007

UNDER PAID????? For what?!?! Praying? What useful contribution do they make? Interceding with god on some poor sap's behalf? Excuse me, but if you're that out of touch with "god" in the first place, you need more help than a minister can give you. Read a real book- a HISTORY BOOK! You'll find out that the christian clergy invented itself to fill a power vaccuum during the fall of Rome. They were originally paid civil employees. If you buy into their delusions and lies, you deserve to have them spend your dough for you.

Tommy | 01:51 pm on 11/07/2007

I'm glad that you're kidding and not serious. To think that you would say that the pastorate was a made up job by men to help themselves out is pretty funny; especially when it precedes a statement about we need to put the Bible down and read a history book. If you really believed anything that you wrote you would be put into the category with the guys that don't believe in the holocaust; "Deaf, Blind, and Stupid". Thanks goodness that you're just joking b/c you would prove yourself stupid about both history, God, and life in general if you really believed what you wrote.
It was a good joke. I'm entertained.

Anonymous | 11:58 pm on 8/31/2008

...yeah...and that goes for me too....STONE HIM..STONE HIM..STONE THE PAGAN.....

MerryKate | 07:30 pm on 1/14/2008

The otherJay wrote:
"UNDER PAID????? For what?!?! Praying? What useful contribution do they make? Interceding with god on some poor sap's behalf?"

Actually, ministers do a lot of work for their congregants. 80% of them work part-time for their churches and hold outside jobs to pay the bills. The vast majority don't make more than $25,000/yr. Most of them take on work social workers would never deign to do, like showing up in the middle of the night to comfort a family who's lost a child, or dealing with drug addicts at their worst. They support the down-trodden in so many ways.

As an example, my dad was a minister, and he gave up a well-paying job to work part-time as a minister and full-time in construction. He worked 10-12 hours per day at his construction job, and then spent his "free time" visiting the sick and shut-ins, helping congregants move, renovating the houses of people who couldn't afford to pay for the name it, he was into serving people in both concrete and spiritual ways.

And for the rest of his life, he never made more than $20,000 year. He never drove a new car, took vacations or owned more than 2 suits. But he was answering God's call and took on the sacrifices cheerfully.

I've found it interesting that most people who object to paying ministers are the first ones to point fingers and accuse if the pastor doesn't live up to their ideals. Pastors often have to walk the tightrope of having too much and being accused of being worldly, or having too little and being accused of embarrassing their congregation. Jesus said a worker is worth his wages. By asserting that ministers don't do anything, you're simply showing your ignorance.

PimpAlert | 06:07 pm on 1/25/2008

Hi Merry Kate,
Your father sounds like an awesome man, but unfortunately not all "prachers" are like that. What we are addressing here is the GREED and OVER INDULGENCE of the so-called pastors who never minister to people. They are whisked away by body guards at the end of service and act and live like rock stars.

They have mansions, ranches with exotic animals that they hunt, private jets, luxury cars, body guards, dream vacations, plastic surgery (so they'll look good on TV), designer clothes, their church is like a big business selling Jesus everywhere, expensive jewelry, etc.

They make this money off people by insisting that they tithe, give, donate, or whatever means they can think of to make you part with your money.

They have very little if anything to do with the general population. They have their "yes" men all around them like the mafia.

The worst of it that they twist scripture so you will be guilted into giving them money.

Unlike the pimps, your father will get a wonderful reward in heaven.

Jarrett Hale | 12:36 am on 4/04/2008

I don't even know how to respond to these ignorant comments. I personally testify that the "prosperity" message preached by KCM has helped me get out of the bondage of debt. And it's not KCM's message - it's the word of God almighty. We're supposed to prosper in every area of our lives. For some financial prosperity is more than others. Big deal!! If you want to make millions there's nothing wrong with that. I'm glad the Copelands have the mansions and everything else nice. They deserve it. It's not wrong to be rich. Get that OUT OF YOUR head. If a minister is not supposed to be rich, then who should be rich?? Good people do good things with money. I'm glad there are good folks that are rich. God bless them. God bless you too.

Wolf Hunter | 09:28 am on 4/16/2008

Hi Jarrett,

Have a sip of the Kool Aide have been brain washed. Show me please, scripture and verse, where it says that Jesus was rich, or that you should be rich with material gain. You are supposed to be rich in spirit, truth, faith, wisdom, etc. not necessarily money.

Jesus did not suffer and die a brutal death so you and the Copeland's could be rich.

No where does the bible say that, and by the way, where is your mansion and jets?

Anonymous | 12:58 am on 4/25/2008

Dear Jarrett,
I agree with you to a point....but.....
You have the worlds view of money.
Think about this.
Just reason with me.

Money is a weapon.
What war can you fight with it?
Feed people, clothe them, teach them, shelter them.
In short...minister to them.
If you did that with rich would you want to be?
To not want to make more money to do that may be ....well I'll say not good.

Or you can buy weapons, drugs, alcohol, rent dirty movies and share it all with your friends.
In short again...minister for another. The Devil.
Like it or not money is a weapon in anyone's hand...including the media.
Be careful of the media.
Who controls them?

You may find this hard to believe.
Think about it and pray.
You can almost use common sense to figure it out.


The bible does say it if you understand riches.
But it never touched him.
He knew to give and receive.
Pressed down shaken and so on running over will men give unto "you"
Do you think he practiced what he preached?
Or was he telling a lie?
And where did he learn that?
In the scriptures perhaps?

What minister today could be raising the dead, healing lepers, opening eyes, ears, casting demons and not have the multitude pour money into his treasury.

Then there is the Kingdom wealth that is supernatural provision.
Feed 5000 with a few fish and a couple loafs of bread?
That's another kind of wealth.
Water to wine for provision for a wedding?
Same thing.
Also knowing where a fish was with a gold coin in his mouth to pay his an Peters temple taxes.
That's an insane wealth.
It comes from and is hidden everywhere.
But that is how God can and wants to do it.
How do I know?
Because he did it!

There is a very famous story in the bible known as the prodigal son.
We all know it.
The one where God runs to meet with his son and forgives and throws a party.
Yes...we were all that child.
But there was another son...that's you now.
That was and actually still is me. (I'm learning too.)
What did he say to that other son?
Here it is.

And he answering said to his father, Lo, these many years do I serve thee, neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment:
and yet thou never gavest me a kid, that I might make merry with my friends:
But as soon as this thy son was come, which hath devoured thy living with harlots, thou hast killed for him the fatted calf.
(here it is .....this is the big statement)
And he said unto him, Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is THINE!!!!!
It was meet that we should make merry, and be glad: for this thy brother was dead, and is alive again; and was lost, and is found.
(Luk 15:29-32)

All I have is thine....hmmmm.
Sounds like the kid did not know what he had.
Here is who most people say is God the Father saying to the other Son....Just kill the fatted calf if ya want to throw and party son.
All I have is thine.

My brother,
Is it possible that you don't know what you have because you don't know what has been given you?
It's there.
Question...would the Devil do everything in his power to stop you from knowing what is yours?
Could you be like a horse that does not know he was created to run?
Have you been blinded?'s not about money.'s not about the worlds view of money.
But that may be all you know.

If you be Abrahams seed and heir (a son) according to the promise. (are you saved in other words)
Forget the Copeland's.

You just heard the Father tell you that all he has is yours.
You could never tell me that Jesus was poor.
But while here....he had so much stinking wealth and he never kept it.
It flowed right through his hands.

If Jesus did not have a constant flow of various forms of wealth flowing at him
Gods Word would not be true in the Old testament promises to prosper for obedience.


Patrick Haslam | 08:24 am on 4/25/2008


Wolf Hunter | 03:05 pm on 4/30/2008

To Patrick Haslam,

In regards to your paragraph 2, I can't say that to desire wealth so you can solely help others is a bad thing.... BUT, how many people would not get pulled in by the things that money can buy for themselves.

Jesus could have lived a "rich" lifestyle, but he chose not to so he could be a good example for others. These pimps like Copeland have lost sight of the message and changed scripture. I suppose back then a golden chariot would have been what Jesus could have chosen, but he never did.

Jesus spoke more against money than he did for it. Call it the "world's view" if you want to, as I would rather be associated with the "world" these days than Christianity.

FORGET COPELAND AND HIS ILK?....NEVER!! What they have done is so dispicable that I would spit in their face if possible. They are no more "men of God" than Jim Jones or Warren Jeffs. They are no better than thieves and liars and have caused countless sheep to stumble! They are the wolves in sheep's clothing that we were warned about.....they have come because we have been lazy and not read the Word and kept God's truths.

They are arrogant and prideful, secretive and sly, and they behave as the devil himself. I have not one ounce of respect for any of those con men and women! THEY are the ones that act and behave like the world with all their adultery, divorces, cheating, lying, manipulating, decieving, twisting and greedy lust for money!!!

Your paragraph three: I used to be afraid of the media....not any more! They don't require body guards and massive security....they are just people and they act just like people. I was brain washed into thinking they were the enemy too, but not now!

Also, why must it just be A or rich and give and/or give to the devil. What is wrong with giving directly to an ACCOUNTABLE OPEN-BOOK ministry, non profit, etc. St. Judes is good, and so are the Battered Women's Shelters and girls and boys shelters. There are plently of places to give your money without most of it going into a jet plane, or 5 star vacation for the latest pimp rock star! What a crock!! Jesus didn't act like that and there is no indication in the Bible that he was rich, except in the twisted, lying, deceiving prosperity gospel that is made up and twisted scripture and likens Jesus to a santa claus give me a wish person.

When the bible speaks of being "rich" it is talking IN CONTEXT about being rich in spirit, faith, love, etc. the things that Jesus taught ..... NOT MONEY! He spoke more against money than he did for it. Also, tithing is Old Testament law, and it was never money either, but grain, wheat, spices, animals, etc. NOT MONEY! And only landowners tithed!

You have been brain washed sir....badly I might add!

Jesus did not suffer and die so we could be rich and live like rock stars! He died so that you and I could be forgiven and go to Heaven. He was the ultimate sacrifce that fulfilled the OT Law. Now we can have relationship with the father again through Jesus. And that my friend is the true meaning of "RICH."

You are so foolish with your itching ears .....yearning for them to be tickled, and all the while being devoured by the lies and deceit of these so-called men of god!! How you are cheating yourself and my precious Savior....

It is YOU that the devil has stopped from knowing what you have and whose you are! The devil has deceived you very well my bling friend...and you have bought it all! You are making a mockery of God and all that is Holy! Stop it!

Please do not twist my words to say that I'm saying it is wrong to be rich. I am not saying that! I am also not saying that preacher's should be poor. But this obscene wealth that they have stolen and fed to their own greed is WRONG!! Jesus was nothing like long as there are poor among us then those pimps should not he living like rock stars....they should be living AND BEHAVING as examples as son's and daughter's of God.

Why is KENNETH COPELAND divorced?
Why is PAULA WHITE divorced?
Why is Bishop RICK HAWKINS having many adulterous affairs then divorces his wife?
Why is JOHN HAGEE divorced?
Why is RICK GODWIN divorced, and why did he put his first born daughter at 8 yrs old in an institution and then an orphanage and steal her trust money from her mom, then fly off to Hawaii on it with his teenage wife?

and so many others ad nausem??? Why??? Because they live like the world...they behave like the world....then they tell you not to touch God's anointed! What a crock of crap! They are anointed with the greasy grace of the prosperity gospel.


Please understand...I am not angry with is these preachers and the prosperity gospel "spirit" that I am angry with.

All these pimps have body guards, and security, etc. like rock stars out of Hollywood. They have expensive attorneys and private investigators......Why? What are they hiding?

PH... | 03:27 pm on 5/06/2008

You read much into my statement that was not there.
Forget the Copeland's meant I did not want to consider them with what I had to say that's all.
I was trying to make some points period.
Yea..I am brainwashed.
Just like you.
We have all been transformed by the renewing of our minds.
That's the way my Father made us.
But what do we wash with?
We are all brainwashed.

I have no idea why I even post to these boards.
Probably because it breaks my heart because there is so much division in the church and everyone thinks he's correct.
I may not be.
But I know what works.
And that's Gods promises.
I'll stick to them and not the experts on this board and their opinions.
I'll keep tithing off the top before tax and give offerings also.
It's fun.
I see the results.
It's one way that I war for the Lord.
I could care less if it's old testament or not.
Responsible giving will never go away.
But I do feel that the argument over tithe is a sign that money may be to close to someone's heart....maybe.
Treasures on earth and can't pay my bills and all....maybe.
It was for me once anyway.
Now really....when I give my tithe and and offering it helps me make sure that my faith is in the Lord and not in my paycheck.
Tithe or not...if you give you will receive if you give with a clean heart for the right reason.

The heart of a giver is what I want.
Because that is the heart of Jesus.
I love to just get choked up with giving.
Feed kids, help storm victims, save the lost etc.
For some reason it washes my worries away.
Giving cranks my head around to what is valuable.
I put my money to work for the Lord.

You said....You have been brain washed sir....badly I might add!
I say thank God!
I take no offence!!!!

He knows me.
You don't.
And I don't know you.
As for me .... I am following the biggest giver of all.
He gave it all.
I am done with boards.
There are far more valuable things to do than talk about others.
This is not reasoning together.


Anonymous | 08:56 am on 7/28/2008

Preach preacher!! So the saying goes. Now you have asked a lot of questions that actually make sense & made wonderful observations. Now reason with us. Have you ever heard of what the 'Copelands' do to us? Have you ever heard of any 'Copelands' going out in the middle of the night to comfort any family, attend any family fellowship that wasn't in a well off neighbourhood. Hell! Have you heard them going anywhere near a ghetto?

Anonymous | 10:40 am on 10/14/2010

The prodigal son was not maily about the son that was left at home but the abuse of the rights of bieng a son

sara hodo | 01:20 am on 1/18/2011

All i can say, Amen!

Anonymous | 09:11 am on 6/25/2008


So Fed Up | 03:58 pm on 12/15/2008

@Merry Kate:

I'm new here, discovered this site last night and spent HOURS on it reading the articles and the comments from the readers and visitors to this site. It doesn't appear that any of the articles written here on this site are aimed at the kind of minister you're speaking of, your dedicated father. They're directed towards the pulpit pimps, with their offers of "blessed" prayer cloths, "holy" water or "holy" oil, and blessed crosses they want to send out; the snake oil salesmen, the liars and deceivers, such as those who are found on various entertainment shows like those that are broadcast from places like TBN. They appear on the mega BeggerThons sponsored by TBN's Jan and Paul Crouch, prancing all over the stage spewing out false doctrine while soliciting funds from poor, unsuspecting sheeple who've bought into the prosperity gospel and the "Name it and Claim it" philosophies.

These poor deceived people want to be rich too; and the pimps promise them that they CAN be rich because "Gawd doesn't want His people to be poor." Then there are those who are sick, crippled, mentally ill, lonely, imprisoned, and all other manner of problems who think these uncaring, selfish, ungodly, greedy men can actually help them or heal them. SHAME on all of them! There used to be a TV show in the past called "The Racket Squad," and every night when the show ended, the host, Reid Hadley, would say, "There are some people who will pat you on the back with one hand and pick your pocket with the other." He was talking about common every-day criminals, but what these "men of God" are doing is even more criminal.

My grandfathers, maternal and paternal, were both ministers. One, my paternal grandfather, pastored a church in a very small community in Florida, but he worked, and his wife, my grandmother, was a housewife and took care of the home and the children (let me hasten to add that, this was back in the 30's, 40's and 50's, when wives actually stayed at home and reared their children and took care of the home).

My other grandfather, maternal side of the family, had his ministry in a very small country town in Georgia. He worked. His wife, my other grandmother, was a part-time seamstress, but they also had a confectionary store that she ran during the day until he came home and helped in the store. They lived upstairs, over the store.

Neither of these two minister/pastors received a salary from their churches. There were occasional donations from time to time and I seriously doubt what was received added up to even 200.00 a year for either of them. We kept our church going with very little monies. I guess you could say we nickled and dimed our church to keep it up. What I mean by that is, people didn't make a lot of money and weren't lied to about having to tithe 10%, but in the act of giving, their contributiona usually added up to more than 10% anyway, even with the nickels, dimes, quarters and one dollar bills that people gave/sacrificed so willingly and cheerfully. But that's an entirely new subject and I won't go off topic by getting into that here.

I went way back down memory lane with this narrative, but having been born during the 40's, I am privileged or, more appropriately, "unfortunate," to have lived long enough to see the many ungodly changes in the church and how people do things now. I'm amazed at how far the church has strayed from the true Word of God.

May God continue to bless you and your minister husband.

Anonymous | 01:26 am on 8/20/2009

But you're talking about real ministers, not embezzlers or extortionists.

jimvarnon | 09:34 am on 10/16/2008

Why would you suggest someone read a book? It is obvious that YOU never have..

Anonymous | 02:13 pm on 11/14/2007

Ken wouldn't have any oil money if not for all his doofy "partners" sending him money. With which he's able to buy God only knows how much land! Then the clown gets lucky finding oil on his land! Thank You Copeland partners you've just enriched Kenny even more!

BJ | 04:55 pm on 11/14/2007

Is there a weight and height limit for being a "little" follower of Jesus?

Anonymous | 08:30 pm on 12/07/2007

Amen to that. I am in ministry and the mentality of many is keep the pastor poor while other business people can find success and some type of riches. For the very few that have great financial blessings, there are 1000's in ministry that are dirt poor.

Anonymous | 03:47 pm on 12/21/2007

I certainly am not trying to keep you poor or any other minister! You guys go from one side of the ditch to the other! One extreme to the other! We go from vows of poverty to the excesses like the Copelands! There is middle ground and thats where most ministers should be! If you want to make money then leave the ministry and go into business!

Jarrett Hale | 12:44 am on 4/04/2008

What is "middle ground?" Is that something you defined? If I look up "middle ground" in the dictionary will I find your definition there?

I'm appalled at the ignorant comments on this page. Ken simply follows the laws of prosperity according to the Bible, and....low and behold! Ken is doing pretty good financially! Wow!! Imagine that. And, he probably uses a little common sense in investing. Or, some sophisticated techniques.

Ya'll need to stop being envious of what God has given them. They give so much to others. Not just financially, but probably a heck of a lot more than all you complainers out there. This is disgusting.

I challenge ya'll to do just a little of what they preach and see if you're not blessed through it.

Wolf Hunter | 10:25 am on 4/16/2008

I am not envious. I feel sorry for the Copeland's on Judgment Day when they stand before Almighty God and try to explain why they fleeced God's people. The Bible says in the last days that even the very elect will be deceived. The bible also says, if you continue in your sin, God will give you over to a reprobate mind.

I believe these peacher's THINK they are preaching God's word, but they are completely deceived and God has given them over. God is calling His people from these apostate churches.

Whom do you serve Jarrett? God or the Copelands? Get on your knees and cry out to God.....He will show you the truth! Like a frog in the simmering water, I was comfortable in my prosperity gospel church too....but God showed me the truth!

Copeland is rich, filthy rich, because he took tithe money that he did not have to be accountable for and that is what he invested.

I guess the poor can just wait!

PeteAtomic | 08:10 pm on 6/06/2008

I enjoy your posts. God as investment banker. It's a great idea.

So, what exactly does God get again?


PimpAlert | 08:04 am on 6/18/2008

Why don't you know PeteAtomic? He gets your "faith." Bet you didn't know God was sooooooo needy....did ya? Just send your money to "god" aka the preacher man, and he will be fulfilled and sooooooo grateful that he will make you rich!!

Anonymous | 01:33 am on 8/20/2009

But this is not what Jesus preached, nor anyone else in the Bible.
Rather it is in direct opposition.
You cannot serve God and mammon.
You must choose one or the other.
If you are serving mammon in the Name of God, you are still serving mammon.
Then your lips will utter praise, but your hearts will still be far from Him.

Anonymous | 11:17 pm on 2/06/2010

Jarrett, there are no "laws of prosperity" in the Bible. "Spiritual Laws" come from eastern religions. The Christian follows God's laws. "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength." and "Love your neighbor as yourself."

I followed the Copelands for 9 years. It brought nothing but poverty and despair. Follow Jesus and serve Him only.

don blue | 03:14 pm on 1/28/2008

in response to -cheap critisism- i don't have the time nor the space to even begin to tell you of the false, phony,hypocriticle, preaching that comes from the mouths of the prosperity preachers and kenneth and gloria copeland are among the top ten. ALL-- of the -WORD FAITH- PROSPERITY PREACHERS are decieved and are decieving multiplied millions of people worldwide through every media avenue that is available to man. everyone of the word faith prosperity preachers are -in effect- robbing the poor because the main body of believers are dumb sheep and are blindly following false sheppards who only want to sheer the sheep,but not take care of them. you say oh! quit picking on copeland and let him enjoy his millions that after all, he made it in oil. well first let me remind you that mr. copeland didn't make all his money in oil,he was as poor as a church mouse before he became aquinted with oral roberts and kenneth hagin sr.. there is an old saying that goes like this "birds of a feather-flock together" do you remember that. i want you to take a look at how all of these phony preachers seem to be the same one's who are selected to be the keynote speakers at all of their conferences. now my question to you is this ' do you think that these men and women are justified in the eyes of the LORD JESUS, when they live a lifestyle of lavish opulence when a brother or sister cannot even pay their electric bill,rent,buy food,cannot afford to go to the doctor,don't even have a car because the can't afford to buy one etc. etc. etc. i myself have driven to ft. worth,tx. to the kenneth copeland ministies office(1981) to ask for some answers of why my wife and i and our four children have lost all of our worldly possesions and are now homeless at the time and we love JESUS as much as anyone. well kenneth copeland would not even come to the office and speak to me,let alone try to explain to me why these terrible losses have happened to us. NO! these men,if they were truly christian, with a love for JESUS as they claim they are,they would run quikly to the aid of the brethren when there was cry for help. GOD don't condone your actions when you have the means to help someone and then you turn your back and walk away without helping. STOP CONDONING the actions of these phony men and women. read matt.25:35-46, gal.6:10,lev.,deut. and the list goes on. pray that the LORD of GLORY will open up the eyes of the blind and unstop the ears of the deaf and raise the spiritually DEAD back to life. amen and amen

Anonymous | 01:47 am on 1/31/2008

First of all, the Copelands don't own the oil/gas company, the ministry does, so it's not his money to spend.

Most of the comments I've seen here today are worldly remarks of the flesh with no regard for what scripture teaches. Anybody ever hear of walking in the spirit? God's will is that Christ be preemminent in all things, not some religious ministry cult.

Ministering the gospel was never meant to be a profession or a career or a job... it's a calling from God! Any true man of God will never quit or complain about his lot in life. There are things more important than money and position, like a relationship with Christ!

Study a little bit of scripture for yourself and it won't take long to realize Ken Copeland Ministries, along with all its holdings, are as apostate as can be. It is an antichrist, man-centered ministry and nothing more. If you follow these apostate ministers of Satan, like Mr. Copeland, you are surely not following Jesus.

Anonymous | 03:51 pm on 2/13/2008

SATIN IS THE "ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN". Satan doesn't need your help.

allowed to speak the truth | 08:14 pm on 3/19/2008

...."satan doesn't need your help" is a painful comment to read. Why do you invest so much energy in defending this false ministry of greed and pride. The coplands have a brand of tv that is marketable and profitable for them. The fruit of coplands' business is profit for his family. Why don't they simply take off the ministry and call it a business. They confuse many by calling themselves a christian ministry because they are not. They are greedy and arrogant as evidenced by the millions of dollars they profit from year after year. I feel sure this senate investigation is an answer to prayer in that the lies and misrepresentations from greedy televangelists are being exposed by the government since weak church leaders won't deal with the greed and pride in the church. Stop telling others that don't believe the same lies you do that they're helping the accuser. I hope the true gospel of Jesus will take the blinders off the eyes of so many deceived today by the love of money, power and fame. I hope this email is received in a way that brings redemption because I don't want it to be anything other than that. Jesus died to save and redeem lost people. Jesus didn't say send in your pledge or donation to be born again. These tv marketers bring confusion and damage to many and I hope they go off the tv. Better yet...I'm turning the tv off!!!

Jarrett Hale | 12:53 am on 4/04/2008

Your comment: "They are greedy and arrogant as evidenced by the millions of dollars they profit from year after year. " - Are you literally saying that millionaires are greedy and arrogant? Are you saying that any pastor that happens to be rich is greedy and arrogant?

Are you kidding me?

I'd like to see how many people copeland has lead to Christ and compare it to how many people you have lead to Christ. Perhaps you've lead more people, but I believe that his prosperity is a gift from God and likely to be proportional to the souls he's lead to Christ.

I sure feel bad for all the rich folks out there that support these churches. Little did they know how many people were envious toward them.

The message KCM preaches lead me out of the bondages of debt. I'm glad someone opened my eyes to the scripture and got me away from the rediculous idea that Christians are supposed to be poor.

Wolf Hunter | 10:32 am on 4/16/2008

Think about it! The prosperity gospel is twisted scripture. It's a lie. The bible says we are not to add to or take away from the scriptures. Kenneth Copeland (and many others) do exactly that! the "jesus" he is preaching is a fake jesus and and false god. He is leading people nowhere but to hell! If you were saved under one of these apostate churches, you probably are not saved. I am not trying to judge you, I beg you please, to just think about it.

So you got out of debt, any motivational speaker could have done that. But what does it prosper you to get out of debt and find your soul in hell one day?

God bless you! I am not trying to fight with you, but you are very decieved. We were warned that wolves would come in in sheep's clothing and fool us. I was fooled too.....and have had to get un-brain washed too!

I beg you, not for my sake, but for your own to reason this out! I know God will show you His truth!

Wolf Hunter | 10:40 am on 4/16/2008

Please understand, I am not saying there is anything wrong with being rich. Tithing is an Old Testament Law that was fulfilled at the Cross. If you keep one law, then you must keep all of them. If you want biblical references to this that you can check out on your own, please read Dr Russ Kelly's FREE e-book at

Please Jarrett, just follow the money trail. If the PG works, where are your mansions and jets? Something is terribly off balance. In the OT, the only tithers were land owners.

If you study the NT, Jesus said more AGAINST money that he did for it. He did not live a rich life, he could have, but he chose not to. They barely survived back then.

Also, look at your missionaries....they live like paupers in foreign lands with their families. Most don't even have a car, and use bikes or walk everywhere. They risk their lives and the lives of their families and children to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. A far, far cry from the lifestyles of these prosperity pimps.

K. Copeland is a wolf in sheep's clothing and he is making merchandise out of you!!

Read "Kristy Beach's" story on this blog, or you can google her name and see what Kenneth Copeland did for her dying mother.

KNB | 01:58 am on 9/17/2009

Wolf Hunter, I can say just by spending 5 minutes reading your comments about Kenneth Copeland and his ministry that you have a problem with anyone who is a follower of Christ that has great wealth. Just think of what a person or Ministry can do to help others when they are wealthy. I happen to know that KCM has given Millions of dollars over the years to help many different people, disasters and other worthy causes around the globe. This allows people who give to Their ministry a chance be a part of an effort to help others and reach people for Christ an effort that that person or business could not do as effectively by themselves. To do these things on a large scale as KCM does takes a lot of money and resources. You can't give money you don't have to bless others in time of need and what if God blesses those who give to others with financial blessings, He is God and He has the Power and ability to do so and I rightfully know He does. You made the statement that people that were saved while hearing Kenneth Copeland preach probably aren't saved at all anyway. That statement alone tells me that you know very little about God and His word, No man can be saved by following the broadcasts of any TV Evangelist but only by Excepting Jesus as their Savior by His Death and Resurrection. This is a gift of the Grace from God the Father. TV Evangelist are used as a Vessel to reach the lost and others even if all of them aren't perfect or use the finances in good stewardship. You need to be careful of what you say here because we too have to go before the Throne of Judgment one day. Look, I can see your point, I used to feel much like you do about the money and how much of it is being used to advance the Kingdom and how it's being used for personal gain. Kenneth Copeland has lead many many people to the lord in his many years of ministry but he did not save them, God did. That specific time and place was probably made possible with the donation of some so called KOOL-AID Drinker. I hope that the very few dollars that I have given to TV Evangelism over the past few years in some small way has contributed to someone to come to know Jesus. The Jesus that has changed my life and saved me from the eternal separation from God my Heavenly Father.That no doubt its the best KOOLAID I ever drank and the best money I ever will spend. Wolf Hunter instead of just spewing out hateful accusations that may or may not be accurate. Pray that God will use these Ministries to draw people to Himself and let Him their Judge. I hope that the God of Creation and Father of the Lord Jesus Crist our Savior Blesses you always and to all that reads this, KNB

Anonymous | 01:43 am on 8/20/2009

I can't believe I'm reading this.
Dollars relative to the amount of people someone has led to Christ and if I give them even more money God will make me rich?
You must either be the most gullible people on the face of the earth or have your heads up your ass.
So which is it?

KNB | 02:08 am on 9/17/2009

Anonymous, do you even know who Jesus is and what He did for you? Everyone who is reading these comments READ A BIBLE and get the TRUTH first hand after all It"s the Word of GOD. Don't put to much confidence in what any of us are saying find out the Truth for your self Pray and ask God to help you to understand He does answer prayer Seek Him and you will Find Him. He's waiting so ever patiently for you to call upon His Name

speak the truth in love | 11:42 pm on 5/01/2008

What is a Pastor?

Swongerosa | 03:56 pm on 2/22/2008

AMEN!!! Good response.

T'cher | 07:50 am on 6/04/2008

As a matter of fact, demographics show that about 80% of the contributers to these types of ministries are middle-aged women
who live alone. Whether they are widows or not, I do not know.

T'cher | 07:54 am on 6/04/2008

Door web glitch.

My posting directly above should have been posted as a reply to Cheep Criticism, the second entry in this thread.

T'cher | 04:24 am on 6/10/2008

As a matter of fact, demographics show that about 80% of the contributers to these types of ministries are middle-aged women
who live alone. Whether they are widows or not, I do not know.

Hope this posts in the right place this time.

T'cher | 04:26 am on 6/10/2008

Well, I guess not.

Anonymous | 09:09 pm on 10/12/2008

Under paid and over worked? I don't think so. They should be procecuted for fraud and larceny. Maybe they should have a real job instead.

j | 02:09 pm on 10/28/2008

ha! as i viewed the cartoon, i couldn't help but wonder how many people in his church are poor and in need AND are actually hard working people..funds are probably better directed to help those people more.
reminds me of a story with jesus...hmmm what was it? something about a rich young all of that up to follow him...and then something about that young man walking away.

brandon reeves | 09:32 pm on 3/03/2010

yall are all igornant and stupid for acting this way toward a man of god the way he is getting blessed is because he obeys the word of god look it up in your bible if you sow you will reap thats in your bible if you actly open it to read it

Anonymous Believer | 05:52 pm on 10/05/2010

Brandon, son, the so-called man of God of whom you speak is getting blessed because, he and others, constantly brainwashes all of you into sending/donating money to him. Yet, those Reachers tells you to "just pray." Those Pulpit Reachers are the ones who get "blessed" pressed down, shaken up & run over because it comes from YOUR dumb empty pockets. I am not going to tell any of you to change because God gave all of us a brain to use and His Word says "Let those with eyes 'SEE' and those with ears 'HEAR'. So, I say to you: see and hear, as you please.

Analyze the situation. The Reachers probably pray, but they also ask you for money (and beyond the 10%), sell CDs and books, etc. They also use the old guilt trip on you.

You parishioners corrupt your spiritual leaders by giving into the 'devil' inside them and supplying too much money to them. You know the old saying "find a fool -- bump his head." Hello fools!!

I go to church every Sunday and I do tithe because I feel the church needs money to operate, however, I decided between me and God the amount I would give. I don't care how much they beg or what other thing they collect for, I don't weaken and I don't feel guilty. My pastor lives in a big fine home in the Los Angeles area.

Like other pastors, he and a few other leaders close to him decided on purchasing a much larger more impressive facility expecting the church members to pay for it. Nobody consulted me to see if I wanted to be a part of the purchase. Now they are in trouble with that new facility, not because the members are not tithing, but they (whoever the leaders in the church are) let their greed and pride overload them financially and legally-- but I assume they signed a mortgage note that still needs to be paid though we may never use the facility.

As for me, I still attend services, pay my same tithe, and eat of the spiritual sermons that which I feel is good for me. Our Bishop is a wonderful spiritual leader. But, like many other people of the clothe, they seem to forget that the enemy is especially out to do them harm, yet they still fall victim. Most of the members honestly are trying to save their souls and many fall into the manipulation and guilty traps and give to the bone. Many do not own their own homes, etc, yet they sacrifice. I do not deviate from what I decided was fair to give in my eyesight, not neglecting my personal needs here on earth.

The pastor, nor anyone else, can get me into Heaven but he can help me with my spiritual understanding. If the pastor misleads me -- God's Word tells me to shun the very appearance of evil (So I add 'Read', to 'see' and 'hear', above). I know the evildoers will reap whatever they sow, but I shall act according to what I see, hear, and read. But that's just me -- and I am just saying ...

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