July 4, 1844


Fearing violence from Catholic- hating Protestants on the national holiday, the Irish militia took up positions in front of the Catholic church in the Southwalk neighborhood of Philadelphia. When the angry Protestant crowd showed up, as expected, the militia opened fire, killing two and wounding four. This time the Protestants had superior fire power, though, trucking in two cannons that they set up at two corners of Christian Street, firing up the street and killing two Catholics. The ever resourceful Irish then responded with a cannon of their own, and for several hours the entire city echoed with cannon and musket fire, with a final carnage count of two dead Catholics, 23 wounded Catholics, 10 dead Protestants, and 20 wounded Protestants. Oh yeah, what they were fighting over is: Which Bible should be read in the schools?


Anonymous | 02:56 pm on 2/09/2009

this is dumb

Tessa | 01:12 am on 5/03/2011

Now I feel stuipd. That's cleared it up for me

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