The Copeland/Huckabee Love Affair


Huckabee & Copeland

Billionaire evangelist oilman cattle rancher Kenneth Copeland, who sits so high atop the “prosperity gospel” pyramid that he has hundreds of “franchise” churches whose pastors send money back up the pipeline, spent much of his annual ministers conference last week talking about how he stonewalled the Senate Finance Committee, then boasted about having Mike Huckabee on his team.

“Kenneth Copeland, I will stand with you!” Huckabee yelled over the phone, according to Copeland. “You’re trying to get prosperity to the people, and they’re [the Senate] trying to take it away from ‘em. I will stand with you anytime, anywhere, on any issue!”

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You can watch the whole speech here, but basically Copeland is saying that he offered to hide his close relationship with Huckabee—the ex-governor had recently recorded a full week of televised “Bible studies” with Copeland, who constantly huckstered Huckabee’s ten-year-old book—but Huckabee said he would gladly oppose the Senate’s investigation of Copeland and others because “they only have an 11 percent approval rating.”

Every year Copeland invites about 1,000 fellow prosperity-gospel ministers to his church/broadcasting facility/ranch/natural gas field/airstrip in Newark, Texas, a few miles north of Fort Worth, for a three-day conference. This year he shut down the conference after two of the days and convened some kind of separate session with the same ministers that would protect his 501(3)(c) tax exemption while he raised campaign funds for Huckabee. Reports on Thursday morning were that he’d come up with $111,000 in immediate cash, plus an additional million bucks in pledges, which would work out to around $1,000 per pastor. (These sorts of fundraising efforts with the Copeland “family” are fairly common. About 30 pastors raised $2.1 million for Copeland’s 70th birthday celebration a year ago.)

The Door left messages for Huckabee and his press secretary over the weekend, but they were not returned.

Copeland spent much of the three-day ministers conference reassuring his fellow pastors that all their ministries were safe from the prying eyes of the Congress. He repeatedly made a distinction between the Congress and the Internal Revenue Service, saying that he recognized the executive branch but not the legislative when it came to oversight. He was especially upset by a request that he reveal the donors to a “special offering” made to himself and his wife for the 40th anniversary of their ministry and said that he’d “promised to God” never to give any information to anyone about that, even if it means prison or death. He frequently mentioned receiving direct instructions from “the Lord,” including instructions to put Mike Huckabee on his television show, Believer’s Voice of Victory.

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During his six programs with Huckabee, airing in November, the two men reminisced about their friendship and Huckabee’s political career in Arkansas, with occasional excursions into scripture. Neither of them distinguished themselves as Biblical scholars, but Huckabee’s comments were especially lame as he seemed to be sucking up to “Brother Kenneth” in discussing passages like James 1:3: “It is the trying of your faith that works patience.”

Huckabee’s read on that passage was that he used to think “trying” meant a trial of faith. (This is what 99 percent of commentators for the past 2000 years have also believed it meant.) But then, the more he thought about it, the more he thought the key word was “try.” It meant to “keep trying,” and every time you fail, to try again. “I tried tithing and it didn’t work. Well, try it again. I tried it three or four times. Well, try it again.” Huckabee’s view: it doesn’t mean to be patient when God sends trials, it means to assert yourself—in other words, the opposite of its apparent meaning. Since the Greek word for “try” as in “trial” and the Greek word for “try” as in “attempt” are two different words, Huckabee’s exegesis of this particular scripture is not only demonstrably wrong as a matter of fact, but he seems to be insisting on it as a way to support Copeland’s emphasis on tithing, which is the source of his fortune.

There are other examples scattered through the week, including some statements by Huckabee that, no matter what office he holds, “my only client is Jesus.”

Other highlights from the minister’s conference:

• Copeland seems puzzled by the fact that Senator Charles Grassley, who is spearheading the Senate investigation, was also the author of the Church Protection Act.

• Copeland talks about his natural gas company and says that the Senate’s suspicions about the source of that wealth are “bull.”

• Copeland’s characterization of his answer to Senator Grassley: “We gave them a several page lesson on ‘No’. . . . We gave them the address of the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C.”

• Copeland assures everyone that he’s personally been a billionaire “a long time” and that his ministry has taken in $1.3 billion over 41 years. “I’m the seed of Abraham. The seed of Abraham are known for being rich. I’m a Jew. I’m a rich Jew backed by a richer Jew. God loves me just as much as he loves Jesus.”

Editor's note: Confronted about the Copeland statements on "Meet the Press," Huckabee did not deny that he said what Copeland said he said.

(This story includes reporting by John Bloom, Pete Evans of the Trinity Foundation, and Harry Guetzlaff of the Trinity Foundation. The Trinity Foundation press release can be found here. See our Copeland Collection here.)


charliegirl42 | 12:00 am on 1/31/2008

Luke 6:38
No doubt that people will argue with even Jesus, but HE said this. "Give and it shall be given unto you.."

Anonymous | 12:25 am on 2/13/2008

check the context of the verse. its relates to judging

BoycottTBN | 04:12 pm on 4/02/2008

It is good to do not have to give through and church, and it does not have to be money. You can give of your time, babysitting, clean a single mom's or elderly's home, prayer, clothes, food, etc......

BoycottTBN | 05:49 pm on 1/31/2008

Tithing is from the Old Testament and it was always grain, wheat, spices, and/or animals NOT money! NEVER MONEY!! While Jesus walked on earth, tithing was still part of the Law....Jesus fulfilled the Law, (Matt 5:17) including tithing. He wants your heart and life, your 100%....

The New Testament teaches to "give as you purpose in your heart and give cheerfully"(2 Cor 9:7) is good to give and it is expected of us, but it does not have to ever be money. You can tithe your time, feed the hungry, help a single mom/dad, elderly, poor, and it does not have to be a church.

Another thing, these big churches are supposed to be helping the poor and they do to some extent or they could be tax free. But yet when their own congregants or local folk go to them for help, they are sent away if they don't tithe. This is NOT what Jesus did!! and it is wrong!!....then they go out and buy themselves plastic surgery, private jets, mansions, designer clothes, body guards, yachts, and live like rock stars. Disgraceful!!

Jesus didn't have a mega church building, and he didn't tell us to build one, nor did Paul. He spoke more against money than he did for it. The pimps twist scripture to say that sowing seed is sowing money into fertile ground, meaning their ministry. But sowing seed means sowing the word into someone's heart or life. We are to spread the gospel to others.

Dr. Russell Kelly has a FREE e-book you can download for free at, and a debate at It is biblically based with scripture references that you can look up. It is an EXCELLENT read and I highly recommend it.

Anonymous | 10:08 am on 2/12/2008

Hey Boycott TBN,
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! you can realy break it DOWN !!!!!!
It is good to see soooooooooooooo,,,, many people that knows the truth about these pimps and willing to keep them exposed.

May the Modern day Moses, continue to lead people out of bondage.

Anonymous | 09:26 am on 1/30/2008

People choose how they handle their finances. This woman giving to a ministry or any ministry is not the reason she doesn't have money. Come on. Wake up and smell the java, I have seen people on street corners with signs NEED FOOD and MONEY with a Quad shot latte in the other hand. It is a matter of handling finances. Both Copeland and Huckabee have character as well as my VOTE!!!

the enemy below | 06:37 pm on 1/30/2008

Oh,Horse Poopie!!!When will people wake up and realize that for the most part,Televangelists are scam artists!!!

Anonymous | 05:53 pm on 1/31/2008

about that do you know someone didn't give him that latte? I buy them burgers and fries all the time. Also....

A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED.....Copeland is in bed with the devil, so what does that make Huckabee???

Anonymous | 04:18 am on 2/23/2008

years ago i let a woman live with me for awhile because she was homeless. she never offered to pay me rent or anything, but gave money to copeland hinn etc all the time. she had a job, just nowhere to live because her job wasn't paying her enuf. i was baffled by this. hinn got the money and i got nothing. but, i didi it for God and don't regret it.

Christina | 08:18 am on 3/26/2008

Im not sure what to say right now. When I first arrived in our small town, Kenneth Copeland was a new "thing" in South Africa. I sent off a copy of their free magazine "BVOB" to the pastors of the church hoping to encourage them. When the received the magazine, the church had a "facelift"... and started talking about prosperity. At first I didnt have a problem with it... but now, after 10 years of being in that church, I have plenty now to say about what has happened over the years. I was also baited into the prosperity trap. We were taught all the time that if we did not pay our tithes, that we were robbing God and that we would not receive His protection if we didnt, which meant that whatever bad things that would happen to us was our fault and not God's or the church's fault. We were then taught about first fruits.. for example, if you get a new job, a raise, or your first bonus... the WHOLE amount must go to the church... your first whole salary etc, and on top of that, our church has been involved in building projects for the church and the christian school which we were urged to give "seed" and offerings. I saw how our church changed from being a loving family church to a law filled prosperity church, which is what they only ever talked about. Gone are the days when you need prayer for a spiritual issue, and I needed help in my life, but it was overlooked. I have been a part of this small church for a decade, and even though I had gifts and offered my help to the church, it seemed to be bypassed. I went through a hard time in my life a couple of years back when I was depressed and suicidal, and I was called into a meeting with the pastors who mocked me, asking me if I enjoyed being depressed. They said I could "snap" out of the depression if I only followed 7 rules: (laws)... that was to read my bible, pray every day, speak in tongues every day, go to every meeting, tithe and give offerings, go to every council meeting they wanted to set up for me (which didnt happen on their side), and stop going to my psychologist (who was trying to help me)... I cried throught the whole meeting without an ounce of sympathy on their side. I just wanted to get away from it all. Then I faced a problem at work where my boss tried to force himself on me, and the church got involved. I was told to attend a "friendly" meeting at the church one evening to address the issue, when I walked in with my husband, I faced a "firing squad" of 5 senior pastor males sitting at a large table interview style. They interrogated me as to my "motives"... but i tried to explain to them that I did not do anything to warrant the attack. Instead of trying to help me or support me, I seemed to be the one in the wrong and I was "discaplined" for it!!!... usually when a female faces an incident which affects her emotionally, u DONT go putting her in front of 5 male authoritive figures who did nothing but put me down and hurt me!!! I have since struggled with authority. Then came a time when my mother was dying of cancer... I thought that since the pastors were "friends" and long standing members of the church, that they would encourage me and my family and support me!!! But no!!! I would go to church... they would preach their prosperity message and then ignore me after church. It was as if I didnt even exist. When I ended up in hospital for depression, or my kids were hospitalised, they never visited or phoned to pray with us or see how we were, even though we were constantly told to GIVE GIVE GIVE... not of ourselves, but of our money!!! We were told to GIVE IN OUR LACK....??????? what do you do when you have no money for food, but are told to give at church because if you do, God with give you double back for food!!! We did that, and IT DIDTN WORK!!! Because we were operating under LAW and not under grace... no wonder nothing worked when we were there. Eventually when my mother died... still no sypathy's or contact, even though they knew what was going on... I felt like a stranger in a familiar place, like an outcast, rejected by the very people who were very quick to tell me to tithe and then everything would be all right, but non existent in helping me or supporting me when I really had a need. All this has happened ever since my church got involved with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and I regret ever forwarding that magizine to them now!!! I my family have now moved on to another church who dont even know who Kenneth Copeland is... and I have to say... the church is family orientated, caring, they are like family to us and they treat us like family....

Former EMIC tither/sucker | 02:22 pm on 6/24/2008

I am happy that your family is away from this church. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous | 10:54 pm on 10/22/2010

I am so glad you and your family found a church that is family orientatd and caring. Please know that you are not alone. Many have suffered spiritual abuse. I am glad that you were bold and addressed the issue concerning the male that was disrespectful towards you. And though it did cost you, I'm sure you are aware that it would have costed you much more had you not spoken up. The spirit of Jesus is resting upon you...God bless you richly and thank you for sharing your story.

Mrs. Tullis | 10:20 pm on 1/24/2011

It's God that gives the increase through your faith. This thing is not a magic lamp!

Anonymous | 09:21 am on 1/28/2008

I, too, was supporting Huckabee. Now I'm just praying that Hilary and Obama will stop attacking one another long enough for the media to pick up this story.

A million dollars in pledges garnered by someone under investigation by the Senate? The tapdance should be entertaining, if nothing else.

Anonymous | 11:02 am on 1/28/2008

Perhaps you'd want to consider that Hillary has on her record the acceptance of donations from a convicted criminal, Norman Hsu.

Anonymous | 10:26 pm on 1/28/2008

Sorry, no vote for Hillary here - or Obama. But Huckabee still needs to be exposed.

(And a full day later, and no one else has picked up this story.)

Anonymous | 07:56 pm on 1/29/2008

Huckabee exposed to what?
Still no one has given any evidence of any corruption with him.
Would that mean we all should be "exposed?"

JustMe | 08:57 pm on 1/29/2008

Copeland states Huckabee is soliciting campaign contribution from him, while he is under investigation by the Senate. Do you really not see an issue here?

Anonymous | 04:27 am on 5/30/2008

How funny it is all these people will criticize Brother Copeland and the Faith preachers because they have money and a mansion, cars and a jet. They are basically campaigning for Jesus Christ and when you same hypocrites see Obama or Hillary with the same things and who are living for the devil in the things they say and do, you don't say a word about what they have. They are campaigning for President of the United States. Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Oral Roberts, Jerry Savelle etc., are all doing the same thing but for Jesus Christ. Campaigning! But NOOOO, you'll contribute to your politcal favorite and watch them fly in their jet and live well and not say a word. The Bible says in Proverbs, "The WEALTH of the sinner (wicked) is laid up for the just." The church is not going to leave this Earth sick, bedraggled, and in want. It will leave as a glorious church praise God.

Quit relying on your own wisdom and and go to James 1:5 and ask God for some wisdom then you will understand the things of God better.

Anonymous | 05:26 pm on 2/01/2008


"the people Clinton didn't have to pardon" and look at the list of people that the Clinton's have "taken care of"....or "murdered" by any other name.

Anonymous | 08:03 pm on 2/08/2008

those will be the same web sites that have aliens causing 9 11 right?

are u kiddiin' me???????? | 02:26 pm on 6/24/2008

You are a fool. You have been played by internet rumor mongers. My "best friend" made this accusation the last time we spoke. I was dumbfounded at her ignorance. I've not spoken with her since. You've been played. I don't blame the writers of this garbage,I put the blame on the readers who take it as fact without doing their own research. You have been played.

That calvinist Doug | 02:35 pm on 1/28/2008

I knew I distrusted Baptist ministers, but this seals it! Okay, I'm joking; but holy cow, we evangelicals don't need the popular atheists' books to smear us, we produce a bumper crop of embarrassment on our own.

This is a baby and bathwater problem, however. We're so scared of being lumped in with these folks that we don't make any public stand for Jesus (as a rule). I'm not talking about putting Jesus into politics, I'm talking about proclaiming (in public, like Jesus and like the apostles) the gospel-which, last I checked, Jesus thought was pretty important.

dsmith | 02:52 pm on 1/28/2008

"I'm talking about proclaiming(in public,like Jesus and like the apostles) the gospel which, last I checked, Jesus thought was pretty important."

Of course,there were no gospels, on the Torah, when Jesus and the apostles supposedly lived.

that calvinist doug | 03:41 pm on 1/29/2008

Sorry. You're just plain wrong.

Country Ham | 03:26 pm on 1/28/2008

wHRN saten offrd jESUS all the kingdoms of the world fir hes wurship, he refused$ i think mast palaticians and relegious leeders of thes here wordl axceppted satens offur$$$

CH | 03:34 pm on 1/28/2008

anywaS how can i get pade fur writtng fir wittenburd door$$$

Anonymous | 08:00 am on 1/30/2008

That is hard reading early in the AM...

The Enemy Below | 06:38 pm on 1/30/2008

Uh Huh!!Hom Skooled,Right???

CH | 08:43 pm on 1/30/2008

wats rong with home skoolin' least yu dont hafta swim in the cesspoole of publik edukation,,but anyways i just cross the boarder everyday to a skooul on Texas. it free, skoolin

Anonymous | 05:56 pm on 1/31/2008

I think he was ChristianDUMB schooled.....

BJ | 12:11 pm on 2/14/2008

Affair with his teacher?

Anonymous | 08:13 pm on 1/28/2008

If Brother Copeland wants to support Mike Huckabee then that is nobody's business but his....if Mike Huckabee wants to support Kenneth Copeland...that's also his business. This country was founded on the WORD OF GOD so if we have a President that doesn't believe the WORD OF GOD...then honestly where is the country headed.

Anonymous | 10:30 pm on 1/28/2008

"Brother" Copeland doesn't believe in the Word of God. He believes in his own word. One of the videos just put up has him talking about how all the demons must bow to him and his family.

Anonymous | 03:49 pm on 1/29/2008

And you don't think that we have athority over demons?

JustMe | 08:56 pm on 1/29/2008

Fill in the blank: "All authority in heaven and earth has been given to ______________"

I'm curious - do those of you here defending the WOF heretics actually believe you will convince readers of this site that Copeland and others are biblical? (Perhaps you can speak it into existence?)

Anonymous | 12:35 am on 1/31/2008

you are sick. You don't put the man on a pedastal, u put Jesus on a pedastal. wise up and read your bible for yourself and ask for reverance

Anonymous | 07:58 pm on 1/29/2008

Says who?
What word has he spoken that is his own?

Anonymous | 08:53 pm on 1/29/2008

Hey, i just repeated what he said in the video. Sorry if it offends you. It offends me as well.

Heartbroken | 03:14 pm on 2/22/2008

All of this bickering makes me sick. I have always studied to know the truth. I have watched my father and step-mother get so caught up in Copeland's teachings that they believed they could "command their diseases to leave" (My father had a bad heart with several heart attacks, and my step-mother had breast cancer). They never changed their diet, they never would go to a doctor until her breast cancer had gotten so bad you could smell the gangrene when you walked in the door. For a long time I blamed Kenneth Copeland. I wanted to write a book explaining how Kenneth Copeland killed my parents, but I've since come to the conclusion that he lives in America and can say what he wants. My folks were foolish enough to believe his false teachings to the point of death. The Word of God is the final authority and truth. Copeland basis nearly all of his teaching on false concepts with no Scripture or twisted Scripture to back them up. We have no excuse when we fall for his twisted garbage. We have the Word and we choose not to study to show ourselves approved unto God a workman that needed not to be ashamed.

BoycottTBN | 11:44 am on 2/27/2008

I am so sorry for your loss....please google "Kristy Beach" and read her story.....she too lost her mother to cancer and her mother refused to see a doctor as well.

There is no hell hot enough for these pimps!

Anonymous | 08:06 am on 2/20/2008

Most likely because Copeland is Demonic and his wife is a Jezebel..face it their both evil and need removing .. they destroy the name of Christianity

CH | 09:56 am on 1/29/2008

this country es headded inta CANAMEROMEXICO!

The Untouchable | 06:39 pm on 1/30/2008

Uh Huh!!!You know something,CH??I've known and worked with Illeterate Illegal Aliens who can spell better than you ever could!!!

Country Ham | 08:36 pm on 1/30/2008

you sounds like an reelly angery persin

Teddy Bear Mohammed | 11:29 am on 1/30/2008

This country was founded on the “word of god’, what a bunch of crap! Where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights is the bible quoted? And why did it take almost 1700 years after the creation of Christianity, for Christians to finally create a free and democratic society? The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded on the “word of god” and they had witch trails.
There were no democracies in the Bible, only monarchies run by sex crazed kings like David and Solomon.
The USA was founded by deists and freemasons, based on the principles of The Enlightenment.

that calvinist doug | 01:40 pm on 1/30/2008

Careful. You're beginning to shed your teddy bear costume and be revealed as an angry grizzly.

The Ringo Kid | 06:43 pm on 1/30/2008

You are correct sir!!Yes,for the most part,America was founded on Christian Principles.
However,as late as the early 1800's,in New England,they were still persecuting Baptists;Methodists;Presbyterians and quakers;not to mention catholics and to a certain extent,Jews!!

BoycottTBN | 03:16 pm on 2/11/2008

I watched all 15 of the video collection and must admit that Kenneth Copeland's arrogance has gotten to the point of ridiculous. Doesn't pride goeth before a fall?

I want a front row seat for this fall....GO SENATOR GRASSLEY!!

SRebbe | 05:25 pm on 2/21/2008

erhem, judeo-xtian principles, lovies. and the puritans had some issues with anyone who didn't see it their way to begin with.

now be nice and hold hands.

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