Fairway to Heaven


By Christopher Coffman

Buy a Golfer's Bible and get three top quality Christian Evangaballs absolutely free!

The Golfer’s Bible

Edited by Rod Parsley

It’s just too easy these days to forget how many golf references are woven into the narrative of scripture. You can almost drive right past them if you’re not looking.

Thankfully, renowned televangelist Rod Parsley has handed the Christian community a hole-in-one with his new Golfer's Bible. Rod's new take on scripture has helped many believers put a little purpose back into their putters.


Nothing will help you tee off with confidence more than Pastor Parsley's commentary on apocalyptic literature.

Have you ever counted how many times the word "fore" appears in the Bible? After reading this Parsley translation for a few weeks, you’ll marvel when you run into verses like this:

"ThereFORE the woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels." (1 Corinthians 11:10)

Verses like this help us understand the Great Commission in light of the greatest game ever played in polyester jumpsuits. Why "run the race" when you can "walk the course"?

Only $39.99 per copy!


From Rod Parsley Productions, Inc.

Why wrestle with "double-bogey-boredom" in your morning devotions when you can sink an "eagle" every day?


Have you ever dreamed of taking the gospel out of the "clubhouse" and onto the "tee-box"? Aren’t you tired of having your prayer life in the rough? What if there was a practical way to bring a little salvation to someone caught in the sand trap of life?

Look no further than your local Christian pro shop. For a limited time, each bunker-busting Golfer's Bible purchased comes with a sleeve of three top quality Christian Evangaballs!

Evangaballs help golfers bridge the gap between the purpose-driven life and the putting green.

Each ball is neatly inscribed with a relevant passage of scripture from the New Testament (Torah Tees must be purchased separately at this time from RodandStaff.com).

Handcrafted underwater, with patented state of the art "Wheel Inside a Wheel" technology, Evangaballs are guaranteed to out-proselytize any ball on the market.

Imagine walking into a bunker and finding a ball with this message from Matthew 18:14…

"… your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should be lost. "

Think of it … every time you lose a ball, you help save a weary soul in the Master's Tournament.

A sloppy swing or two may even send a message of grace soaring into someone’s swimming pool.

What are you waiting for? GO FORE GOD!

Only $45.99 for a box of three


Discerner 24/7 | 05:09 am on 5/18/2008

Oh yeah Josh,Roddy will want at least a thousand $. The street corners are pretty high too,so I don't how good a deal that is either.

JoshH | 08:03 pm on 5/18/2008

Where are the street-corner hookers more than $5-10? Inflation must be pretty bad where you are.

Discerner 24/7 | 12:02 pm on 5/19/2008

Remember Josh,I'm a former WOFer. We were taught that we deserved the "best!" Although no "WOF" teacher ever told us to hire a hooker.

outdoor grills | 03:35 am on 3/30/2011

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that calvinist doug | 03:13 pm on 5/16/2008

Thou shalt not shout "get in the hole!" at a tournament, or surely the Lord your God shall curse thee and thy children to the third and fourth generation.

mountainguy | 09:00 pm on 5/16/2008

Is there a soccer Bible, or at least a Bible for nice sports?

SRebbe | 02:49 pm on 5/20/2008

soccer nice??? I keep hearing about riots over games. or so the rumors go.

mountainguy | 09:43 pm on 5/20/2008

This usally happens, but the sport itself is quite nice (well, sometimes there are boring matches)

Prophet Lopi | 08:03 pm on 5/17/2008

It may be satire but if these "Lovers of Self and Money" think they could make a $$$$$ off of it, they would. They will T OFF on anybody!!!

Process Deist | 11:26 pm on 5/17/2008

Confession Time: I have never played golf.
I have been to a golf clubhouse twice and a driving range once.
The first trip to a clubhouse involved a lunch for a friend running for Senator. The steak was free and so were the drinks.
The second time I went to a golf clubhouse, a friend of mine was treating all the local school board members. Again the steak was free and so were the drinks.
The one trip to a driving range, an Army buddy invited me and he paid for the drinks.
From my view.....golf is a very enjoyable sport....but, it might be hard on the liver and it certainly keeps the bladder clean.

SRebbe | 04:19 pm on 5/20/2008

they made me go to the driving range in high school gym. it is a cursed sport straight from the pit of hell and not suitable for the right-brained. the only way I would take it up is if I were forced to sell my soul to some CEO during a business deal to seal a hefty promotion (or buy his company) as the casting couch is no longer popular.

this must be why all sports involve 'scoring' of some type.

GARY | 03:05 am on 5/21/2008

Maybe Rod has already lost a ball! Something is not quite right!
Fore! Maybe some reference to golf fore play!
Scripture on your (golf) balls could be handy.If you wanted to cheat by improving the lie of the ball in the rough maybe you read "Be sure that your sins will find you out!" or "Repent and sin no more"
Even double scripture could be tempting...after a very frustrating round and finally on the 18th the ball lands on the edge of the lake beside the green. Frustrated, you pick up the ball and read "Judas hanged himself. Go thou and do likewise."

BJ | 09:12 am on 5/21/2008

I heard Rod's real name is Dick Broccoli.

SRebbe | 11:21 am on 5/21/2008

had a friend who's boss' name was Richard Schwartz. for realsies. and yes, he was one to work for.

BJ | 02:16 pm on 5/22/2008

Come on SRebbe. There's no need for your anti semitic comments.

SRebbe | 11:13 am on 5/23/2008

it was the other Gentiles and one gay Catholic who worked for Dick-Dick (as they called him) -- I never had the pleasure of working for him.

Process Deist | 02:48 pm on 5/22/2008

Now we are talking Spaceballs.

BJ | 03:59 pm on 5/23/2008

I remember reading a book years ago entitled, "Golf and the Spirit" by M. Scott Peck. Ruined the game for me for years. It was only recently that I could join the local club and get serious about it again. A ball and a hole. Put the ball in the hole. That's it.

flowers magazine | 06:47 am on 2/01/2011

Good article! Thank you so much for sharing this post. Your views truly open my mind.

golf camps | 08:44 am on 11/02/2008

Sounds like to me another money making scheme using religion as a pretext.

mike geary | 01:21 pm on 11/26/2010

To me it seems innovative and creative way to share gospel. May god bless your intent and purify it for use in His purpose. May it be a cause for someone's salvation. Thanks.

recados | 03:45 am on 1/11/2011

I laughed my ass about five times ... Collection caster sports news, the golf scenes and humor in general. The caddy funny (Ryan Click) was very funny at times. What I liked was the quality of sound and special effects. There were some cool camera shots.

gutter cleaners | 01:06 pm on 1/25/2011

Nowadays there's a Bible for anything... And I'm a collector! Muahaha - Give!

gutter cleaners atlanta | 07:57 am on 1/26/2011

Many people think that it requires no skill to play golf... try some minigolf first:)

bandeautankini | 12:24 pm on 1/26/2011

how long have you play golf ? do you any ebook to share with me ? thanks

Gioco | 08:18 pm on 1/26/2011

I love golf and hope this book will help me improve my skills.


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Spielsucht | 01:04 pm on 1/27/2011

i love golf,too. handicap 18 but ill do some training this summer.
I love your blog. Thumbs up for the caddy !

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Aliciajackson | 05:45 am on 1/31/2011

i like the music name " something happened on the way to heaven"
that's great


Lowongan Kerja | 09:08 pm on 1/31/2011

I have also seen plenty of Golf daily devotional material at Barnes & Nobles so its not that far off, thanxx..

weight watchers online | 09:09 pm on 1/31/2011

Hahaha, Reading stuff like this definently inspires me to get out there asap!

Tauke Chun | 04:34 am on 2/01/2011

this post remind me of a classic rock song called stairway to heaven... by led zep

AliciaMarge | 07:24 am on 2/02/2011

Your lips speak soft sweetness
Your touch a cool caress
I am lost in your magic
My heart beats within your chest

I think of you each morning
And dream of you each night
I think of your arms being around me
And cannot express my delight

Never have I fallen
But I am quickly on my way
You hold a heart in your hands
That has never before been given away


AliciaMarge | 06:38 am on 2/03/2011

A thousand fair suitors all stab at your heart
Those poets of movement and jockeys of art
The high-volume vendors who hustle romance
Splashing their canvas with color and dance

The blasters of trumpets, gold banners unfurled
They offer lush gardens in glistening worlds
Yes, bearers of torches and carvers of stone
Who whisper their sonnets and surrender their thrones

And there in your doorway, no shadow is cast
No lingering voices, no ghosts from the past
Just a cluster of walls, and a window of pain
Collecting the heartache like droplets of rain

Still I stand before you, with palms to the sky
No gold in my pocket, no thorn in my side
And all I can offer, where words have no place
Is a body that trembles, and this love that awaits


Korey Deavila | 10:18 pm on 2/03/2011

Sound silly but this golf balls are a great idea. Many people today have forgotten some verses of bible and it's hard for them to recover it but i think if they have this it would be a great help. Love golfing and i think i should try collecting this balls. -- Lyndsey

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AliciaMarge | 03:51 am on 2/08/2011

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