Issue #215
March/April 2008
Joe Bob Parties with the Atheists

     In our first issue of 2008, we're focusing on atheists, if you can believe it.
     After a year in which atheists' books sold millions and a major Hollywood film directly targeted organized religion, we thought, "We need to understand this phenomenon." Then we thought, "Maybe they'll want to subscribe!"
     So we sent Associate Editor John Bloom to reconnoiter the big atheist convention in Washington, D.C. Bloom's report examines what's new and what's missing in the world of suddenly popular secular humanism.
     Then we sent Bob Gersztyn to interview the de facto archcbishop of the movement, Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist at Oxford and author of The God Delusion. Gersztyn also interviewed Alister McGrath, professor of historical theology — also at Oxford — and author of The Dawkins Delusion.
     And we talked to John C. Wright, a best-selling author of fantasy novels and a former atheist who at age 41 began to wonder if his atheist reasoning was circular. He tells Matt Mikalatos how he met God in the middle of a heart attack.
     Of course, we also make fun of the atheists in this issue and, as usual, we continue making fun of the wacky world of organized religion.

ABOUT THE COVER: We thought we’d have a little fun this issue and spotlight the wonderful art of David Pugliese, yet another member of our Argentinian Artists’ Enclave. The painting features our own Joe Bob Briggs (he’s the dude in the middle, heavily air-brushed, of course) and four of the world’s best-known atheists. Can you identify them? You’ll find the answers on page 44. And NO PEEKING!


The Wittenburg Door Interview: Richard Dawkins
Dukin’ it out with the author of The God Delusion.
Bob Gersztyn

Emergent Eye for the Traditional Guy
If you do vote Republican, for heaven’s sake have the sense to keep your mouth shut about it.
John Green

Dawkins Defies Blackmailers
Hey—it’s not like I'm a Republican congressman in an airport!
John Green

A Survey of Christian Drive-In Movies
Featuring the remake, Kingdom Kong (1985).
Dale Dobson

The Wittenburg Door Interview: Dr. Alister McGrath
Dawdling over The Dawkins Delusion.
Bob Gersztyn

The Holy Land Experience Theme Park
What Christian would knowingly choose a mouse over Moses?
Al Speegle Jr.

Family Life’s New Tithing Club™
We believe in giving honor where honor is due.
Joy Lanzendorfer

The Wittenburg Door Interview: John C. Wright
Finding faith in chaos.
Matt Mikalatos

Christian Authors Sue Ahmajinidad
Nuclear destruction, attacks on Israel, and messianic end-time foreign policy.
Howard Bowman

The Lost Diaries of John Calvin, Part I
“I told them that they were depraved and that I would never leave France.”
Rev. Eric J. Titus

Strange Brew: Darwin, Dawkins and The Door
Our man visits the Atheist Alliance Convention and lives to tell about it!
John Bloom

Dante’s Inferno: Updated for 2008
Not to be confused with “Disco Inferno 2008.”
Chris Towles

Rejected Religious Book Titles
Featuring What’s So Amazing About Graceland by Philip Yancey and Priscilla Presley.
John Green

Larry King and the Angel
“Gosh darn” or “dang it” don’t generate the same kind of paperwork.
Chris Mikesell

E.W.E.: R.I.P.
Maybe it was doomed from the start.
Arsenio Orteza

To All the Sheep Who’ve Left the Fold
“For whom the weekly show got old …”
Fred Allen

The Wittenburg Door Televangelist Crossword Puzzle
We’ve got Will by the shortz!
Mary Darden

Demoniac Professor Hired by SMU
Belzor was the best man—or demon—for the job.
Jane Lebak

American Evangelicals: A Field Guide to Their Identification, Traits and Proper Mockery, Part II
This phylum spans the most inspirational and the most frighteningly inane aspects of evangelical Christianity.
Jeff Gustafson

Uncovering the Historical Potter
Do you think J. K. Rowling wrote all of those books?
George Halitzka

Church Raises Minimum Age to 21
“Let the children come unto me; Hilldad Church doesn’t want them!”
Scott Wilcher

Letters to the Editor
Exegeted and Excreted by
Skippy R. and Harry Guetzlaff

Valentine’s Day Out of this World Sale!
Purchase a new couch today and make no payments, EVER!
Jane Lebak

Build-Your-Own Jesus
It keeps growing till it costs you everything.
George Halitzka

The Last Word
The Grassley Six.
Ole Anthony, with Skippy R.