Britney Spears Must Be Saved

(From the private email files of Thomas Nelson Publishing)

By Joe Bob Briggs


03.12.2008 | Comments(25)

Thou Pastry Hypocrites

Don't Preach Krispy Kremes If You're Serving Stale 7-11 Cinnamon Rolls

By John Green

03.11.2008 | Comments(14)

Reading Lolita at Liberty University

By A. Speegle

They were several young women I shall never forget that summer of ’97. READ MORE...

03.09.2008 | Comments(36)

Blessed Are The Swishy

(From the Pastoral Notes of Barack Obama)

By Joe Bob Briggs

03.07.2008 | Comments(120)

You May Have Missed the Rapture if...

By Joe Christian

While on vacation in Israel, you suddenly find yourself conscripted into the dark army of Apollyon. READ MORE...

03.05.2008 | Comments(35)

Gersztyn Sweeps February Indulgence Awards
By Joe Bob Briggs

Bob Gersztyn, who describes himself as an acid-dropping hippie from the sixties, is the winner of the February Indulgence Awards, the coveted document from the Doorkeeper granting 7,777 days off your Purgatory sentence for the Best Freelance Article of the Month. (Only freelancers are eligible. Everyone working in the office has to do their time until liberated by Luther, and Luther is dead.) READ MORE...

03.03.2008 | Comments(9)

Don't Let the Girl Pigeon Preach!

Time To Pee

By Al Speegle, Jr.

Thomas Nelson Publishing announces the signing of Mo Willems, the famed children’s author READ MORE...

02.27.2008 | Comments(15)

St. Christopher Sacked by Vatican

By Joe Christian • Illustration by Diego Greco

St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, has been relieved by the Vatican of his duty to protect passengers in motor vehicles. READ MORE...

02.26.2008 | Comments(12)

God Doesn't Suck, But God's Vacuum Sure Does

By Dale Dobson

To: All Senior Sales Personnel
From: Rex Wintergreen, Executive VP/Faith-Based  sales
Sensitivity: TOP SECRET


02.24.2008 | Comments(17)

Archbishop of Canterbury Revealed to Be Cat Stevens in Disguise
READ MORE... 02.20.2008 | Comments(12)