Pimp Thy Ride

Epigrammatic Theology for the Megachurch Generation
By Fred Allen

Bumper stickers for the new millennium:

One nation under awed.
Jesus saves, but the interest rate leaves a lot to be desired.
Better latte than never.
Remember the Sabbath and keep it short.

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The Pope vs. Spiderman

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

April 18-20: New York Comic Con
April 18-20: New York Papal Visit
Coincidence? We think not.

The Vatican knew exactly what they were doing. It was their attempt to make a full-scale frontal assault on American popular culture. Faced with a decision between comic books and holy scriptures, multiple superheros and a single savior, action figures and crucifixions, graphic novels and encyclicals, between the greatest artist in comic book history (Stan Lee) and the second most popular pope of the last four years (Benedict XVI), who did they expect us to choose? READ MORE...

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Dispensational Smackdown

By Paul Smith

Bock vs. Pentecost
Tribulation Cage Match

Dallas-In a move that rocked the far-flung Dispensational community, noted Traditional Dispensationalist Dwight Pentecost challenged Progressive Dispensationalist champion Darrel Bock to a cage match fight to determine the future of Dispensational thought in America. READ MORE...

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"You're Going to Die, You Self-Righteous Jerk" And Other Soothing Meditations from Jim Wallis and Tony Campolo

By Judith Hugg

"Selections from Our Daily Muffin"

Wednesday, September 5
"At one time you were darkness but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light." Ephesians 5:9

I walked through the garden alone, while the dew was still on the roses. Well, who cares? Wake up and smell the latte. People are suffering and dying at a prodigious rate while you choose what color nail polish to have the delicate, coughing Vietnamese woman paint on your fake fingernails. READ MORE...

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Camouflaged Fundamentalist Commandos Assault Apartment of Eugene Peterson to Stop All Future Editions of 'The Message'

By William Mcpherson
Illustration by Kevin Atherton

Eugene H. Peterson has reached millions of young adults throughout the world with his unique Bible paraphrase, The Message. Since its inception in the early '90s, Peterson's Message has drawn strong praise and criticism from both sides of the religious aisle for its informal tone and dynamic approach. READ MORE...

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Bunnyman Killed on Copeland Ranch

By C Hinkel

A joyous Easter celebration in Newark, Texas, turned gloomy last Friday when an unemployed Mexican illegal alien dressed as a giant rabbit was inadvertently massacred by rednecks on Kenneth Copeland's property. READ MORE...

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Executive Summary for Downsizing and Outsourcing Movement of Chosen People for Maximum Return on Covenant Investment

By Jane Lebak

03.25.2008 | Comments(10)

Flopsy Bunny and the Easter Miracle

By Christopher Garrett

Potential publishers react to a children's allegory of the passion using rabbits and a rat named Judah O'Scary. READ MORE...

03.20.2008 | Comments(2)

Kim Jong-Il Admits "Possibly" Being the Anti-Christ

by Joe Christian

Under pressure from apocalyptical expert Hal Lindsey, North Korea’s reclusive, rotund dictator Kim Jong-il has admitted through state-run media that he is “possibly the Anti-Christ.” READ MORE...

03.20.2008 | Comments(11)

Green Homosexuals, The Newest Threat to American Families

Dobson Emergency Alert

By John Green

Dear faithful ministry partner,

Over the years, I have done my best to warn you of imminent dangers to the sacred institution of marriage and Christian families. READ MORE...

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