Burning Bush
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Getting Real About Reality in Real Time, Really (Rob Bell's Latest Meditation on Realism)

by Aaron Alford

An exclusive excerpt (including footnotes!) from Rob Bell's groundbreaking new book Oingo Boingo: Rediscovering Realness In Authentic Realitude:

I was counseling a man and woman the other day. He was very angry. And upset. And she was too. READ MORE...

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

By Todd Outcalt

Since the Clinton administration, the military has been under a "don't ask, don't tell" policy with regard to gays. But the military has nothing on religion. Don't believe us? Take a look at these "don't ask, don't tell policies" that came to define the spiritual life long before Ted Haggard.

Don't ask: Are you a pro-family Republican with solid values like Newt Gingrich?
Don't tell: How many extra-marital affairs you have had while investigating the infidelity of others. READ MORE...

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Fairway to Heaven

By Christopher Coffman

Buy a Golfer's Bible and get three top quality Christian Evangaballs absolutely free!

The Golfer’s Bible

Edited by Rod Parsley

It’s just too easy these days to forget how many golf references are woven into the narrative of scripture. You can almost drive right past them if you’re not looking.

Thankfully, renowned televangelist Rod Parsley has handed the Christian community a hole-in-one READ MORE...

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God Experiences April, Allows World to Continue
By Joe Bob Briggs

I forgot to give out the indulgences for April, but then who could blame me when Jeremiah Wright, the Pope, and West Texas Polygamists were all inducing nightmares in the Door staff, to the point that we narrowly averted publishing an article about six of the Pope’s wives holding a press conference about Black Liberation Theology? READ MORE...

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Is That Jesus in the Next Port-o-Let?

By Al Speegle, Jr.

The Door has obtained a draft excerpt of Donald Miller's next book, Bark Like a Scab. Miller is, of course, the Portland-based post-modern "emergent church" chronicler of spiritual odysseys and really groovy personal responses to the nature of God and Jesus. When we got this priceless little portion of Bark Like a Scab, READ MORE...

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Good News for Postmodern Man

By Dale Dobson

Taking a page from the extensive Chicken Soup for the Soul marketing handbook, the publishers of Good News for Modern Man are pleased to announce an extensive new line of niche-targeted Bible translations:

Good News for Primitive Man
"Take. Eat. Live. Ah! Good!"

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Midwestern Christian Girl Still Single at 22

By Leann Long

Springtown, MO--The Christian community in Springtown, Missouri, is outraged over a community member's unwillingness to do anything possible to get married as soon as possible. READ MORE...

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Saint Peter's Basilica Visitor Information Survey

By Aaron Alford

Welcome to Saint Peter's Basilica! We're happy you're here! Please take a few moments to fill out our visitors' survey and help us get to know you better!

Please check your age:
under 18
18 to 30
31 to 45
46 to 65
66 to 80
81 to much too old.

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Next Wave: The Submergent Church

By Matt Mikalatos
Illustration by Michael Walker

Pastor Peter Eidenburg decided his church needed a change, so he began to study the "emergent" movement for some ideas. What he found shocked him.

"Our church needed an infusion of cool," he said. "We lacked in style. We had Jesus and the Holy Spirit, sure, but our Power Point slides sucked and we never had candles. READ MORE...

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