Victorious Secret: Lingerie for Overcomers
By Skippy R.

Victorious Secret bills itself as "The Lingerie Line for the Overcoming Woman"

And it is the "premier and dominant" producer of Christian-themed apparel in America, and maybe in the universe, according to the company's innovative founder, Veronique Wisteria.

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Noah's Blog

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Day 4
Rain.

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By Jamie Crossan

  • Prisons would be renamed "Love the Sinner Hate the Sin Tough Love™ Community Intervention Centers."
  • Coveting your neighbor’s ass would be a capital offense.
  • The Bible Belt would be replaced by The God Delusion Neck-tie. READ MORE...
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Mark Driscoll Kicks His Own Ass

By Jesse Benjamin

Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, took a dramatic stand against girly men at a Pastor’s Conference in Houston last week.

The conference, called “re:tool and re:load,” previously billed as “jesus 2.0,” featured speakers from around the country with the stated focus of “Making the Gospel and Missiology Relevant to Post Modern Culture.” Speaking at the last session of the conference, Driscoll focused his three-and-a-half-hour talk on the need for pastors to be more alpha. READ MORE...

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Virgin Mary Found on Back of Grand Theft Auto

By Danny Gallagher

After spending more than three hours in line outside of a Gamespot in Rockford, Illinois, hoping to buy a copy of "Grand Theft Auto IV" so her son would have "friends," Jane Wallach made a startling discovery.

The game she purchased had an image of the Virgin Mary plainly visible on the reflective side of the disc. READ MORE...

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Today's Theologians Rock With the Oldies

By Becky Garrison

Christian publishing needs to be relevant for the New Millennium, so we decided to see what might happen if some of today’s best-selling authors re-wrote the Christian classics. READ MORE...

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Your Guide to Contemporary Christian Music

By Dale Peterson

Thank you for choosing to worship with us today. If you are from a church that uses traditional hymns, you may be confused. Please take a moment to read through this guide to contemporary Christian music.

In our church you will not hear "How Great Thou Art," "Wonderful Grace of Jesus," or "Like a River Glorious." (Generally, hymns that have words like “Thou” are not used. They are too archaic and are normally replaced by words like “awesome” and “miry clay”). READ MORE...

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Rock Me Like a Schwarzentruber (The Return of Amish Speed Metal)

By Larry Wiebe

Fans of bhangra-tinged Amish speed metal will be wetting themselves at the long-anticipated, longer-feared reunion of Phil Harris & the Teflon Starfish.

The new album is called "Bite the Hamster," and it's everything we thought might happen. READ MORE...

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Jesus films redux
Gallagher Humiliated, Wins May Indulgence Award

I don’t know about you, but when I think comedy, I think Cracked magazine. And one of the most relentless Cracked hacks is Danny Gallagher, a New Orleanian transplanted to Texas who just catapulted to Internet fame by winning the Door’s May Indulgence Awards for his article, “The 10 Worst Movies About Jesus (Not Including Passion of the Christ Because That Would Be Too Easy) READ MORE...

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The Iron Age Chef
By Skippy R.

Welcome to the Gruel Network and our second season of The Iron Age Chef.

I'm your host, Grinzidel of the Pinion Nut, formerly chef to the House of Pannonia and food taster to the Emperor of Mudge, may he rest in peace. When the Emperor expired on our last program, we were overwhelmed with the outpourings of grief and suggestions for the further maltreatment of his body, and I assure you, the flaxseed supplier has been found and severely punished. READ MORE...

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