Jesus and Larry and Me

By Bob Gersztyn

Larry Norman, the godfather of Jesus Rock, always said he was just putting Jesus back into the music that Elvis Presley had taken out of the black churches. "Why should the devil have all the good music?" Larry would shout while pounding his piano, Jerry-Lee-Lewis style, searing guitars screaming behind him. READ MORE...

02.29.2008 | Comments(33)

The Copeland/Huckabee Love Affair

Huckabee & Copeland

Billionaire evangelist oilman cattle rancher Kenneth Copeland, who sits so high atop the “prosperity gospel” pyramid that he has hundreds of “franchise” churches whose pastors send money back up the pipeline, spent much of his annual ministers conference last week talking about how he stonewalled the Senate Finance Committee, then boasted about having Mike Huckabee on his team. READ MORE...

01.27.2008 | Comments(327)

Mitt Romney Endorses God
By Joe Bob Briggs

You’ll learn more about the Mormon Church from the “Landmark Moments in LDS History” Collectors Plate than you will from Mitt Romney’s 21-minute speech READ MORE...

12.06.2007 | Comments(38)

God Will Need Excedrin Today
By John Bloom

This morning the six televangelists are supposed to turn in their answers to a series of financial questions posed by Senator Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. READ MORE...

12.05.2007 | Comments(11)

Don’t Think Just Because the Stem Cell Thing Was Resolved I Don’t Still Hate You
By John Bloom

What was that sound last week when the Great Stem Cell Debate of the 21st Century fizzled into nothing? READ MORE...

12.04.2007 | Comments(15)

Muslim Girls Gone Wild
By John Bloom

So I’m reading this old Christianity Today article about discrimination against Christian women in India, and suddenly I notice the picture: they’re all wearing headscarves. READ MORE...

11.27.2007 | Comments(36)

For the Love of God, Stop! Please Stop!: The First, Last, Final, Ultimate Word on School Prayer
By Joe Bob Briggs

Okay, people, it’s time to stop. Really. Fifty years is enough whining about school prayer. READ MORE...

11.20.2007 | Comments(72)

Ole Anthony on the Drew Marshall Show

Catch the Publisher of the Wittenburg Door, Ole Anthony, being interviewed by Canadian talk show host Drew Marshall. Listen

11.18.2007 | Comments(0)

Ole Anthony and "The God Thing"
By John Bloom

Ole Anthony was the only preacher I ever met who wanted to talk about getting laid. To be fair, he mostly talked about not getting laid and the crimp it put in his lifestyle. But there were nights in the early eighties when we would hang out at smoky, boozy joints like Arthur's, the notorious upscale pickup bar in North Dallas READ MORE...

11.15.2007 | Comments(102)

Grassley's Epistles

11.12.2007 | Comments(3)