Joe Bob's Guide to World Evangelism
By Joe Bob Briggs

Okay, all you guys who like to sit in football stadiums while somebody reads the Bible and then fat women in purple robes sing the Doxology and then you walk down to the fifty yard line and cry a little and "rededicate" your miserable self to the J-Man, I need you to listen up here for a minute. READ MORE...

05.13.2008 | Comments(80)

Joe Bob Harmonizes the Gospels
By Joe Bob Briggs

Illustration by David Pugliese

I'm tired of people bitchin' all the time about how the gospels don't make sense because Mark says something different from Matthew who says something different from Luke, and then John goes off on a whole crazy tangent. How long we been doing this, people? Three hundred years?

Let's settle this, all right?

11.08.2007 | Comments(53)