Blessed Are The Swishy

(From the Pastoral Notes of Barack Obama)

By Joe Bob Briggs

03.07.2008 | Comments(120)

Larry Norman: The Original Jesus Rocker Goes to Jesus

Larry Norman

Much of the world scarcely noticed when Larry Norman passed away last Sunday at 2:45 a.m., but thousands of music makers, both Christian and non-, mourned and wept. READ MORE...

02.29.2008 | Comments(34)

Jesus and Larry and Me

By Bob Gersztyn

Larry Norman, the godfather of Jesus Rock, always said he was just putting Jesus back into the music that Elvis Presley had taken out of the black churches. "Why should the devil have all the good music?" Larry would shout while pounding his piano, Jerry-Lee-Lewis style, searing guitars screaming behind him. READ MORE...

02.29.2008 | Comments(33)

Loud Whispers from the Ends of the Earth

By John Bloom

Iona is a chilly, barren, salty, wind-whipped little island off the coast of western Scotland that seems almost entirely inhabited by the ghosts of madmen READ MORE...

02.26.2008 | Comments(16)

Found Jesus? Been Saved? Here's the Scriptural Reason You Should SHUT THE FLIP UP!
By Joe Bob Briggs

Editor’s note: This exegesis of Galatians 1 by Door In-house Exegete Joe Bob Briggs was written in 1999 and is included in his massive upcoming three-volume Commentary on the Third Epistle of John, available in spring 2023 from Zondervan. READ MORE...

02.14.2008 | Comments(48)

I'm a Weak and Broken Heterosexual Man In Need of Ben Franklins

By John Green


02.11.2008 | Comments(43)

Justice Roy Moore Posts Ten Commandments of Driving

By David Sklar • Illustration by Jerry King

Former Justice Roy Moore of Alabama has opened a campaign to post the Vatican’s new Ten Commandments of Driving in local traffic courts across America. READ MORE...

02.07.2008 | Comments(18)

How to De-Program a Gen Y'er

By Howard Bowman • Illustration by Andres Alvez

In response to surveys showing a lack of conversational skills stemming from an over-reliance on video games, text messaging and TiVo, a number of American mainline churches have begun to offer classes in fellowship and social conversation with Generation Y’ers. READ MORE...

01.30.2008 | Comments(10)

John Eldredge: How Wild Is He?

“Early Celtic believers referred to the Holy Spirit as the Wild Goose, a name rightly describing the unfettered, free, and wild nature of God.”
        — from John Eldredge's website

01.29.2008 | Comments(32)

The Copeland/Huckabee Love Affair

Huckabee & Copeland

Billionaire evangelist oilman cattle rancher Kenneth Copeland, who sits so high atop the “prosperity gospel” pyramid that he has hundreds of “franchise” churches whose pastors send money back up the pipeline, spent much of his annual ministers conference last week talking about how he stonewalled the Senate Finance Committee, then boasted about having Mike Huckabee on his team. READ MORE...

01.27.2008 | Comments(327)