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06.19.2008 | Comments(11)

The First Movie was "Ur: The Beginning"

Archaeologists in Tibet recently discovered the world’s first drive-in theater, which can clearly be discerned in this photo by noting the number of people who ripped the speaker posts out of the ground as they were leaving.

tibet drive-in

Thanks to Bill Henslee of El Lago, Texas, for alerting the media to the probable reason that an entire nation turned to increasingly hallucinatory versions of Buddhism after their drive-ins became extinct, although Henslee theorizes that the gift of the drive-in was bestowed by aliens who parked here three millennia ago then returned to their planet. We are not alone.


SRebbe | 04:33 pm on 6/20/2008

I'll believe after I see more from a tortilla or a waterstained stucco house.

catarina | 06:37 pm on 6/20/2008

this is just a huge tease to a Buddhist archaeologist. I need more details!

budda | 10:56 pm on 6/20/2008

I couldn't come up with anything from anywhere else either. That isn't to say that the story is necessarily false, but be warned, Bloom does occasionally just make shit up. He takes the satire thing real serious.

budda | 10:59 pm on 6/20/2008

My most sincere apologies to Mr. Bloom, I meant to say "Joe Bob Briggs does occasionally just make shit up".

Catarina | 12:22 pm on 6/21/2008

I know. He's pushing a few buttons methinks.

budda | 07:10 pm on 6/22/2008

Where do you do your archeological work? Is there a web site that explains what your doing? I would love to know more.

catarina | 05:58 am on 6/24/2008

I'm not active in the field anymore, but all my work was done in the CT river valley, Avon Mountain, People's Forest, Satan's Kingdom, a few other places. I still do a little consulting sometimes, but not often. It's difficult to keep funded in that field, so I do something totally different now.

pigseye | 09:43 pm on 6/20/2008

Yeah right... they didn't even have electricity until like
1950 or something.

Process Deist | 09:54 pm on 6/20/2008 mid 1970's, six of us (boys & girls) would drive 30 miles, over to the Drive Inn Movie Theater in Sulphur Springs.
We would back our pick-up into the parking slot and let the tailgate down, open up our lawn chairs and slice open a couple of watermellons.
We had NEVER heard a redneck joke. We did not know how country we were.
I will only assume that the ancient drive inn that you have discoverd is also an indication of some rural teenagers, laden with hormones, seeking 'big city' excitement.

cb | 10:28 am on 9/01/2008

We HAD a big city Drive In - on the northeast corner of Forest and Central. The Gemini Twin - then they added a third screen and it started going downhill from there. There was also a nice one in Garland. Santa Fe, NM used to have a nice one, too. I think Las Vegas, NM still has one.

The Untouchable | 07:06 pm on 6/25/2008

Hey Joe bob!!Quit worrying about the abandoned Drive In in Tibet and instead come down to Ennis to the Galaxy Drive In!!
It's a four screener and it's right off I45 Southbound!!!
I'm surprised you haven't made a trip down there,although their announcer"RCA Jack"sounds a lot like you!!

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