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06.17.2008 | Comments(9)

Do Not Suffer a Woman to Neglect Thy Soiled Raiment

A man in Genoa, Italy, found his ex-girlfriend drinking in a bar, dragged her out to his car, took her home, and forced her to iron his clothes and wash his dishes. The man was arrested on charges of kidnapping, which I thought was a little harsh, considering that this is exactly what Paul suggests be done in 2 Timothy whenever a woman becomes so unaware of her place in the universe that her ironing gene becomes sublimated. There’s a reason she was drinking. She had become disoriented and lost the inner GPS system that tells her where the kitchen is.


Catarina | 06:54 am on 6/18/2008

Must be the same gene that guides men to Fulfill their Destiny by opening jars and mowing the lawn for us women.

that calvinist doug | 07:12 am on 6/18/2008

Bill Clinton just had a great idea!

Process Deist | 07:15 am on 6/18/2008

You uppity women I don't understand
Why you gotta go and try to act like a man,
But before you make your weekly visit to the shrink
You'd better occupy the kitchen, liberate the sink.

Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in the bed
That's what I to my baby said,
Women's liberation is a-going to your head,
Get your biscuits in the oven and your buns in the bed.
(Kinky Friedman)

Catarina | 09:20 am on 6/18/2008

oddly enough I like Kinky Friedman

Process Deist | 09:47 am on 6/18/2008

Two-Step'n the night away at Gruene Hall to the music of Kinky and the Texas Jewboys.
Life don't get no better than this!

SRebbe | 04:29 pm on 6/18/2008

great! now I can just blame my inner GPS for malfunctioning! it will never be my fault ever again! I just got lost! brilliant!

SRebbe | 04:36 pm on 6/18/2008

wait, his xgf? he drug his ex back and made her do domestics? he didn't already have a new pretty maid submitting to that handsome catch only a mother could love? (what about his momma?)

man, what ever could his issue be... poor baby.

sounds like someone I work for............

Amarie | 07:24 pm on 6/19/2008

She should've just told him she was following Paul's advice to take a little wine for her stomach.

But I can't throw any stones here. I, too, once pulled a Timothy Track Down. Found my ex-boyfriend at a bar. Dragged him to my car, took him home, and forced him to pray at all times, to reject false teaching, also, to take out my trash.

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