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06.16.2008 | Comments(7)

I Got Your Craniosacral Right Here, Babe

Just out of curiosity, I decided to look up the pastor who conducted the much ballyhooed baptism at Boston’s baseball shrine, Fenway Park, where little Ryan Rogers, son of Brian Rogers, was sprinkled, because I assumed it would be an earthy Irish Catholic priest who was a big baseball fan. Uh-uh. Not even close. It turns out to be the “reverend doctor” Betty Breault, pastor of Cornerstone Healing Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and the following are her credentials (please read to the end): Associates of Science in Business Management, Fisher Junior College; B.A., Psychology, University of Massachusetts; Master of Education, Marriage and Family Therapy, Cambridge College; Master Level Hypnobirthing Instructor; Doula Childbirth Educator; Reiki Master Teacher; Aromatherapist; Reflexologist; Craniosacral Therapist. If you’d like to hear the reverend doctor talking about exactly what kind of New Age journeys they take at Cornerstone, you can visit her website, and meanwhile, I’m telling the Yankees.


SRebbe | 03:24 pm on 6/16/2008

you had me at 'doula'

PeteAtomic | 07:03 am on 6/17/2008

I didn't realize that professional college students could perform baptisms.

Matt Mikalatos | 03:18 am on 6/18/2008

Could have given us a little warning about the disturbing audio on her site...

She sorta sounds like Snow White.

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