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05.13.2008 | Comments(4)

Holy Sand Not Authentic

A Bolivian dressed as a priest stepped off the Lima-to-Amsterdam flight, intending to take another plane to Milan, when the Dutch Royal Military Police asked him to consent to a search. He replied that his religion didn't allow him to be searched, but the officers insisted, eventually finding packages of what he called "holy sand" strapped to his legs. The holy sand had a street value of about $155,000 on the local coke market. How stupid does this guy think we are? Holy sand is always carried anally.


that calvinist doug | 01:39 pm on 5/13/2008

Is this what McCartney referred to when he sang:

sands across the waters
sands across the skies

What? It was hands? Nevermind.

SRebbe | 10:23 am on 5/14/2008

there goes my zen garden.

Paul in Maine | 03:22 pm on 5/14/2008

Well, that beats a bean dinner for fund raising.

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