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05.06.2008 | Comments(3)

Wow, and Bow

Selva Kumar, a 33-year-old man from a village in southern India, killed two dogs in 1992 and, four days later, was stricken with paralysis. Fifteen years of medical treatments failed to improve his condition, so he consulted an astrologer who told him that he was cursed because of killing the dogs, and that the only way to lift the curse was to marry a dog. He selected a 3-year-old female named Selvi, dressed her in a pink silk saree for the wedding ceremony, and tied a Hindu sacred thread around her neck, vowing to take care of his wife forever. We’re not planning to tell James Dobson about this, but at the very least he’s gonna want the guy brought up on charges related to the thirty-year age difference.


BJ | 06:49 am on 5/06/2008

Some guys marry dogs. Some guys marry bitches. He married both. I'm calling the TBN prayer line on his behalf. Are you sure this wasn't southern Alabama?

that calvinist doug | 01:31 pm on 5/06/2008

What, BJ, no doggie-style honeymoon reference? And, by the way, did they sing Elton John's "The bitch is back" at the reception?

SRebbe | 04:31 pm on 5/06/2008

Doug, could this be "baby's first fabulous" for you?

where is PETA when they really are needed?

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