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05.04.2008 | Comments(3)

It’s Actually a Form of Birth Control

In Northern Ireland, line-dancing was officially banned by the Free Presbyterian Church. The Presbyterians have always been opposed to normal dancing, but line-dancing has become increasingly popular at Protestant weddings. Now the Rev. Ian Paisley has officially denounced it, saying line-dancing "sullies the sanctity of the ceremony" and that it's "aiding and abetting fleshly lusts which war against the soul." All Free Presbyterian ministers have taken a vow "to denounce dancing, drinking, gambling and the crazes of the present evil world, some of which line-dancing is very much a part." It's too bad the Rev. Paisley never watched Country Music Television, because once you've seen those thighs in those jeans doing that kind of dancing, fleshly lusts tend to wither away altogether.


Process Deist | 09:37 am on 5/05/2008

My wife and I have danced at every major or historic dance hall in Texas. We believe that line-dancing should be outlawed.
You don't line-dance at the Broken Spoke, or Grueen Hall...the bouncers will stop it. Of course, the Sons of Herman Hall, has almost become a no dancing zone with concerts.
A 2-step, waltz or polka, with the right girl, can almost be a religious experience. Mix in a little cold beer and BBQ....sinning don't get no better than this.

David Williams | 01:27 pm on 5/05/2008

Well, in context, this constitutes something of an improvement for the Rev. Paisley. Back when I lived in England, he spent most of his time agitating Protestant Ulstermen against Catholics. He's a...well...take a look at this picture of him:,0....

Now, think what animal he reminds you of. Then visualize the other end of said animal. That's what he is.

Process Deist | 11:52 pm on 5/05/2008

Well....whatever he is.....I bet he is the noisiest piece of machinery on the farm.
By the a child, my family was friends with Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn. Mr. Sam would often say, "Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a Carpenter to build one."

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