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05.01.2008 | Comments(12)

Angry Lesbians from Lesbos Take On Deluded Wannabe Lesbos Calling Themselves Lesbian

Three Lesbians (capital “L”) are suing an organization of lesbians (lower case “l”) for calling themselves Lesbians (capital “L”) in the name of their organization, which is the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece. Dimitris Lambrou, a male Lesbian, traveled from Mytilene, the capital of the island of Lesbos, to Athens to file the suit, pointing out as he did that natives of Lesbos have been called Lesbians for thousands of years but devotees of Sappho, the late 7th-century lesbian (lower case “l”) poet who was born there and whose native town of Eressos does a booming trade in lesbian weddings, have called themselves lesbians for less than a century. Therefore Lesbians have precedence over lesbians, especially since Lesbians can be male as well as female, whereas lesbians are exclusively female, and especially since—here’s the ultimate kicker—Lambrou claims that Sappho was heterosexual. Therefore she was a Lesbian but not a lesbian. I think these lesbians have been licked.


budda | 12:55 am on 5/02/2008


The Ringo Kid | 02:53 pm on 5/07/2008

Sounds Like either Michael Medved's Worst Nightmare or An Episode of
Jerry Springer or Maury Povitch Waiting To Happen!!

Anonymous | 11:54 am on 5/02/2008

I think that I may be a male lesbian, too. At least my wife thinks so.

Process Deist | 12:54 pm on 5/02/2008

It's all Greek to me!

that calvinist doug | 01:19 pm on 5/02/2008

My new neighbor, Butch Dyke, just moved here from Lesbos...I'm so confused.

Lilly | 10:17 am on 5/07/2008

Confused as a home school teenager with their orthodontia tangled in pubic hair.

budda | 01:16 am on 5/08/2008

That was funny.

SRebbe | 04:06 pm on 5/08/2008

oh, I'm remembering that one...

budda | 05:33 pm on 5/04/2008

Hey Deist, who do you know??? Believers (shudder) Stand United printed your post. Nice little jab about tax status for churches. Good job man.

Process Deist | 10:14 am on 5/07/2008

Thank you.
I have 'pull' through my cousin. She is the Senior Pastor of Pillar of Fire and Ground of Truth Apostolic Saints in Christ Church in downtown Azzuza, Oklahoma.
It is not a mega church, but the tittle is.

budda | 01:09 am on 5/08/2008

I love that name, it is the longest I have ever heard. Does she go by "pastor" or "Apostle"?

Deist, you and your family sound so interesting. I would love to be a fly on the wall at a Deist family reunion when the conversation made it's way to politics and religion.

Actually, if my sister had a church, I believe it would have a similar name. She and her husband are good thinkers but quite evangelical. We have dinner together once a week and the conversation is always interesting. They taught me how to argue respectfully and know my facts and opinion well before I open my mouth.

SRebbe | 04:09 pm on 5/08/2008

we have 2 cities in VA called Dyke and Bumpass. they are no where close to each other. but visitors love looking at the atlas and making this discovery.

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