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04.29.2008 | Comments(13)

Dangling Privileges Endangered in Florida

The Florida Senate passed a bill banning the display of fake bull testicles that dangle from trailer hitches, but the bill still has to get through the House of Representatives, which has historically had a majority of lawmakers who enjoy testicle displays and who, in fact, frequently employ fake ones on the floor of the House, usually in the service of bull.


Process Deist | 09:25 am on 4/29/2008

Rednecks and Hombres hang bumper nuts from their pick-up trucks.
What do Liberal Women attach to the bumper of their Volvo?

that calvinist doug | 11:19 am on 4/29/2008

George Bush's testicles? I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

Lilly | 03:58 pm on 4/30/2008

LeBra car bras. What else would a lady use?

Paul in Maine | 10:52 am on 4/29/2008

If we paint the testicles red, and declare them a symbol for testicular cancer research, will it get a portion of the media coverage/product marketing that accompanies breast cancer research?

SRebbe | 11:05 am on 4/29/2008

The Powers that Be are trying to ban them in VA. you know where they make them? Lynchburg. I kid you not.

buda | 02:05 pm on 4/29/2008

Well isn't Lynchburg the home of the biggest bulls with the biggest pile of bullsh*t outside of Dallas (theological), specifically the late, great, Dr. Fawell and Liberty University?

JoshH | 03:14 am on 4/30/2008

Yup. Makes this ol' shaggy-haired Quaker living in the Shenandoah Valley take a moment to chuckle a bit.

SRebbe | 03:43 pm on 4/30/2008

Very true. Now to become home to a bunch of steers if they get their way. Wait... that comes from cutting something else entirely off...

Close enough.

Paul in Maine | 07:08 am on 4/30/2008

I'm wondering if this whole issue isn't rooted in envy.

Lilly | 05:59 pm on 4/30/2008

Look at a map. The entire state of Florida looks like something 'dangling'.

buda filling in for Dr.Freud | 08:13 pm on 4/30/2008

I like the way you think, Lilly.

Lilly | 11:25 pm on 4/30/2008

What do you mean?
I am a proper member of the Womens Missionary Society!
You can kiss my rosy red 'Rorschach'.
N.B. Florida is limp.

SRebbe | 11:58 am on 5/01/2008

Florida... dangling... Freud... missionary... this entire thread has gone a bit south of the equator

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