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04.25.2008 | Comments(3)

Dr. Dobson Would Like the Corporal Part Anyway

A middle school in Siberia has a new plan for dealing with
children who misbehave. If the problem can't be solved after monthly conversations with the local Commission for Children and Adolescents, businesses have agreed to release the child's father from work so that he can attend school with his child. The ideais that teachers will be left alone to teach, and Dad will be free to administer corporal punishment if he thinks it's needed. The idea probably wouldn't work in America, because in 13 million homes Dad is named Jennifer.


TheDonQuixotic | 11:45 am on 4/25/2008

you know if there is one thing that Dobson is right about, its that the degeneration and decentralization of the family has weakened alot of our society.

that calvinist doug | 12:36 pm on 4/25/2008

DQ, I agree. He takes a lot of crap for veering off into areas where he doesn't belong, but on his basic, historic message, he gets a lot of things right. As fathers have abandoned their children at an alarmingly increasing rate, and now it's even in vogue for women to intentionally have kids without a dad around, I believe it is no coincidence that more and more kids have no flipping idea what it means to be a responsible, respectable adult.

JoshH | 04:47 pm on 4/25/2008

I think you mean his basic *histrionic* message.

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