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04.24.2008 | Comments(5)

The Chainmail Is One Thing, the Blackmail Comes Later When the Kid Is Grown and the Pictures Turn Up on Facebook

If you’ve ever wondered who invented the popular Armor of God children’s pajamas, which are based on Ephesians 6:10-18 and look like a cross between a competitive kung fu uniform and the Crusader chainmail worn by Raymond IV of Saint-Gilles if he had added footies, the answer is Shirley Rogers of Lake City, Florida, and Peggy Wakefield of Spartanburg, South Carolina, who offer the complete boy’s PJ’s (traditional Roman-style helmet) for $39.95 and the complete girl’s PJ’s (Egyptian-style hairpiece) for the same price. The thoughtful guide to salvation on their website is free of charge, but not, unfortunately, the Shield of Faith Pillow or the activity coloring book. Not recommended for sleepovers in Muslim households.


SRebbe | 04:09 pm on 4/24/2008

Isn't it cheaper to just buy a damn nightlight?

buda | 09:48 pm on 4/24/2008

Well, I suppose Halloween is coming up, eventually, not that these ladies would approve of that sort of activity, bless their hearts.

JoshH | 11:55 pm on 4/24/2008

Sounds like a Chuck Norris kinda product!

Anonymous | 07:02 am on 4/25/2008

Chuck Norris does not need Armor of God pajamas, Armor of God pajamas need him

buda | 10:29 am on 4/25/2008

Chuck Norris doesn't wear Superman pajamas, Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

When Chuck Norris jumps in the water, he doesn't get all wet, the water gets all Chuck Norris.

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