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04.22.2008 | Comments(3)

Sometimes You Have to Protect Your Soul

When a 66-year-old Seattle woman changed the channel of the television in the common room of an assisted living complex because she wanted to watch a religious program, she was challenged by another woman, a resident of the complex in her early sixties, who eventually grabbed a six-inch kitchen knife and stabbed the channel-switcher in the abdomen. Before we rush to judgment in the criminal courts of King County, Washington, let us consider the Christian points of view. The woman did not ask permission to change the channel (bad), but she was trying to get closer to God (good). The attacker resorted to violence (bad), but the woman may have been watching Paul and Jan Crouch, in which case the charges should be dropped.


that calvinist doug | 10:39 am on 4/23/2008

The woman was 66. The knife was 6 inches long. 6-6-6...oh, Skippy, we need your beastie machine.

SRebbe | 11:09 am on 4/24/2008

The challenger was in her 60's... damn, how many sixes are involved here? It's a sign of the End of the End Times! Call the National Enquirer, Tim LaHaye and company, the VanImpes, and put the fake newscast on GodTube!

The Faith Voice | 05:55 pm on 4/24/2008

Yeah, there is something about the 3 6's....

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