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04.22.2008 | Comments(1)

Jackie Chan Has Left the Building

The real Shaolin Temple, not to be confused with the classic 1982 kung fu movie of the same name, installed luxury restrooms worth $340,000 so that tourists visiting the Beijing Olympics who want to see where they filmed Silver Hermit From Shaolin Temple (1979) won’t be inconvenienced by the monk latrines which, for all we know, were constructed to be intentionally primitive to challenge the discipline of the fighters, as in 18 Shaolin Disciples (1976), not to mention the challenged bladder of The Shaolin Drunken Monk (1982).


that calvinist doug | 11:11 am on 4/22/2008

"You may take a leak, Grasshopper, when you can remove the pebble from my hand."

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