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04.14.2008 | Comments(3)

Look, It's Just Dutch People, Forget It

Eileen Issa of Macungie, Pennsylvania, checked out a children’s book called King & King from the Lower Macungie Public Library and started reading it to her two-year-old son. The story, by Dutch authors Linda de Haan and Stern Nifland, is about an overbearing queen who demands that her son marry a princess, but he marries a prince instead, and the final scene has the two men holding hands and exchanging a kiss of marital bliss at the altar. The ending made her “sick,” said the mom, and she demanded that the library remove the book from circulation, even though there had been no previous complaints about homosexually-themed children’s books translated from the Dutch. The library board decided to leave the book alone, lest Dutch homosexuals feel estranged from Greater Macungie society.


Anonymous | 10:35 am on 4/15/2008

Shouldn't the book be called "Queen & Queen"?

TheDonQuixotic | 12:13 pm on 4/15/2008

Yeah... Its a public library so they shouldn't remove it. But, that doesn't make it weird. Man whenever did the Dutch get so famous for being weird??

that calvinist doug | 02:49 pm on 4/15/2008

Any country that refers to itself by three separate names, none of which are ever used together, obviously has something to hide. Never trust children's books from such a place. What with all the androgenous fashion, legalized drugs and hookers, no-shaving women, and general grab-assing, I'm surprised anyone there is actually straight.

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