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05.20.2008 | Comments(8)

Let Jesus Pay It

How to be a Christian cab driver isn’t something they teach you in Bible College, so I had to learn it the hard way. When I first started driving a taxi, I memorized the parable of the wedding feast, in Matthew 20, and used it as my mantra as I drove up and down the streets for my 12-hour shift.

I didn’t want to get fired, because you weren’t supposed to discuss politics or religion with the customers, but God’s law supersedes man’s law, and I was required to fulfill the Great Commission. So I brought some "This Was Your Life!" Chick tracts with me, put one in the back seat on the floor, and two more on the dashboard on the passenger side. If I ever felt led of the spirit, I’d say something about God, but I would never push it.

Most people could give a rat’s ass about God, so it rarely comes up. But after a few days driving, I picked up a guy at Beamer’s Lounge who got into the front seat and was in a really good mood. He asked me all kinds of personal questions. He wanted to know if I was married, if I had any kids, what kind of education I had. And when he found out I had been a minister, he started talking about God and faith. I got really excited, and the next thing you know, we were talking like old friends. He was a Christian and was interested in starting to go to church again, so I told him about some of the fellowships he might want to attend.

When we were almost to his address he told he to pull into the mini-mart on the street next to his house so he could pick something up. He said that he would be right back, and since he was a brother in the Lord I didn’t run the meter. Then he came out with a 12-pack of beer, and said that he lived next door, so he would walk home.

"Wait," I told him. "You owe me $16.45."

"Let Jesus pay it," my passenger said, and continued walking.

I got out of the car, chased him down, told him to pay me or I’d call the police.

“Oh, so now Jesus doesn’t matter?” he said, in a mocking tone of voice.

"Our relationship has graduated from the gospels to the epistles," I told him. "According to the apostle Paul, we are to ‘owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.’ And I’m going to call the law if you don’t pay up.”

After he paid me, I filled up my gas tank, since I was over half empty, and ended up booking nearly $300 for the night, although tips were low. When I turned in the car that morning, I cleaned all the debris off the floors and seats, including the Chick tracts.


60613 | 09:40 am on 5/21/2008

Reminds me of this:

Dalai Lama in New York to a Hot Dog Vendor: "Make me one with everything."

The Dalai Lama pays with a $20 bill and waits for his change. The hot dog vendor ignores him. Dalai Lama asks for his change... the Hot Dog Vendor: "Change comes from within."

Devin Parker | 11:39 am on 5/21/2008

Classic. I'm glad you were so quick on your Scriptural feet.

I really wish people would read more than the "Benefits Only" translation of the Bible. It's far more popular than it deserves to be.

SRebbe | 01:58 pm on 5/22/2008

excellent use of "The Real World" and evolving spiritual maturity, as well as appropriate placement of Chick Tracts... but that's just my opinion. ;)

budda | 11:50 pm on 5/22/2008

What is the appropriate placement for a Chick Tract? The seat or the trash?

JoshH | 07:32 am on 5/23/2008

"The Real World?"

So what "character" from the show are you?
You strike me as being wild and crazy frat boy.

JoshH | 07:33 am on 5/23/2008

Either that or the bicycle messenger.

Anonymous | 12:13 pm on 5/23/2008

Makes me wonder about the Christian ethic and why you would throw away tracts because someone who could quote Scripture easily robbed you of your due????? The devil can quote the Bible, is known as the thief of eternity, and God will repay you for your own effort to bring others to Salvation.

Anonymous | 05:59 pm on 1/16/2010

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