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06.11.2008 | Comments(14)

But the Door Staff Won’t Do Nudity Unless It’s In Good Taste


The American Bible Society went ape when the New York Times reported that its website operations were being run by Internet porn king Richard J. Gordon, and they quickly moved to sever all connections with Gordon and put the Society’s two top officers on administrative leave.

Meanwhile, the description of Gordon’s success running e-commerce operations over the past 20 years made us envious. I’ve been looking for his phone number so I can have Door publisher John Bojo call him up and make a deal. We can use some web traffic, and we’re not squeamish.

God Delusion Royalties Aren’t That Good


We were joking about the atheists driving up the price of that 1954 Einstein letter (the one calling the Bible “childish”) when it was auctioned off in London last week–only to be blindsided by the actuality. Instead of bringing $15,000 at auction, it sold for $404,000. The winning bid came from a fan of theoretical physics, but here’s the best part: Richard Dawkins did put in a bid on it! Richard, you cheapskate! You could have brought it for show-and-tell at next year’s atheist convention.

We Got It From Those Crusades Guys


From the “What Were They Thinking?” Department: Johnson & Johnson, the big health care company, went down in flames last week in the courtroom of New York federal judge Jed S. Rakoff after he said their decision to sue the American Red Cross over who has the right to use the red cross . . . ahem . . . was basically a big waste of time and money. Johnson & Johnson had an 1895 agreement with the ARC--which, of course, is just a branch of the Red Cross organization that originated in Switzerland--to use the red cross symbol on its Band-Aids and other products. In 2004 the ARC started doing some licensing of the symbol to raise money, so that products could say “A portion of your purchase will go the ARC”--and, at that point, Johnson & Johnson thought, “Hey! You can’t just let anybody use the red cross!” Lawsuit filed. Ninety-five percent of it thrown out of court by Judge Rakoff, who referred to the case as “ironic.” That pretty much says it all.

How Many Lobsters Were Consumed at the Business Meeting?

A T.D. Jakes talk show produced by Dr. Phil? Ego, thou art loosed!


budda | 11:16 pm on 6/12/2008

If you want more traffic, might I recommend a real forum with a community feel. We could have nifty little avatars and once logged in we wouldn't have to retype email add, and such.

Under the article it would say when the last comment was posted and if clicked, take you right to it. It would save trying to memorize the total comment number so I could tell when something new was posted. Then spending all the time to slowly scroll through 68 comments only to find the new post was our new friend the near homeless, starving spammer.

I have no idea if it would help traffic, I just used this as an excuse to plug the "real forum" thing.

that calvinist doug | 01:18 pm on 6/13/2008

Budda, I'm in agreement with you here; but, sadly, after several of your pleas have fallen upon deaf ears, I'm left to scroll through the comments section...although it does speed things up to quickly scan the dates. But then again, you may never read this...alas, the pitiful nature of my existence.

budda | 01:37 pm on 6/13/2008

Actually, I do believe it would help increase traffic. It would make this place so much more enjoyable and easier for newbys to get involved and figure out who all the regulars are.

If you build it they will come, Mr Bloom. If you need to take up a collection... oh, sorry, this is probably the wrong crowd for taking up an offering.

I like how The Vagrant Cafe is set up, even if it is a little too insular. Very community based. You could get volunteers for moderators.

JoshH | 08:28 pm on 6/13/2008

"It's like rain on your wedding day, it's a free ride when you've already paid..."

budda | 10:30 pm on 6/13/2008

That's just bad luck. It would only be ironic if the bride and groom were meteorologists.

Still, I loved her in Dogma.

JoshH | 08:28 pm on 6/14/2008

I was referring to the previous use of "ironic" in the story. I was being a smartass; and being a smartass isn't a bad thing. I mean where would Balaam be if not for the fact that he was riding one?

UNCLE KENNY | 11:22 pm on 6/13/2008

Buddy Jesus

Speaking of Dogma, we could sell these to pay for the forum upgrade!

budda | 01:17 am on 6/14/2008

Good idea, kenny. I am kinda surprised you liked Dogma. I didn't think it would be your style. Good for you.

UNCLE KENNY | 03:21 am on 6/14/2008

That is a rather odd comment, budda. I love that movie. I could be wrong, but I don't think you know me. Have we met or something?

budda | 07:50 pm on 6/14/2008

No, it seems I have a problem with imputing motives.

Also, when I read your blog I saw you have a heart/gifting/calling for servanthood evangelism but I totally missed the Kevin Smith reference.

You have to admit, an evangelism gifting doesn't usually coexist with a Kevin Smith type movie.

I have known many folks with the calling (full time ywam/missions for six years), you seem to be one of the very, very rare few with an evangelism calling and a "Kevin Smith" sense of humor.

Hell, maybe I'm wrong but after reading your blog (but missing the K.S. ref) I would think most people would have been surprised you liked Dogma.

UNCLE KENNY | 09:09 pm on 6/14/2008

No problem budda,

It is just my opinion, but I think having a weird sense of humor is a crucial part of being effective in evangelism. Let's face it, it helps to be downright twisted if you are going to reach folks that normally don't want to have anything to do with church, besides those people are more fun to be around anyway. I should know, I used to be one, it was a while ago, but let's just say I understood Elmer Gantry. Besides check out who Jesus spent most of his time with. . .and talk about sarcasm.

By the way, many folks don't get Kevin Smith, on both sides of the church door. I think they would be surprised if they had a conversation with him.

My blog is a bit scratchy, so it might not give you the full picture. It is due for a major overhaul. Go check out our stuff with Serve! Ezine at

It is much better.

budda | 12:42 am on 6/15/2008

Kenny, I don't plan on going out evangelizing ever again, but if it happens, I hope it is with you. That would be a good time. I will check out your serve-others link.

These comment boards are so difficult to have a real conversation on.

JoshH | 08:29 pm on 6/14/2008

I'll definitely say that (to use a Quaker phrase), those who've spoken for a real forum/board "speak my mind."

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