Benny Gets an A, Kenny Gets an F

By John Bloom | 07/07/2008

The big surprise from the Grassley Six progress report yesterday was that Benny Hinn–not known as the most transparent guy in the world--decided to step up and give the senator what he wanted.

Senator Chuck Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, released an extensive statement revealing, among other things, that he had never heard of the “prosperity gospel” until he started this oversight investigation last November (Chuck, you need to get out more), but he wanted it made clear that he doesn’t care what’s being preached, he is just basically opposed to taxpayer support being given to preachers who use charitable contributions to support champagne-and-private-jet lifestyles.

The full press release is available here, but meanwhile here are the grades after eight months of Grassley staff digging into the financial affairs of the six ministries:

Joyce Meyer Ministries: A+
Benny Hinn and World Healing Center Church: A
Randy and Paula White, Without Walls International Church: C
Eddie Long, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church: D-
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: F
Creflo and Taffi Dollar, World Changers Church International: F-

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The last two on the list have more or less openly defied the committee and dared Grassley to issue subpoenas. Eddie Long sent a big pile of paper that wasn’t really responsive to the questions the committee asked. Randy and Paula White, whose church is in shambles along with their marriage, are probably just treading water, trying to figure out where the money went, not to mention where that lovin’ feelin’ went.

And Joyce Meyer, mercilessly lampooned after reports about her $23,000 marble-topped commode got out, should get a big kiss and a hug for coming completely clean from day one. Or Benny can just blow on her. Grassley was using words like “good faith” and “reform” to describe Benny’s ministries. Truly a sign of the apocalypse.


les | 08:00 am on 8/19/2008

Are these folks part of the organization that audits their finances-I believe it's called the ECFA-Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability? Why would anyone give to any organization that's not? Is TBN? Is the Door?
Just wondering...don't watch them and wouldn't send them a penny anyways.(but do read the Door!)

IAIN | 09:02 am on 8/23/2008

Its very comforting to know that when Benny rips you off that the IRS is still getting its fare share :)

Guitboy | 09:00 pm on 9/09/2008

If I were so blessed of the Lord as to be privy to such a powerful prosperity concept inasmuch that it subsequently made me a gazillionaire I, with unrestrained enthusiasm, would certainly take that message to impoverished areas of India, Africa, etc.

Problem is, that won't happen. This prosperity gospel seems only to work in America particularly in the oil-belt.

Prove to us Mr. Copeland that your "ministry" is anointed of God. Plop yourself into a tent for a few years in some of the more economically desperate areas around the world. Walk the talk. Hasn't the soil in Texas been worked enough?

Charlie | 02:57 pm on 5/19/2009

As is the case with with most conservative leaders, and that does not necessarily most conservatives, Grassley seems to have been out of the country for an extended time. Be that as it may, I admire his desire to be fair with other tax payers. This is an easy fix; just tax churches and other none profits on their profits.

Jed2k | 10:02 am on 3/10/2010

least the "air" is being cleaned ~ nice w/ joyce ~ she does stress ethics/personal responsiblity ~ rather than the ~ I got it, I got it, or the price is right ~ american dream mentality ~

Anonymous | 06:42 pm on 6/18/2010

Well, I am a little late on the conversation.

But for me, there are some basic questions which really clear the air.

Would Jesus rather have multi-million dollar monuments built to Him, or would he rather have that money used to support missions and feed the homeless in His name?

Would Jesus rather have His ministers making millions and spending it on themselves, or raising millions and using it to further the kingdom of God by investing in local churches, evangelism, etc.?

In short, would Jesus rather see men and women build their kingdoms, or truly build the Kingdom of God?

It doesn't matter what its labeled, when your name has top billing, its your kingdom.

Dev | 11:02 pm on 6/30/2010

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Lisa | 06:56 am on 4/11/2011

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