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07.22.2008 | Comments(6)

Beastie: Tip of apocalyptic iceberg

There's am alarming development that I see eventually causing the breakdown of civilization as we know it.

Consider the story of Dr. Arnold Kim, physician-turned-blogger.

Sure, blogging can be emotionally rewarding and intellectually stimulating. It can also be addictive, a huge time-suck and eventually grind a person down into millions of cynical bits. Usually it produces a weird combination: the blogger doing Leonardo DiCaprio's "I'm King of the World!" on the doomed Titanic.

But there's something socially and morally wrong about Arnold Kim, who heads up, the website of Apple gossip and rumor, leaving his medical practice blog.

That's right. He stopped treating kidney disease, abandoning the sacred role of the healer, to practice his blogging hobby full time.

Of course, it's a lucrative website-- he can draw a six-figure salary at either job (something we at The Door know nothing about).

But as a society, can we really afford to have valuable contributors just drop everything for the brief thrill of seeing their name in print? In the past, writers and journalists toiled for years hoping they'd eventually offer as much to humankind as a doctor does on his first day out of medical school.

Forget about rising oil prices, terrorism and Brokeback Mountain. This truly fills me with dread.

Think of the consequences if this catches on. Do we want our firemen ignoring the bell just to spellcheck their latest blog entry? Homeland Security agents working on their trout fishing blog while aliens sneak into the country hassle-free? Judges turning in their robes merely to service the Internet uber-feed? Engineers fiddling with their youtube subscriptions as bridges collapse under rush hour traffic?

Someone call Sen. Grassley! This can go nowhere good. The vision is disturbing, even here in my cozy cubicle. Affected as if by the strange, deadly malaise in The Happening, people will start jumping off of buildings, texting their posts as they drop. I'm sure this is mentioned somewhere as a sign of the apocalypse.

No, better to leave blogging to the desperate and wicked social substrata of geeks and losers who currently dominate the field.

When the smart, the successful and the beautiful begin to post their opinions in the blogosphere, the real world is put in deadly peril.

And we bloggers might then have to take some responsibility for it.

LOL! As if!

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that calvinist doug | 10:46 am on 7/23/2008

I'd like to propose the following people leave their occupations immediately to pursue blogging full-time:

1. Almost all Lawyers
2. All Politicians (I know, I know, they're basically the same thing)
3. The entire staff of MSNBC, starting first with Keith Oberman, who, of course, should also be Jesse Jacksonized (de-nutted).

SRebbe | 04:27 pm on 7/25/2008

I thought politicians did nothing but blog, twitter, and campaign. this is why nothing gets done other than argue over what bill shouldn't be passed.

  • Jesse Jackson should immediately quit whatever he does and blog. without pay. do not pass go, do not collect $200,000.
  • I also nominate my now ex-boss, but he wouldn't know what a blog is, let alone the internet. also, my now ex-coworker. all other network colleagues are exempt because they are swell people.
  • the EPA -- in some ways -- ELF, and the Sierra Club ('environmentalism' at all costs is not the same as conservationism, watching out for the environment along with caring for people as well) -- and yes, my dad is greener than me which I still aspire to.
  • CEOs and other me-first individuals. (let's see them live on my salary... ok, now I'm being spiteful... 10 hail mary's and 6 masses for me...)
  • all televangelists. wait... that goes with the one above.
Lilly | 05:04 pm on 7/25/2008

Rev. Jackson does not draw a salry.
He just gets by on what he can collect as an extortionist.

SRebbe | 01:41 pm on 7/29/2008

does that count as 'consulting'?

Anonymous | 07:20 am on 7/28/2008

It is easier making six figures blogging instead of "doctoring" since by doctoring you are always being short changed by government provided medical care, second guessed by insurance companies, and are in constant danger of be sued by parasitic lawyers.

emergent pillage | 12:45 pm on 7/30/2008

The good ex-doc gets six-figures for blogging???

Could you, maybe, see if he'll write articles for the Door, telling us how he does it?

If nothing else, the Door's popularity would skyrocket.

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