Why Creflo Dollar Needs His Dollars

By John Bloom | 11/08/2007

Every time we write about Creflo Dollar we have to point out that this is not one of those fake news articles we've sometimes managed to foist onto the public, and that the name Creflo Dollar was not used by Charles Dickens to describe a wheezing barrister in a pub, nor was it invented by a heavy-handed satirist attempting to lampoon a greedy Ukrainian.

No, Creflo Dollar is a real person, one of the six televangelists who got letters from the Senate Finance Committee on Monday, asking them to send in detailed accounting statements proving that they're not converting church money to their personal use.
Creflo Dollar Posters
More specifically, Creflo Dollar is the pastor of World Changers Church International of College Park, Georgia. Presumably he chose that name himself, completely free of fear that it would be soon be better known as Money Changers Church International by the 30,000 members who weekly enrich its coffers and make it possible for Creflo to maintain the two jets—one Gulfstream 3 and one Lear—that he uses to shuttle back and forth between Madison Square Garden (where he does a Saturday night service for an audience of 6,000) and Atlanta (where he does a Sunday morning service), not to mention occasional visits to his offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Nigeria.

Creflo's wife Taffi Dollar—and here we remind you once again that we are not lapsing into fiction at any point during the creation of this article—Taffi Dollar is responsible for the household budget at the $3 million Dollar mansion in Atlanta, and the more modest $2.44 million Dollar condo overlooking Central Park in Manhattan.

Asked about the Dollar dollars by CBS News yesterday, Dollar said it was untrue that he had two Rolls-Royces (we'd actually heard it was two Rolls-Royces and one Humvee, but who's keeping track?)—that he only had one Rolls and it was given to him by his congregation as a surprise. He also said he did not give $500,000 of church funds to fellow "prosperity gospel" evangelist Kenneth Copeland on the occasion of Copeland's 40th wedding anniversary—although he did not say how much he did give—so we want to be very careful when we say that the annual budget for Dollar's operation, his overhead dollars, is about $80 million. (Note to Creflo: Get back to us if we're a little off on that number.)

The interesting aspect of this story, however, is that so many of these prosperity-gospel guys do funnel money back to Copeland in so many ways that it almost looks like a pyramid scheme. Actually that's too harsh—what it really resembles is the marketing structure of Mary Kay Cosmetics, set up so that every time a salesperson recruits another salesperson, he or she gets a cut of the commission. And the reason that all roads lead to Copeland—see our summary of Copeland's organization in the investigative cartooning feature "Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious"—is that he's the granddaddy of what goes by many names—like "positive confession"—but is most commonly called "Word Faith."

If you look for the theological origins of "Word Faith," you end up in Tulsa, of course, and specifically at RHEMA Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which was founded by Kenneth E. "Papa" Hagin (1917-2003), the man who pretty much created the American-style health-and-wealth preaching so familiar from late-night television. Copeland was a student there, as well as at Oral Roberts University, which veers close to RHEMA in its theology but is not always on the same page. (Truth be told, every prosperity preacher is his own theology school, since part of the basis for the teaching is direct special revelation from God, which makes all these guys the heirs of the original gnostics.) But if RHEMA had a creed, it would go something like this:

  1. God's covenant with Abraham means that God has to deliver on his part of the deal, so anything you ask for in the name of Jesus, God is required to give you. (Should we quote some Janis Joplin lyrics here?)
  2. Man is equal to God in every respect. Or, in the words of Copeland, "You don't have a God in you! You are one!" (Tom Cruise would like this one.)
  3. Jesus was not the son of God, he was a man empowered by God to be just like God, and everyone who knows this can do the same thing. (We're not sure we have this one exactly right, but it's basically "Be Jesus, go ahead, He won't mind, you're soulmates.")
  4. Jesus went down into hell where he took on Satan's nature, until he was born again, and re-emerged to start the church. (Presumably they preach this one on Halloween.)
  5. Anything you speak and believe, with understanding, will come true just as you want it. (Yes, this seems like it's the same as number one, but that one is about what God has to do, and this one is about what you have to do. It's the "positive confession" part, the idea that your thought processes can command God to act.)
  6. God promises in Isaiah 53 to heal every physical illness of anyone who has faith. (As our mentor Ole Anthony once said, "Then why aren't there thousands of 200-year-old billionaires in Tulsa?")
  7. Any Christian who believes in poverty is outside God's will. (Well, take that, you cloistered loser in the hairshirt.)

There are more, but these are the biggies. I would imagine that at this point you're starting to see why taking away Creflo Dollar's dollars could amount to more than just a little lifestyle adjustment. It pretty much goes to the heart of the whole Kahuna.


Angelo | 12:38 am on 12/13/2007

Yeah, I saw Creflo preach at TD Jakes church in TX. What a circus, man.

And Paula White has gone from relatively subtle to off-the-charts money grabbing.

The whole thing is vexing. I hope the Senate nails their asses.

dimitrilw@aim.com | 06:01 pm on 12/19/2007

Some quotes by Creflo Dollar with commentary…

If you were to ask someone if they loved God, they’d almost automatically reply, “Of course. I love the Lord with all my heart.” Every day in churches and all around the world, people say, “Lord, I love you. Oh, Jesus, I love you.” However, loving God is not just a religious quote you say to make people think you love God.


In order to love God, you must first renew your mind where love is concerned.

(Oh, Really??)

When many people think of love, they think of human, emotional love, which is basically selfish (???) because it has conditions—it loves when the conditions are right, or when it feels like loving. This is the type of love many people try to love God with…

(Dr. Dollar, read Matthew 7:5 ; Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.)

…however, God is not interested in you loving Him with your feelings. Contrary to what most people think, love is not a feeling. Your feelings, like your emotions, can be unstable.

(Dr. Dollar here is the Definition of Love: A strong positive emotion of regard and affection)

For example, as soon as somebody dies that you didn’t think should have died, your feelings toward God might change. This is why love is a choice—it’s a decision demonstrated by action. Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). To love God means to choose to obey His Word, trust His power, and worship Him. It is impossible to say you love God if these things are not in place.

(Dr. Dollar, READ Galatians 5:14; For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, “YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.)

Your love for God is demonstrated by the decisions you make. When you choose what you want or desire over God’s Word, you demonstrate that you love yourself more than God.

(Dr. Dollar, that’s one thing you’ve demonstrated without a flaw. You certainly led by example on that one)

So one of the first things you must do to love God is get rid of self, or your own desires. Doing this will help you love God, and others, the way you have been commanded in Matthew 22:34—40.

When you put self first, everything you do will be to please yourself, because that’s what human, selfish love does—it seeks to satisfy self first.

(Dr. Dollar, can we say that again but this time we’ll make it sound as if you’re talking to yourself. OK??? Lets try it: So one of the first things I, Dr. Dollar, must do to love God is get rid of MYSELF, or MY own desires. Doing this will help ME love God, and others, the way I have been commanded in Matthew 22:34—40. When I put MYSELF first, everything I do will be to please MYSELF, because that’s what human, selfish love does—it seeks to satisfy self first. )

However, according to Romans 5:5, the Holy Spirit has poured the love of God in our hearts; and that love gives us the ability to love with the God—kind of love, or agapé love. Agapé love is unconditional, unselfish love. Unlike selfish, human love, agapé love puts the needs of others above its own needs. This is the love God wants us to demonstrate.

(Dr. Dollar, I’m assuming that you don’t smoke like I do, so why don’t you try having your pilot fly your personal jet a few thousand feet lower so your brain won’t be deprived of oxygen. Your statement about how to love is just as ridiculus as me trying to sell you a map to help you find your way back to your own house)

To love God means to lose self. Everyday you have to make a decision to demonstrate the agape love of God by dying to the selfish desires that try to rule your life.

(Dr. Dollar, can we say that again, but this time,the way YOU really want it to be? Let’s try it: To love Creflo Dollar means to lose self. Everyday WE have to make a decision to demonstrate the agape love for Creflo Dollar by dying to the selfish desires that try to rule OUR life.)

Second Corinthians 4:11 in The Amplified Bible says, “For we who live are constantly [experiencing] being handed over to death for Jesus’ sake, that the [resurrection] life of Jesus also may be evidenced through our flesh which is liable to death.” That means in order for the love of God to be evident in your life, you have to make a quality decision to allow your thoughts, desires, emotions, and feelings to die daily. It’s impossible to love God, or others, when you have plans, purposes, and desires that are contrary to the Word of God.

(Dr. Dollar, if we’re to have NO thoughts, desires, emotions, or feelings, then what is the purpose of the YOUR Prosperity Gospel? If you’ve achieved YOUR goal of implanting this message into your members that we’re to become zombie like, then exactly who is it that your message of prosperity is being preached to? Human “Feelings”, Human “Emotions”, Human “Desires” are what causes a person to WANT to prosper JUST LIKE YOU!!! Dr. Dollar, Tell your pilot to fly a little closer to the ground.)

When self is the most important thing to you, you will choose self over God’s Word. God’s Word is His will; get to the point where you choose the will of God above everything. You must desire His will, even above your own happiness. That’s what it means to love God—to obey His will, not your own.

(Dr. Dollar, Do you really Love God? Do YOU really believe in God? Don’t you think it would be a good idea if YOU could meet God and get some Clarification. Why don’t you direct your pilot to aim the nose of your private jet plane STRAIGHT UP towards space. As Hebrews 4:16 tells us, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace. Tell your pilot that he can bail out with a parachute after he puts the plane on autopilot. Then, IF IT BE HIS WILL, God will allow you to come back and give us another message.)

Anonymous | 11:29 pm on 1/06/2008

Great commentary there....btw, turns out Dr. Dollar is not a Dr. at all. Earned a Bachelor's degree from West Georgia College in 1984, but there in no information on where his "supposed" masters and doctorate degrees were earned nor when they were earned...

That is real. He was awarded a paper "honorary" Doctor of Divinity at a graduation ceremony at Oral Roberts University in 1998, but that was about it.


Scott | 12:06 am on 12/21/2007

I have personally prayed for the day these lying scam artists would be held accountable for their blasphemy and robbery!!! I'm tempted at times to pity the people who give them money to buy a $23,000 crapper but then I think about it for a second, Nahh...if you're poor and waiting for 100 fold to come back to you while Joycie's pooping on the golden dome then maybe you don't deserve pity. Why don't you buy lottery tickets...at least you might get something in return!!!!

deeble | 03:03 am on 12/23/2007

i'm waiting for creflo to go hip hop and start wearing bling, driving lowered cars, having booty (maybe not "booty" as in scantly clad girls, but girls with large treasure chests and pirate uniforms) girls dancing on stage. perhaps he could get one of those flakey vaguely christian rappers like DMX to help out, maybe a show called "Pimp my life"?

PAULETTE WILLIAMS WHITE | 10:06 pm on 12/27/2007


xKevinx | 02:02 am on 3/04/2008

when there is public teaching that encourages people to act in a certain way it is our duty as Berean Christians to weigh there words and fruit and reach a conclusion concerning they're teaching. These guys have been found wanting in the scales...oppulence has no place among ministers of the Gospel, we are a humble people not self serving overlords. These guys need to be outed...period. And if this is truly Paula White I hope you reconsider this materialistic greedy "Gospel".

Anonymous | 07:20 am on 4/26/2008

Oh please. Why is it that Christians have been given such worthy examples of what it takes to change the world for good in, say Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, through action and then, when it's time to be true to the sentiments of Jesus they recite words.

Jesus was tried because he took action. Martin Luther was pursued because action. Dr. King was killed because of action. But when y'all are called into action you read off semi-old English text as if you're in a Shakespeare play. Truly in love with the words instead of the examples of deeds. Do you know what "the power of words" is? Witchcraft! Call those who would take from the poorest to eat of the fat to task FROM INSIDE. You know them and what they do...

But no...just like with Jesus, true courage is indeed a thin harvest.

Anonymous | 03:35 pm on 12/28/2007

I too was a tithing member of Creflo's church. He stresses that sewing seeds of tithes and offerings will bring in the blessing.
However, after years of hearing his version of the Gospel, I realized the only people getting blessed was he and his family.
His congregation for the most part are low-to-mid working class folks, only one pay-check from disaster. And yet very little is returned and distributed to them so that they can actually participate in the prosperity of the gospel that he preaches. For the most part many of them are unaware that they are in a church that rakes in $70 million a year, and if anyone questions him or his family about the use of the funds, they are ostrisized, and criticized.
He is a con-artist because of his greed, and love of money, while his own congregation, and community goes about in lack in shortage, as he continues to preach to his masses on Sunday, that "theirs is on its way"
Senator Grassley's investigation is long over-due, as these TV ministers are reduced, new and true spiritual leadership will emerge!

Anonymous | 11:38 pm on 1/06/2008

I am so happy you found the light and left that mess! He prays on people genuinely hoping for a better life and finding God's will for their lives through true Christianship, and he turns "giving unto the Lord" to "giving to the Creflo Dollar empire." No one prospers but he and his family. Once he has them believing, hoping, praying, and paying, he has won!!! These prosperity pimps never teach that when people were originally told to tithe a "tenth", it was before the separation of church and state, so essentially, when you tithed, you were paying taxes - church and state were the same entity. Now when they tell you to pay the tenth, they are essentially telling you to pay federal taxes a second time, but to the church in the form of a tithe, after you've already paid them to the government!!! That is absolutely ridiculous. Mathematically, you can never find prosperity like that, you will always be broke, and a man collecting 100 dollars from 20,000 members will be....well...you get it...

Kuddos to you for leaving that place...

Anonymous | 03:56 pm on 1/30/2008

My heart went out to you when I read your comment. I so wish you could e-mail it to everyone at World Changers. Keep looking into the Word and you will keep thanking God you are free from this error. Jesus said you are to be happy when they exclude you from their company (when you try to tell them the truth they don't want to hear)for great is your reward in Heaven. It is quite enlightening to me who actually make up the majority of his congregation. This says volumes to me...."the spoil of the poor is in his house". Keep praying for Senator Grassley although it will take the hand of God to bring this false religion down.

Anonymous | 10:44 pm on 12/28/2007

It might help if you all opened up your Bible and read it. Maybe then your responses would be legitimate ones. THe author of this article really took those scriptures out of context! That's the enemy for you! Creflo, keep doing what you do!

Anonymous | 04:00 pm on 1/30/2008

We are opening our Bibles...that's the point of all this. You are the one out of the loop.

caughtthethief | 11:17 pm on 1/06/2008

For any Creflo, World Changers whatever Ministries members, I ask you one question:

Would Jesus Christ walk into a room full of hopeful, middle to lower-class, vulnerable people who need to believe in something bigger than themselves and their own everyday lives, take money from them, and build for himself an extravagantly lavish lifestyle that went above and beyond anything one man could ever need in a lifetime while the fools, I mean members that finance this lifestyle for him stay on their knees praying and hoping, never receiving this same gift for themselves? Jesus Christ would never rob vulnerable people to live like this, let alone get rich off of it, leaving them for broke in a state of delusion thinking they can get the same thing!!!!

But sure you can: Go start a church, get 30,000 members, lie to them, misrepresent the word of God, rob them, then you can...but we know Jesus would not do that...

If this man's doctrines are so valid and so credible, how many of the thousands in his congregation have applied his teachings and now have the "prosperity" that he has? How many? Why does he always equate prosperity with material wealth? If this is so, why would the Bible say that "the poor will always be with us"?


Creflo Dollar is a hustler...he has addicts - his members, people who need to be led, people who need to believe in something greater than themselves and their depressing everyday lives. They need a sun in the sky full of clouds that is their daily reality. Creflo gets these people and they become members, willing to be led be a false leader (read Acts 20:30,31), and no, he ain't pumpin' his members dope, he's pumpin' you "hope"...cause as long as you keep praying, and keeping hoping and of course, keep paying, his empire grows...has yours?

Same hustle as the dope man, different product...call Creflo the "hope man."

BTW: Scripture says, "obey the laws of the land." This is clearly stated. Law of the land says pay your taxes. He impresses upon his members to be law-abiding Christians, that would obviously mean paying your taxes. He is now avoiding interrogation by the Senate because it is not in concert with the "law" that says church and state are separate entities, again, reaffirming his belief that we are to obey the laws of the land, even the Senate. If this is so, for members of the church and obviously the Senate, why doesn't he pay federal taxes, an obvious law of the land? One is only exempt from doing so under certain "nonprofit" conditions. With earnings exceeding $70 million in 2006 (more in 2007), I think we can all agree he ain't running a nonprofit organization here. If his "business" is filed with the government as one, he is obviously doing dirty business here, and is no better than the dirtiest businessmen and politicians out there.

Guess the "man of God" don't have to obey no laws....huh?

DaPastor | 02:56 am on 1/07/2008

Rom 14:4 Who are you to pass judgment on and censure another's household servant? It is before his own master that he stands or falls.

Don't Judge these people. Love them and pray for them. I myself am a pastor, and believe that God wants his people to prosper. I' ve served the Lord for about a decade, and I have prospered. I live in one of the nicest places and drive some of the nicest cars, and wear some of the nicest clothes. I'm dark skinned and less than thirty. You can just imagine the kind of responses I get. I bought a sweet 2007 mercedes benz(the kind that corporate execs and millionares drive) back in 2006. One day I was walking into my garage to get into my car and some caucasion neighbor stood there and watched me to make sure I wasn't stealing the car from the rich man of God(not rich man----there is a difference you know((Abraham, David, Solomon,etc))that stayed there, who happens to be me. Maybe it's the way I was dressed, my age, or my skin color? I KNOW WHAT SOME OF YOU THINKIN!!! Let me clear the atmosphere. I have never taken a salary from the church. One of the reasons is that I like very nice things like bentley's and Bugatti's, and I dont want people to do me like they doing Creflo and the others. The LORD provides for me in other legal and honest and upright ways, like career and businesses, investments, and seed-sowing. That's right, I am a giver. I'm blessed because I know the LORD. To GOD be the GLOry. Good servants are always rewarded whether it be from the congregation, intellectual properties, businesses, careers, etc. God takes care of those who take care of His business. So please don't hate on them, because the most important thing to God are people, including them. Christ died for us all including prosperity preachers like myself, Creflo, Kenneth, etc. THIS IS REAL TALK!
I used to move large quantities of drugs, before I began to serve God. I was a servant of mammon, a gansta, a thug. So this is not one-sided. Now I go to the dope spots, the ghetto, the hood, and I tell drug dealers and killers and stealers that God will take care of you if you truly serve Him. He'll bless you with a Job, a career, a business, etc. You dont have to serve mammon and Satan to have nice things and live good. God can bless you with peace(shalom) total prosperity----spiritually, mentally, and physically. My life is a living testament to that. I love you all. Peace be unto you and established through you. God bless all those who can receive it! Pass it on! To God be the GLOry! Amen!

Anonymous | 11:36 am on 1/07/2008

You are a pastor, of course you would respond to defend this pimp!

Jesus Christ would never, ever take from his people and build for himself this lifestyle and leave them on their knees delusioned enough thinking they can get the same thing in their 9 to 5 jobs...he is selling "hope" like a drug.

Does it not say that church leader should not be greedy for money in the book of Titus, pastor?

Does scripture not say that we should be judges and be quick to discern against that which is not holy, pastor?

Did not Jesus Christ ride into Damascus on a donkey, not the 2007 Benz like the corporate execs and millionaires drive?

And you pretty much said there, you are a PASTOR trying to drive what the corporate execs and millionaires drive! I drive a nice car because I went to school and become a physician, I work for what I have, I don't mislead people, take from them, and leave them hoping!!!

The Bible speaks of your kind in Acts 20:30, "Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears."

Jesus said that for a reason...not too many things would have made Jesus cry.

By the way, did YOU pay taxes this year? I am sure your poor members did...remember, only nonprofit organizations are tax-exempt, and all good Christians obey the laws of the land, don't we? And sure, if we are buying 2007 Benzs, I am sure we made a profit, didn't we good pastor?

Don't worry, enjoy your material prosperity, because as scriptures say, your days upon this earth are number. You have already forfeited your salvation! You have already received your reward and hath no reward in heaven. There is a place in hell waiting for all of your false leaders that prosper here during your few minutes of life here on earth, your eternity in hell will not be worth it for all of the souls you lead astray...so enjoy your prosperity during this temporary life...God is obviously allowing you this because IT knows where you are headed. What can be worse than being headed to a hell below hell and not know it?

Enjoy the Benz corporate exec, I mean, good Pastor!!! Praise the Lord!

DaPastor | 10:10 pm on 1/07/2008

God bless you! I love you. Peace be unto you.

Matthew 7:1-3 Don't condemn others, and God won't condemn you. God will be as hard on you as you are on others! He will treat you exactly as you treat them. You can see the speck in your friend's eye, but you don't notice the log in your own eye.

Proverbs 10:22 When the LORD blesses you with riches, you have nothing to regret.

1Timothy 6:17-19 Command those who are rich in the things of this life not to be proud, but to place their hope, not in such an uncertain thing as riches, but in God, who generously gives us everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share with others. In this way they will store up for themselves a treasure which will be a solid foundation for the future. And then they will be able to win the life which is true life.

1Corinthians 9:9-15 Moses wrote, "Don't muzzle an ox to keep it from eating the grain when it's threshing." Do you think Moses' primary concern was the care of farm animals? Don't you think his concern extends to us? Of course. Farmers plow and thresh expecting something when the crop comes in. So if we have planted spiritual seed among you, is it out of line to expect a meal or two from you? Others demand plenty from you in these ways. Don't we who have never demanded deserve even more? But we're not going to start demanding now what we've always had a perfect right to. Our decision all along has been to put up with anything rather than to get in the way or detract from the Message of Christ. All I'm concerned with right now is that you not use our decision to take advantage of others, depriving them of what is rightly theirs. You know, don't you, that it's always been taken for granted that those who work in the Temple live off the proceeds of the Temple, and that those who offer sacrifices at the altar eat their meals from what has been sacrificed? Along the same lines, the Master directed that those who spread the Message be supported by those who believe the Message. Still, I want it made clear that I've never gotten anything out of this for myself, and that I'm not writing now to get something. I'd rather die than give anyone ammunition to discredit me or impugn my motives.

Anonymous | 05:25 pm on 4/27/2008

You missed the whole point of his comments. He said that he doesn't take a salary from the church. He has a business and investments. What's wrong with that? If he has a business, I'm sure he works hard for his money as well as you say you work hard for yours. And why can't a person buy nice things with the money that they'v received. I'm sure that you do, good doctor. Yes, of course there are some false preachers out there, but not everybody who preaches prosperity is a false preacher and prosperity is not a false teaching. You have to discern by the Holy Spirit as to who is false and who is not. And some are being exposed or it could be that they are being persecuted. Hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. All of you who have a problem with financial prosperity, get rid of all that you have and go live in poverty if you think it's God's will - If you really want to be in His will.

Anonymous | 11:58 am on 1/07/2008

So the path to prosperity is not to use your gifts, work hard, go to school, get degrees (of which Creflo has none!!!) or become an self-motivated entrepreneur, and make the most of God's gift's legitimately by becoming legitimately employed and furthering God's kingdom with ALL of your resources...I can "receive" my calling from my corner where I am basically killing people or from my jail cell or from whoever's bed I am in, become an untrained and unqualified pastor who now thinks he can lead people's lives, and there I have it: Prosperity as the Lord called for!!!

Would you let me operate on your if I told you I didn't have medical training or a medical degree?

Would you let me defend you in court if I had no legal training or a law degree, and you were facing 25 to life?

Would you let me perform oral surgery on you if I were not a qualified and trained dentist?

What qualifies you and Dr. Dollar (he has never earned doctorate degrees!!!) to lead souls into God's kingdom? You received a "calling" right? That is getting kinda popular...

I am not knocking your hustle, but don't lie and say it ain't a hustle....just "hope" not "dope" this time, right? I ain't mad at you...if I remember, Jesus had a job, his ministry was for free.

Get that in a sermon good pastor.

DaPastor | 12:10 am on 1/08/2008

An old wise man(one of my mentors) once told me that education is a tool use it and use it well. He was right. The apostle Paul and Moses were highly educated and God used them mightily. I've been in college since 99'. I have 3 degree's and currently am a doctoral(D.Min) candidate, but God called me my first year in college while majoring in psychology and biology. So I changed my major to religion and philosophy. I recieved ministry training for about 10 years and had been licensed and ordained for 4 years, before God told me to start a church, and the Elders approved. Before I welcomed Jesus into my heart, I was a scholar. I've been in every prestigious group you can name of--the gifted, who's who, national honor society, united states achievement academy, and said to be a genius. I even received an award from the President, himself. But none of that compares to my relationship with Christ. I have learned more from the Holy Spirit than all my years of college and seminary combined. The only way to have the fruit of the Spirit is to have the Holy Spirit. 2Timothy 2:6 The husbandman that laboureth must be first partaker of the fruits. You have to be called and chosen to do the work of the ministry. You have to be anointed and appointed. 1John 2:27 But as for you, Christ has poured out his Spirit on you. As long as his Spirit remains in you, you do not need anyone to teach you. For his Spirit teaches you about everything, and what he teaches is true, not false. Obey the Spirit's teaching, then, and remain in union with Christ.

I am a servant of the most High God and King. This has nothing to do with a hustle. It has to do with helping others. I know because I used to be an intelligent hustler. Now I am an ambassador of Christ, the King of Heaven. We have to change our way of thinking and doing so that we may enter into the Kingdom of God. Let me repeat that I have never taken a salary from the church, and I help people all the time. If I ever decide to take a salary and stop volunteering, I will still be justified in who I am and what I do----bless people. You see we are blessed to be a blessing. If a preacher is not helping the people he needs to step down. If a preacher is bearing evil fruit(sins) and not good fruit(righteousness) he needs to be set down. To be rich and not bless people is evil. To be rich and bless a lot of people is God's purpose for riches. God gives us the power to get wealth so that He may establish His covenant.(Dueteronomy 8:18) Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive. To have plenty of money is not evil, but the love of money is the root of all evil. When you put money before God and before people(God's most prized possessions)you are headed for destruction. When you lie, steal,cheat, and do any other sin for money it's evil. Christ didn't say you'll know them by their wallets but by their fruits. By the way Jesus entered into ---full time ministry--- after being baptized with the Holy Spirit and testing in the wilderness. God bless!

frizzles | 08:03 pm on 1/19/2008

Please....Jesus would drive a Honda cuz the Bible says that the apostles were in "one accord".

Anonymous | 03:58 pm on 2/07/2008

Hey....do not put these idiots in with the 'original gnostics.' No way. The original gnostics, first century C.E., were nowhere near this disgusting pyramid scheme. They had to hide their documents and themselves from the Christians at the time.

Anonymous | 03:38 am on 2/13/2008

I do not know of the existence of God. By God I mean an omnipotent, omniscient, concious being. But I definitely no longer believe that a man named Jesus ever walked this earth. There's so much evidence the story of his virgin birth, life, death and resurection was directly taken from a number of paegan religions. And there is no historical evidence of this "man" who performed miracles anywhere in any ancient writings.
Now I know most of you first reaction is gonna be anger towards me or maybe you think satan's misleading me but please its time to stop being misled. The Greatest Story Ever Told is just that...a story.

Anonymous | 08:56 pm on 3/05/2008

A,lot of these Guys do not know what their a talking about,they are just goimg on hear say.If you read the book of mark or luke you will see in there Jesus sat by the treasury and watch how the people cast in the money,also all of his deciples were business men He hand pick them.they also had boats so that jesus could go from coast to coast and preach the Gospel.Jesus had the same problem with those regelious folks back in the day,the same crefflo are have with people today.Today it is a plane. God said in deuteronomy8:18 I give you the power to get the wealth so my covernant will be establish here on the earth.Jesus said go ye all into the world and preach the Gospel.in 3rd John it said ABOVE ALL THINGS I WISH THAT THOU MAY PROSPER AND BE IN HEALTH EVEN AS YOU SOUL PROSPER.PEOPLE PLEASE READ YOU BIBLE AND UNDERSTAND IT AND STOP BEING SO JUDGE MENTAL AND LEAVE THE JUDGING FOR GOD.

BoycottTBN | 11:21 pm on 5/03/2008

Christians are supposed to judge false doctrine!

There are other ways to prosper than just money, faith, health, love, etc. are the things Jesus was talking about NOT MONEY!

Susannah | 12:17 am on 3/09/2008

I have a friend who's becoming more and more involved with Dollar humbug ministries, and she has changed from being a very good and gentle Christian to a money-seeking greedy and judgmental stranger. All the above said is true - but there is even a worse aspect on the so-called "dr" Dollar's teachings. If true faith gains material prosperity - then those who are still poor have only themselves to blame. They dont have the right faith, because if they did they would be rich.

That's how you can interpret Dollar's heretic gospel, and believe it or not I have even heard members of his church say it out loud! She actually said she thought the congregation hadnt done enough to prosper, so it is their fault Dollar is now being investigated for his financial affairs. What she meant was that if the world could only see how his flock got rich they would realise that he is truthful.

I couldn't believe it, and it filled me with such sadness. These people are mostly poor, black people who could certainly use the little money they have better than increase Dollar's wealth. To hell with this satanistic monster and his prosperity televangelist friends!

Anonymous | 08:41 am on 3/13/2008

at least he preaches well

Anonymous | 10:58 pm on 3/13/2008

naa he's just a good modivational speaker

BoycottTBN | 11:24 pm on 5/03/2008


Anonymous | 10:38 pm on 4/17/2008


BoycottTBN | 11:17 pm on 5/03/2008

Yea, they are laughing all the way to the bank while they are leading the innocent flock to HELL!

"Let God deal with them?" Well....we'll just let God deal with all the murderers, rapists, kiddy diddlers, and the FLDS's cult! Right? We should just give back all those kids and allow those cowardly men to continue having sex with 14 yr old girls and forcing them to have children.

The difference with entertainers is that they don't guilt you into giving them money in the name of God! You have a choice whether to support them or not.

You've obviously sat under the prosperity gospel for some time to be this brain washed! Wake up! and use some common sense.....


ByHisGrace | 10:48 pm on 4/19/2008

For one who abides in darkness, it would be nearly impossible for them to understand the light (the truth). It is the individual's responsibility to read their Bible and find out for themselves what God's word is. God's people truly prosper, and to all my brothers and sisters in Christ, remember what Jesus said, "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you."(Matthew 5:44 NKJV)

Anonymous | 02:27 pm on 4/24/2008

Control the tongue. That's Biblical. Laugh a little. That's Biblical. Try notables.weebly.com for a little humor at religion's expense.

Anonymous | 10:13 am on 5/07/2008

There is another more serious issue that needs to be considered. Everybody criticizes the MEGA CHURCHES because of the money they bring in. What do you do about the majority of preachers who teach people to "PAY" your tithes, especially since tithes was NEVER money??? The tithe under the LAW was crops and livestock.

Anonymous | 04:24 am on 5/14/2008

Judge not those that I have Called! Read that in your bible! and what about judge not least you be judged! For the one's on these pages claiming to be christains! If you are with out sin cast the first stone! All have sinned and come short! You, me, these ministries! But God grace is sufficaint for all! God bless all of you! As this world draws closer to the end, True beleivers will be pursacuted! The ones that put down these ministers sound like the priest and saduseas of Jesus day! Jesus sad they where a brud of vipers! Read and study Gods word! It's the only truth that matters!
Praise be to our lord Jesus Christ!

Baaaaad Company (just a sheep) | 05:04 pm on 10/26/2010

Um, actually, it was the religious leaders (the Pharisees and Saducees), not the laity, that Jesus criticized, for doing things like putting heavy financial, spiritual, and emotional burdens on the people that supported them. They were making worshipping God into big business, not actually ministering, but promoting interpretations of the law that directly benefitted them and condemning all who disagreed with them.

Oh, wait. Isn't that what Creflo and his ilk do?

People like Dollar ARE the pharisees that Christ talked about. Jesus and His disciples critized them because He was trying to shame them into changing their behaviors and purifying their motives. Critiquing people in positions of power over many helps to protect more vulnerable people. That's why we do it. Using your logic, are you trying to say Jesus shouldn't have criticized them? That doesn't make sense.

Don't get all protective of some corrupted rich preachers. Trust me, they don't really care what the average person thinks of them. Even if they do, they can pay their bodyguards and lawyers enough to protect them against us poor, ignorant peasants.

Anonymous | 12:42 pm on 5/14/2008

this is by far the most entertaining place i have ever been on the internet....what do ya'll think of benny hinn?

Anonymous | 12:44 pm on 5/14/2008

is that name up there paulette white? as in paula white? if it is......i think your hot. thats why i watch your show.

Anonymous(not The One Above) | 01:04 am on 5/27/2008

Anon one day the very God that you believe in might give you the foresight to actually SEE what is real and what isnt...Ok the Copelands and so forth are crooks we all know that deep down inside..but if through either desperation or lack of self esteem the flock that gives them their $$$ wealth is doing it of their own free will...If the Government has been so (blinded)or(blinkered) to the Copelands Lavish Tax free lifestyle for this long .. then its the Government(IRS) who is really at fault here for not doing its job properly .
On a personal note.. i kinda think Gloria Copeland is quite a hottie for an Older lady :) i hope they dont throw her in the slammer that would be a waste ....lol

churchonthenet | 07:23 am on 6/09/2008

Much of this is why people need to spend some time with the source. There are so many editorialized statements and out of context representations that this whole article and most comments are half truths and lies (and half truths are nothing but lies with limited true-isms used to lend credibility to the lie being perpetrated). Copeland's complete teaching on God In Us and Ye Are Gods is taken directly from Biblical texts. What you've butchered together here is not his teaching, just random out of context phrases and even phrases that were never a part of the teaching, so you can perpetuate your lies. Creflo may be overboard on his application but his fundamental teaching is mostly accurate. I've never heard anyone who was 100% accurate all the time, particularly when delivering live messages. While I do not support much of the current application of Word of Faith and prosperity teachings, the underlying message still remains Truth.

Dee | 08:04 pm on 6/16/2008

First of all corruption is the root of all evil,then money follows suite.. and the LORD knows theres ALOT of it in this world..I guess being a preacher is the NEW fad of gett'n rich off of the word of GOD..these preaches should be ashamed of themselves,they dont have a clue about the TRUE meaning of GODs teachings..They interprit the gossiple to there own benifit...There nothing but a bunch of money hungry wolves in sheeps clothing.. and I feel sorry for the people who buy into all the phoney acts they put on.. and Im sure the wouldnt admit otherwise...makes you wonder if they REALY practice what they preach outside the spotlight...

Anonymous | 06:04 am on 6/20/2008

Why do we have to shoot down people who gives positive things back to the community . The bible says in John 10:10 The devil has come to rob , steal and destroy , but I come to bring live and live in abunance . Now we were never meant to be poor , but because we do not honour God we fall short and do not have all he wants us to have is a good and prosperous life .Now Creflo Dollar is enjoying his riches why should he be attacked at least he is putting something positive back into the community .Then you should be investigating all the christians that are experiencing the blessings of the Lord . I enjoy Christ and everything he promised in the bible . There are many promises and God stands on all of them "hy is wakker agter sy woord " He is not a man that he should lie . So what if creflo have all that or Kenneth Copeland , frankly i do not care , because what they have i also have and in good measure , pressed down , shaken together , running over . Goodness and mercy shall follow you al the days of your life . It is no secret what God can do . I laugh at people like you who discredit people of the Lord who prosper , God also talks about false prophets but he has given us the Holy Spirit that will help us discern what to belief or not . Whether they pulled the message out their behind or not . Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to us who are faithful to him , The word also says not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven . You'll be surprised how many people are playing with the Lord's word and i thank God that i am in a word based church and a Holy Spirit that help me know what is real and not . So good luck with discrediting everyone but remember we all have to give an account of what we do and say . We will all stand before the Lord God Almighty and account for our deeds . I am happy to say that nothing in this world bother's me even if you should have 20 Mansions and more , i'd say "God Bless "

Anonymous | 11:14 pm on 7/20/2008

"hy is wakker agter sy woord "

That must be quite a Bible you have there!

CDVP | 11:47 pm on 7/20/2008

The idea of these crooks (so called preachers) using the name of religion in vain makes me ill! I would be afraid to play with GOD and all in the Heavens above like they do on any given day of the week! Dolla', Copeland and all the other sheep in wolves clothing, I want to know why there are hungry and homeless people in this world with all of the multi-millions that run through your hands? Now pray over that! Shummaddda shadddda some ice cream and cake (speaking in tongues just then)!

The so called 10% is to help the widowed, sick, poor, homeless...not to buy jets, cars or second homes! YOU make me sick!

Anonymous | 11:44 pm on 8/24/2008

I totally agree' paying tithes in the Old Testament was for the poor, widows, orphans etc. These days the followers have no idea who is being helped, certainly not the mothers and children, the fathers who are having a difficult time getting back and forth to work with no car, those who are afraid to ask the pastors for money to help with their lights, gas, groceries etc. even though they are the faithful tithes payers. If they do find enough courage to ask for help, they are expected to pay it back. hmmmmmmmmm. sounds like loan sharking. too bad alot of preachers see this as an income so they don't have to work and don't have to do without. I think they sit back, count their money, and laugh at the innocence of the people. this truly is sick. they have so much control and so many people looking up to them instead of looking to God, that we need to pray for the preachers to turn around, because right now, they are the ones the people are following, not God. pray, just keep praying these so-called people of God will see the error of their way, or that God will soon sit them down.

CDVP | 12:02 am on 7/21/2008

* Wolves in sheeps clothing...you smart people know what I mean!

Anonymous | 10:17 am on 7/22/2008

i wonder why we try to play 'GOD',Judging & defending.Time is the revealer of all things lets be careful in all we do because all we do we will give account of.be qiuck to hear and slow to speak thats what the BIBLE SAYS!

Jack-it-up | 06:42 am on 7/29/2008

Guys, these people, Copeland, Hinn, Dollar, etc. are scumbags pure and simple. If ever there was a need to tar-and-feather some bastards, now is the time. Let's do it, right in front of their fucked up congregations, SAS style. All we need is tear gas, mace, cattle prodders, rope, tar (plus large cooking pot with heating element), feathers and a couple of batons each to keep the heavies at bay. Let's tie the buggers up and tar and feather them. What else can we do? You can pray all day, but in the end you have to take action.

Anonymous | 06:51 am on 7/29/2008

No, wait, let's put laxative in Hinn's coffee.

daliwonga rasmeni | 07:20 am on 7/29/2008

tell me about Creflo Dollar's testimony where God was challenging him about giving or offering his house.

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