Why Creflo Dollar Needs His Dollars

By John Bloom | 11/08/2007

Every time we write about Creflo Dollar we have to point out that this is not one of those fake news articles we've sometimes managed to foist onto the public, and that the name Creflo Dollar was not used by Charles Dickens to describe a wheezing barrister in a pub, nor was it invented by a heavy-handed satirist attempting to lampoon a greedy Ukrainian.

No, Creflo Dollar is a real person, one of the six televangelists who got letters from the Senate Finance Committee on Monday, asking them to send in detailed accounting statements proving that they're not converting church money to their personal use.
Creflo Dollar Posters
More specifically, Creflo Dollar is the pastor of World Changers Church International of College Park, Georgia. Presumably he chose that name himself, completely free of fear that it would be soon be better known as Money Changers Church International by the 30,000 members who weekly enrich its coffers and make it possible for Creflo to maintain the two jets—one Gulfstream 3 and one Lear—that he uses to shuttle back and forth between Madison Square Garden (where he does a Saturday night service for an audience of 6,000) and Atlanta (where he does a Sunday morning service), not to mention occasional visits to his offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Nigeria.

Creflo's wife Taffi Dollar—and here we remind you once again that we are not lapsing into fiction at any point during the creation of this article—Taffi Dollar is responsible for the household budget at the $3 million Dollar mansion in Atlanta, and the more modest $2.44 million Dollar condo overlooking Central Park in Manhattan.

Asked about the Dollar dollars by CBS News yesterday, Dollar said it was untrue that he had two Rolls-Royces (we'd actually heard it was two Rolls-Royces and one Humvee, but who's keeping track?)—that he only had one Rolls and it was given to him by his congregation as a surprise. He also said he did not give $500,000 of church funds to fellow "prosperity gospel" evangelist Kenneth Copeland on the occasion of Copeland's 40th wedding anniversary—although he did not say how much he did give—so we want to be very careful when we say that the annual budget for Dollar's operation, his overhead dollars, is about $80 million. (Note to Creflo: Get back to us if we're a little off on that number.)

The interesting aspect of this story, however, is that so many of these prosperity-gospel guys do funnel money back to Copeland in so many ways that it almost looks like a pyramid scheme. Actually that's too harsh—what it really resembles is the marketing structure of Mary Kay Cosmetics, set up so that every time a salesperson recruits another salesperson, he or she gets a cut of the commission. And the reason that all roads lead to Copeland—see our summary of Copeland's organization in the investigative cartooning feature "Lifestyles of the Rich and Religious"—is that he's the granddaddy of what goes by many names—like "positive confession"—but is most commonly called "Word Faith."

If you look for the theological origins of "Word Faith," you end up in Tulsa, of course, and specifically at RHEMA Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, which was founded by Kenneth E. "Papa" Hagin (1917-2003), the man who pretty much created the American-style health-and-wealth preaching so familiar from late-night television. Copeland was a student there, as well as at Oral Roberts University, which veers close to RHEMA in its theology but is not always on the same page. (Truth be told, every prosperity preacher is his own theology school, since part of the basis for the teaching is direct special revelation from God, which makes all these guys the heirs of the original gnostics.) But if RHEMA had a creed, it would go something like this:

  1. God's covenant with Abraham means that God has to deliver on his part of the deal, so anything you ask for in the name of Jesus, God is required to give you. (Should we quote some Janis Joplin lyrics here?)
  2. Man is equal to God in every respect. Or, in the words of Copeland, "You don't have a God in you! You are one!" (Tom Cruise would like this one.)
  3. Jesus was not the son of God, he was a man empowered by God to be just like God, and everyone who knows this can do the same thing. (We're not sure we have this one exactly right, but it's basically "Be Jesus, go ahead, He won't mind, you're soulmates.")
  4. Jesus went down into hell where he took on Satan's nature, until he was born again, and re-emerged to start the church. (Presumably they preach this one on Halloween.)
  5. Anything you speak and believe, with understanding, will come true just as you want it. (Yes, this seems like it's the same as number one, but that one is about what God has to do, and this one is about what you have to do. It's the "positive confession" part, the idea that your thought processes can command God to act.)
  6. God promises in Isaiah 53 to heal every physical illness of anyone who has faith. (As our mentor Ole Anthony once said, "Then why aren't there thousands of 200-year-old billionaires in Tulsa?")
  7. Any Christian who believes in poverty is outside God's will. (Well, take that, you cloistered loser in the hairshirt.)

There are more, but these are the biggies. I would imagine that at this point you're starting to see why taking away Creflo Dollar's dollars could amount to more than just a little lifestyle adjustment. It pretty much goes to the heart of the whole Kahuna.


Bishop DH | 08:56 am on 10/27/2008

Good words for the most part, Jim. I'll add one tweak. Deuteronomy 13 instructs us not to pity false prophets. They come to thrust us out of the way of the Lord. God allows them to operate to prove us and whether we love Him or not.

In Matthew 15, Jesus said "Let them alone, they be blind leaders of the blind." He also spoke of their end--that those leaders and those who continue to follow them would both fall into the ditch.

During Jeremiah's ministry, he learned about the types and classifications of people not to pray for--the presumptuous and the desperately wicked....who supposedly know the ways of the Lord. God told Jeremiah not to pray for them for their good and that He would not hear them.

Sadly, because many sit under this misguided people for so long, coupled with a lack of diligence on their own part, such people are ignorant of God's ways. Paul's words ring true and critical here -- Awake to righteousness and sin not, for some have not the knowledge of God and I speak this to your shame.

Being that this is the love of God that we keep His commandments (1 John 5:3), those who truly love God will acknowledge that that which we're presenting is of the Lord. Others will protest and blaspheme.

He that hath an ear, let him hear.

Bishop DH

vickieonorio | 10:26 am on 9/16/2009

I am in completes agreement with you my brother. He will say to those who preach such apostasy's depart from me. In revelation chpt 2 it talk about such people [ the nicolaitions] who mixed G-D with satan ......G=dly practices with pagan practices....truth with lie. G-D hated it then and he hates it now. We need to be sober and on our guard for satan always comes as an angel of light in order to steal , kill , and destroy. You toched on the most important factor which prevents deception...read your whole bible......don't leave out the parts you deem unnecessary.it is whole word og G-D , it is whole truth. Vickie

Bishop DH | 09:04 am on 10/27/2008

Well put, Dave!


Bishop DH

Anonymous | 05:09 pm on 12/05/2007

...I would if I could stop laughing.

Anonymous | 01:20 pm on 4/15/2009

Hey guys,
Please find somethin more constuctive to do with your time .Its a very valuable asset.

Anonymous | 01:21 pm on 4/15/2009

Hey guys,
Please find something more constuctive to do with your time .Its a very valuable asset.

Anonymous | 05:12 pm on 12/05/2007

umm, maybe just pray for the people they're rippin off.

Anonymous | 09:07 am on 12/06/2007

As a member of Creflo's church, you don't need to pray for me. I don't need your unelightened prayers. Pray for yourself...

Anonymous | 05:01 pm on 12/06/2007

I was a member too for seven years until my eyes were opened. I sincerely hope you will pay close attention to the messages being taught and do some critical thinking. If you believe in God, ask for the truth to be revealed; just be prepared to listen.

BoycottTBN | 02:07 pm on 12/11/2007

You were a "member for seven years"....I was a member for 12 at Hagee's church and got down on my knees one day and cried out to God and was delivered from that terrible place! I can't believe how much my eyes have been opened and that God loved me that much to do it.

Bishop DH | 09:03 am on 10/27/2008

Awesome!!! More people need to exercise this type of nobility. It's sorely lacking.

Our team will be praying for and with you as you strive to press toward the mark!

Bishop DH

Anonymous | 03:25 pm on 1/30/2008

Praise God, you are reading your Bible! No, you could not have remained there knowing what the Word says about all of this apostasy. When one studies the Word, the Holy Spirit reveals the Truth. What he and others like him teaches puts a slant/twist on the truth...we call it error.

Anonymous | 07:12 am on 7/28/2008

As Christ said, "No one cometh to me but him who the Father wishes.."!! need I say more for you?

Pastor Scott | 02:09 am on 2/04/2009

Anyone who truly believes that prayer can be answered will never dismiss a heart felt prayer. It doesn't look to me like anyone is posting to try to incite divide, but to bring to light a preacher who may not have his congregations interests at heart.

Prayer, even if you don't like the prayer, will be answered. God will determine what needs to happen and He'll take care of the rest. Dismissing prayer in such a short order is like limiting the capabilities of God.

Don't like what I have to write? Pray for me. Don't agree with Dr. Dollar's teachings? Pray for him and his congregation.

God answers prayers... just not always how we intended to receive the answers.

Anonymous | 12:43 am on 5/02/2009

you big dummy

Anonymous | 09:26 am on 7/16/2008

The bible say there will be false prophets so stop hating on God s anointed men Creplo and Kenneth are doing God 's work so stop hamg and follow their principal for prosperity . This message is pent with Love

Bishop DH | 09:09 am on 10/27/2008

Creflo and Ken are doing a work for God, alright. They're doing a work for the god of this world. They are serving Satan.

They speak of the world and the world heareth them (1 John 4). And those who hear them and refuse to receive the love of the truth will, as another respondent mentioned, receive a strong delusion from God that they might believe a lie.

Bishop DH

Anonymous | 06:35 pm on 10/16/2009

I doubt very much that Creflo dollar is working for Satan, because first of all, Satan is not going to give us teachings of love, healing, and prosperity. That is the last thing Satan wants for us. If you listen to Creflo's teaching, there all about how to have a prosperous life, not solely on tangible things, but for our spirits to increase and a deeper relationship with Christ. So seriously, I doubt very much that Satan wants us to succeed in life and to trust in God. Do you honestly think Satan would want us to know how to dig deep into God's word. Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy, but he is not going to want us to have a deep relationship with God to do that. I think you guys need to check your spirit and motive, and be careful not to Judge "lest ye be judged".

Hezekiah | 11:55 pm on 10/28/2009

Seein the Lord said "he will do nothing but reveal his secrets to his servants the prophets".....I have a question then; if these are servants of GOD, why do they preach things like the rapture and going to heaven, why don't they teach about the abomaination of desolation of Daniel and Mat 24?, who is it, Why do they teach that you don't have to keep the LAW, but they teach paying your tithes; but it's not mention of paying your tithes in the new testament. They don't preach about the coming of the Lord, neither do they understand Jesus; the King of Israel coming to sit on the throne of David; if they did they wouldn't be preaching about that other Jesus that Paul warned us about; meaning the one that was born on Dec 25, and and the one that died on good Friday and arose Sunday morning (You can't get 3days & 3nights from that) and the one that told you he would take you to heaven, I know these guys are false prophets. If I may.... if anyone can answer these questions; What day of the week did the Lord die on, (it's very simple), are the Jews really back in the their land, who are the Gentiles? Who is it that has the number of a mans name (If your mind has wisdom you should know). These are very simple:). If you can answer these correctly, truly you have been taught the word of GOD, if you can't answer these, then you have not been taught, you need to keep
PSALM 147:19-20 , ROMANS 3:1-2 , ROMANS 9:1-5 , ROMANS 11:1-12 , MALACHI 3:6 AMOS 2:11 , AMOS 3:1-2 , ZECHARIAH 8:1-8, 21-23 , JOHN 4:22. Read your Bible :)

Anonymous | 06:34 am on 7/29/2008

Pray for them? Shoot them more like.

lateefahtmullins | 03:17 pm on 7/02/2009

love hate me

Anonymous | 10:38 pm on 11/28/2007

ya'll seriously need to get lives

Anonymous | 07:14 am on 7/28/2008

aaahhhhh???!!!..... you too.

Bishop DH | 09:13 am on 10/27/2008

That's interesting...considering that the devil is upset about the testimonies and exposure being shared in the article and these comments.

Bishop DH

tony | 07:33 pm on 12/07/2007

You have no idea Jesus is. His choice of car(s) should be the least of your concerns!

Anonymous | 03:36 pm on 1/30/2008

Neither do you darlin! Read I Timothy 6:9-11. It does matter alot what they focus their entire ministry on...Paul says to "flee these things and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and meekness. Flee and Follow.

eddie | 03:11 pm on 8/10/2008

jesus is not the only bible character, solom was the wealthiest man who ever lived, job owned thousands of camels, sheep etc, so did abraham, so did jacob. i think it unfair, that people who know so little about the bible find it convenient to comment on things they do not understand. Jesus did not have a house, he died on a cross... should christians do the same? view the bible from a hollistic perspective, Jesus is not the only bible character.

RealNeal | 01:55 am on 8/11/2008

While there certainly are many other characters in the Bible, the faith I adhere to is Christianity. Furthermore, simply because something is in the book does not mean it is what the book is about. As for Christ’s choice of car well, he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey rather than a chariot. Therefore, a Rolls or a Bentley, are defiantly out of the running. I think an AMC Hornet, or a 1980 Corolla, something modest for sure. The Bible is not detached in time and space it arouse out of a polytheistic culture, and the Jews were dependent on the temple and sacrifice much the same way Paula White, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn. Three of the six - Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar - also sit on the Board of Regents for the Oral Roberts. I mention these six because they have all under investigation for possible financial misconduct. They have all been accused of improperly using their tax-exempt status as churches to shield lavish lifestyles. There is nothing modest, humble, nor do any of these preachers mention care for the prisoner, the poor, the stranger, the widow, or the orphan.

Anonymous | 03:50 pm on 11/06/2008

He was also persicuted by the RELIGIOUS sect and the goverment.


Anonymous | 03:51 pm on 11/06/2008

Well said - well spoken

Anonymous | 05:12 pm on 11/11/2008

When listening to a preacher / pastor, if he is any good and if you are smart. you will always go the Word of God yourself and seach it out.

In this case, the information listed above, go to the source and find out for yourself.

I have listened to many pastors from RHEMA and I have never heard that Jesus was not the Son of God. On the contrary, they teach the trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

On that note: As stated later in the list of blogs. If it is only partly true, then it is a LIE.

Check it out.

Chef | 10:38 am on 11/13/2008

Jesus drove a Harley from the 1970's because he walked every where he went Ha Ha Ha

Dr. Kathy | 11:22 pm on 11/19/2008

An individual that resorts to criticizing a person because of a family name clearly shows his lack of love and small mindedness.

The author of this article deserves to be unread on any future occasion.

The beam in the eye of our brother, the writer, is larger than the splinter in the eye of our brother, Dr. Dollar.

Let's just love them both, as true Christians. They are both our brothers.

And let us pray for each other, not condemn each other.

Dr. Kathy | 11:23 pm on 11/19/2008

An individual that resorts to criticizing a person because of a family name clearly shows his lack of love and small mindedness.

The author of this article deserves to be unread on any future occasion.

The beam in the eye of our brother, the writer, is larger than the splinter in the eye of our brother, Dr. Dollar.

Let's just love them both, as true Christians. They are both our brothers.

And let us pray for each other, not condemn each other.

Anonymous | 01:42 pm on 2/05/2009

I think that it is so sad that people don't take the time to really read the scriptures to support their unfounded accusations against Creflo's wealth. Perhaps that is why he has a congregation of 30,000 in Georgia and another 6,000 in New York. Obviously these Christians read the bible and find the contextual scriptures supporting Creflo's teaching on prosperity. Oh and by the way he teaches on other things that really have nothing to do with money and everything to do with what it takes to live according to bible's dictates. Apparently only the music artist, actresses and CEOs are allowed to be wealthy...That's no where in scripture. So if you're going to this pastor on his teaching make sure you know what you're talking about first. Because no where in the scripture does it say that believers shouldn't have over a certain amount of money or drive certain cars...Oh yeah people who aren't versed in the scripture said that. Sounds like man made doctrine to me.

Anonymous | 10:58 pm on 4/23/2009

I live in Fayette County GA, where Creflo's mansion is located. I saw him at the Chili's in Peachtree City GA a few months ago--he was driving a Jaguar. A very savvy business man.

Anonymous | 02:37 pm on 7/20/2009

To the writer of this article:

How much do you get paid? Do I detect a little envy in that pen? Believe me... I am one of the staunchest critics of preachers abusing the benevolence of the people. However, some of your assertions are born out of pure ignorance to the things of God, and are, quite frankly, offensive. Your piece, where probably well-intentioned, loses credibility when you start trying to make intelligent comments about something you obviously know nothing about. Why don't you do a little research instead of writing what FOX News reports. Additionally, if you report all the money they make, you should report what they give.
How many homes have you bought for the homeless?
How many light bills have you paid?
How many jobs have you given to people?
How many people are still alive, as opposed to dead by their own hands because of a word of inspiration that came from you?
How many starving mouths have you fed in a foreign country?
How many nights have you spent away from your family tending to the needs of people you hardly even know?
How many times have you risked everything you hold dear to stand up for what is right?
How many times have you openly and transparently invited the federal government into your finances to "browse" through your livelihood?

I could go on and on. I'm not angry with you for writing this piece. Believe me, I feel you. But the most dangerous person in the world is an intelligent, articulate, IGNORANT person.

God bless you and keep you.

Anonymous | 01:04 pm on 3/11/2010

That was amazing! You nailed it! bingo! haha. Glory to God for people who understand!

Anonymous | 02:03 am on 5/27/2010

I listen to Creflo and Kenneth, and Joel and Joyce and Jessee and Jerry and Terri and every other truth speaking preacher that believes what the Bible says. You stated
#3) Jesus was not the son of God, he was a man empowered by God to be just like God, and everyone who knows this can do the same thing. (We're not sure we have this one exactly right, but it's basically "Be Jesus, go ahead, He won't mind, you're soulmates.")
NO, Creflo does not preach this. He preaches that Jesus is the Son of God. He preaches that the acts that Jesus performed were performed in the office of Jesus as a man, not Jesus as God. In the Old Testement God performed miracles as God. In the new Testament God performed miracles through the Holy Spirit through the faith of a Man. Jesus is Man and He is God and Yes, absolutely He is the Son of God and so are you if you accept the gift of God, the blood of Jesus. That is just a Biblical fact. Creflo has nothing to do with it except that He beleives the Bible.

Anonymous | 12:53 pm on 7/07/2010

He would!!!

Anonymous | 06:48 pm on 9/04/2010

Crefflo is connected to my church in a lot of way so tomorrow this will be coming up in service I have lots of ?s 2ask

Anonymous | 02:38 pm on 2/01/2011

Really these guys need to check their facts on the creed. Most of that is crap.I know some of these guys and attended Kenneth Copeland's church. I smell jealousy.

Marie | 11:18 pm on 11/08/2007

He should change the name to The World Church of Cha Ching Cha Ching.

marg dolan | 06:10 pm on 11/14/2007

Sounds like your jealous to me.

aeon | 06:41 pm on 7/04/2008

repent of your sins and call upon the name of jesus and you too shall be saved. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perrish but have everlasting life.
God sent not his son into the world to condem the world but that the world through him might be saved. ref: St John 3:16-17

Anonymous | 03:48 pm on 11/06/2008

Money is the problem....??
My God is a God of blessings - and He knows what a blessing is....
Do you?

I look forward - when we make it to heaven - I am looking forward to your debate with God on why is streets are paved in Gold. A bit much don't ya think............

Anonymous | 11:33 am on 11/09/2007

How about changing his name to CLEPTO DOLLAR.

Anonymous | 11:58 am on 11/09/2007

Hey folks I once heard that "Cashflow" Dollar's birth name was Michael A. Smith. Anyone know anything about that? Figures Creflo Dollar could be a made up name!

Anonymous | 09:07 am on 12/06/2007

You're an idiot. His name is Crelo A. Dollar after his father.

Anonymous | 07:53 am on 1/06/2008

Whatever!, Dollar is a word of faith heretic and you're the idiot if you support this fraud!

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